Frank Lampard gives his views on FIFA

Footballing legend Frank Lampard is not only the leading goal scorer for his former team Chelsea Football Club, but he's also author of the hugely successful book series ‘Frankie’s Magic Football’. He popped by this lunchtime to talk about his latest instalment in the children's book series, the importance of promoting women's football and just what he thinks about the FIFA corruption scandal.

Frank takes on his biggest little fan in keepy-uppy challenge
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We want YOUR dad dancing vids!

Old Men Grooving on BGT

To celebrate Britain's Got Talent stars Old Men Grooving coming in tomorrow lunchtime we thought we'd throw the (dance) floor open to you guys at home!

Does your dad/uncle/grandad/brother have the worst moves on the dance floor? Do you dread them getting up to boogie at parties? Or could they give tomorrow's guests a run for their money with how good they are?

Send us YOUR dad dancing videos before 12pm tomorrow and we'll use the best ones on the show, whether they're good, bad or downright ugly! E-mail them to

18+ T&C apply and you must have permission of the person in the video for it to be shown on air.

Denise Robertson on the secret lives of Britain's stolen children

...they deserve better than stolen good. You do not heal the hole in one family by creating a hole in another.

– Denise Robertson on adoptive parents

The UK's most loved Agony Aunt Denise Robertson joined us this lunchtime to talk about her latest novel ‘Don't Cry Aloud'. Based on real life events and a letter she received from distraught mum, Nicky Webber, Denise was inspired to write about the “secrecy and the injustices of the family courts”, something that she feels passionately about.

The book tells the story of a couple whose children are forcibly removed by the family courts, something which Denise says happens all too often here in the UK...

"Without you we wouldn't have two beautiful children."

You are my last resort. I could go to prison for contacting you, but I can’t just sit here while they take my children away for ever.

– An extract from Nicky's letter to Agony Aunt Denise Robertson

The day Nicky and Mark Webber's children were forcibly removed from them was without doubt the worst of their lives. The couple made national headlines when they were forced to give up their three young children in 2004 when a court ruled that fractures to one of them had been caused intentionally.

Three years later, new scientific evidence came to light which showed that the boy could have suffered from a rare case of scurvy. The parents used this evidence to try to regain custody of but even though the Court of Appeal said it was possible that they were victims of a miscarriage of justice, it was too late to turn back the clock because “adoption was final”

After writing to agony aunt Denise Robertson the couple received help to regain the custody of two children. Inspired by this miscarriage of justice Denise's latest novel 'Don't cry aloud' is based on their story and here they say thanks for helping them regain their lives...

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