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Would you like Jeremy's help? If you'd like to be a guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show please check the list below:

If you are desperate for a DNA test and would like our help, please call Mark on 0161 952 0752 or email

Feuding families

If you're having problems with relatives and need answers please call Tom on 0161 952 0741 or email


Have you had money or valuables stolen from you? Would a lie detector help get you the answers that you need? Please call Laura on 0161 9520782 or email


If you’re worried your relationship will breakdown unless things change, please call Emily on 0161 952 0781 or email

Lie detector

If you need a lie detector test to save your relationship and would like the chance to appear on the show, please call Alastair on 0161 952 0777 or email

Break ups

Are you going through a bad break up or having problems withyour ex? Or maybe you want to get your ex back? Then please call Emily on 0161 952 0781 or email


Are you fighting to get access to your child with an ex? If you need Jeremy’s help please call Eleanor on 0161 952 20783 or email


Are you or a loved one struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction? If you need Jeremy's help please call Laura on 0161 9520782 or email

Bad parents

Have your parents let you down? Or is your ex a bad parent then please call Laura on 0161 9520782 or email

Audience Inquiries

If you require audience tickets you will need to apply with the online form but if you are having any problems or questions regarding being in the audience, please email the Audience Team on

Any other problems

If you want Jeremy’s help with a problem not listed above, please call Ellie on 0161 952 0783 or email