10 things we learnt from Day 20

Tonight we crown the King or Queen of the Jungle, but before four became three, we discovered an awful lot about Jungle life! Take a look at the top things Day 20 in Camp taught us...

1. The Above Average Four are complete #SquadGoals

It's important to have a range of personalities in any friendship group, but when your friendship group compromises of an actor, an Olympian, a professional telly watcher and a funny man, you know you've hit the jackpot!

2. Carrying a lot of stars at once is really hard work

Did Sam's Jungle predictions come true?

Our golden girl took on the skydive, battled with critters and went to new heights in the Hot Sc-Air Balloon, but what did she think would happen when she stepped foot inside Camp? Before her stint Down Under, Sam let us in on her three things she believed would *definitely* happen while she was in the Jungle...

Bushtucker Trial: Celebrity Cyclone

It's the one Bushtucker Trial that everyone wants to do! With Celebrity Cyclone reaching its 10th anniversary, this year was going to be more difficult than ever...

Every time the Campmates' faces said NOPE!

Being the flake in a Knickerbocker Gory? NOPE.

For every time the Campmates said yes to Trials, their faces said NOPE NOPE NOPE!

In honour of their squirm and stares, we've put together a NOPE Hall of Fame, because they're not just a pretty face, they're a terrified face too...

Sharing a tank with critters? NOPE.

Trying to balance on a floating walkway dressed as a crab? NOPE.

Sam Quek leaves the Jungle

After 22 days spent in the Jungle Sam is the 9th Campmate to leave. She speaks to Ant & Dec about her time, and what she learnt during her stay.

The Campmates discuss their best and worst moments

The Campmates have faced a lot during their time in the Jungle. As their stay nears its end, they reminisce about what they've learnt and overcome.