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Jeremy Kyle's Emergency Room returns

Jeremy Kyle meets a whole new range of patients with a variety of medical issues in his A&E unit studio. Uncovering even more of the nation’s real life stories, Jeremy speaks candidly to patients with a new set of serious health concerns, from obesity to sexually transmitted diseases and addiction to tumours and pregnancy issues.

As in the first series, Jeremy will be joined by real doctors and nurses to assess their patients and make diagnoses. Lifting the lid on some of the nation’s life threatening and rare illnesses, all will be revealed from Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room.

Jeremy Kyle's Emergency Room returns Monday 22 February at 2pm on ITV.

'I got knocked over by nine Loose Women'

It may sound like just another day in the studio, but the Love Daytime promo shoot allowed Jeremy to get up close and personal with his ITV colleagues.

And with a (fictitious) Daytime job swap offer on the table, where could we see Mr Kyle popping up next - and who would he leave in charge of the The Jeremy Kyle show in his absence?

Watch the Love Daytime promo

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Love Daytime

In a TV first, Jeremy Kyle joins the stars from Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Lorraine, Loose Women, Tipping Point, The Chase and Judge Rinder to come together to film a new ITV Daytime promo which sees them all attempt to hop aboard a hot air balloon - some with more success than others!

Watch Jeremy Kyle, Susanna Reid, Piers Morgan, Kate Garraway, Ben Shephard, Lorraine Kelly, Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield, Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford, Andrea Mclean, Katie Price, Linda Robson, Jamelia, Saira Khan, Nadia Sawalha, Jane Moore, Judge Rinder and Bradley Walsh in the promo above.

Love Daytime! Weekdays 6am - 6pm on ITV


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About Jeremy

Jeremy Kyle

What this show does is to give you perspective on your own life. I often tell myself that I must never complain again about not getting enough kip, or something minor going wrong. Many of the people I meet face terror and tragedy in their lives – and they keep going. I really admire them

– Jeremy loves his job as host of The Jeremy Kyle Show

I'm best known for: Presenting the Jeremy Kyle Show

The proudest moment of my career is: Surviving in this crazy business for over 8 years

The first thing I do in the morning is: Try and make a cup of tea without waking the kids up!

My favourite breakfast is: Porridge

The most famous person in my phonebook is: Andrew Lloyd Webber

The actor who would play me in a film about my life is:Steve Coogan, because my team tell me I'm becoming more 'Partridge' by the day!

My favourite memory from working on Jeremy Kyle is: Taking Harry Moseley (a fantastic young lad with an inoperable brain tumour) to Lapland before he sadly passed away

If I wasn't presenting Jeremy Kyle I'd be:Unemployable!

You'd be surprised to learn that:There are a few people who actually think I'm alright!

The one thing I couldn't live without is: My family.

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