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Monday December 29, 2014
I'll prove I'm no cheat then stay out of my life!

Tuesday December 30, 2014
My son had a heart attack at 23, but he's still taking cocaine

Wednesday December 31, 2014
I won't take you back until you pass the lie detector!

Thursday January 1, 2015
When I prove I'm not on drugs - let me see my daughter!

Friday January 2, 2015
Best of 2014

Monday January 5, 2015
A woman broke into my daughters home and claimed she was your mistress!

Tuesday January 6, 2015
I dumped you for your friend 5 days after you gave birth

Wednesday January 7, 2015
You tattooed my name on your chest after we split up - stop stalking me!

Thursday January 8, 2015
Should I stay with a man that paid for sex in Amsterdam?

Friday January 9, 2015
My daughter sells her body for drugs

On Monday's show

Dealing with theft can be traumatic, distressing and frustrating, but on Monday's show Jeremy's helping his guests to find out who the thief that stole from them is. Don't miss this explosive episode, from 9:25am on ITV.

The Jeremy Kyle song

Jeremy may have said you could only see this on Facebook but he was wrong - because here it is in all its glory - X Factor star Lucy Spraggan surprising the JK audience with an extra special performance.

Who knew that not only does Jeremy have his own show but he also has his own song! Lucy we love you!

Lucy's good luck surprise

Fan of the show, X Factor star Lucy Spraggan, popped in to give The Jeremy Kyle audience an extra special treat!

Last Night (Beer Fear) is the 1st single off her album - in the charts now.

Lucy loves Jeremy and the show and came along to support our Keep Calm and Vote Kyle campaign for the NTA's.

Voting has now closed but thanks to everyone who voted for The Jeremy Kyle Show.

On Friday's show

On Friday's show Jeremy meets the man who's desperate for his ex to leave her new fiance so they can be a family once again. Don't miss it, from 9.25am, ITV.