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Amir and Iain BFFs?

They had the craziest Jungle bromance with a proper love hate relationship. Watch Amir and Iain's friendship best bits.

In Pictures: Jennie's Outback adventure

The Coronation Street favourite has come to the end of her Jungle journey, but what a delight Jennie McAlpine has been throughout her time in Camp! This lady is caring, kind and calm, but isn't afraid to tackle the Trials head on and came across more than a few critters along the way. Let's relive Jennie's adventure from the beginning.

Jennie was the first to Walk the Plank on Day 1...

...And the first to take on a Dingo Dollar Challenge

Who is the Trial hero?

Keith has not one but four questions for our Campmates. Can they get all four right and win festive treats?

Iain and Jennie Crack A Smile!

Iain and Jennie are ready for their close up but can Toff and Dennis guess their expressions?

Friends and family arrive in Camp

We're not crying, you're crying! The Campmates get a surprise visit from their nearest and dearest and there's not a dry eye in the Jungle.

The Celebrity Cyclone!

It's the Trial you've all been waiting for. Celebrity Cyclone is back!

Celebs in a spin

It's Celebrity Cyclone day and our Campmates can't control their excitement!

Jungle Quiz: Can you guess who's in the Celebrity Cyclone?

It's brought us so many OMGs and LOLs over the years - the Celebrity Cyclone returns tonight! In celebration of our favourite night of the year we're taking a trip down memory lane to Cyclones gone by. Can you guess which Celebs are in Cyclone in this quiz? Hold tight, it might put you in a bit of a spin...

Catch the Celebrity Cyclone on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Tonight at 8.20pm on ITV.