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Lisa Riley: 'I'm having TWO operations to remove excess skin now I've lost 10 stone!'


Lisa bravely revealed her body insecurities following her dramatic weight loss as she prepares to have her excess skin removed in two operations.

'It’s not a vanity thing, it’s what I want,' Lisa said. 'The reflection I’m seeing now is just horrendous. But you have no idea what it's like in my bedroom in front of the mirror. I'm just under 12 stone now. Which is why I'm entitled to my surgery.'

Lisa - who has gone from a size 30 to a 12/14 - will being having a 'Fleur De Lis' procedure, 'not a tummy tuck', and demonstrated how surgeons will cut away her skin.

'I go to Zumba and it’s clapping around. It’s got worse and worse,' she admitted. 'You could grab eight inches of skin on my back.'

'My operation will be in two stages,' Lisa explained. 'The first one is the inside of my thighs which currently looks like a lump or tripe. And the lady bit area which currently looks like a deflated rugby ball. I'll have a scar on the inside of my knee to my groin.'

'I'm covered in stretch marks so I'm not bothered about the scars. My tummy looks like London Underground there’s that many lines,' she admitted.

Asked if she's nervous about the serious operation, Lisa admitted her family were 'scared' for her. But added, 'It can't come soon enough, I'm excited.'

Good luck Lisa!

Danniella Westbrook: 'My son Kai broke down the door and found me unconscious in the bathroom!'


Danniella Westbrook appeared on the show and broke down in tears as she is talked about her drug relapse last year. And for the first time on TV her son Kai, 20, joined her.

On her drug relapse...
'I had such great expectations coming out of Celebrity Big Brother,' she said, referring to this time last year. 'And then I was so poorly. [she had sepsis] From the surgery. So I couldn't work.'

'I felt then like I'd let everyone down as I was meant to be having a comeback and so I got so depressed and so I turned back to drugs. I just see myself getting lower and then I completely withdraw.'

'I hid it from [then-boyfriend] George [Arnold]. He has never taken drugs in his life, he works six days a week, he's the perfect man. I shouldn't get any sympathy, George should.'

On 'being homeless'...
'It wasn't true I was made homeless! I was living in a Malmaison out of suitcase.'

On Kai finding out after an overdose...
'Kai came over to the hotel I was staying at. He had to put the toilet door through and found me unconscious in the bathroom. I was gone. But, later, seeing the fear in his eyes, I knew. It was enough to get me clean again.'

On being sober now...
'I attend four meetings a day. I was addicted to drugs, now I'm addicted to meetings. I'm back seeing George, he's my best friend in the world.'

Kai's special message for his mum...
'Mum you're only human... who hasn't made mistakes... I will always be there to help you get back up... you can be a huge aggravation but also a huge inspiration.'

Loose Women recreate Ninja Warrior UK - Loose Ninja!


With Chris Kamara on the show we took the opportunity to get him to commentate on Loose Ninja - our very own version of Ninja Warrior UK!

And Kaye and Nadia took the assault course VERY seriously, donning their Loose Women onesies and limbering up in style. Those Ninja Warrior champs have got nothing on us!

Tom Daley talks wedding plans with Dustin Lance Black and pays tribute to his dad Rob: 'He was my biggest cheerleader'


They've been together for nearly four years and now Tom is planning to tie the knot with Oscar-winning writer and director Dustin Lance Black this year.

'It's all very exciting, it's a one of those things that's once in a lifetime so I'm very excited,' Tom revealed. Asked if the ceremony will be taking place in America or the UK, Tom was staying schtum, 'That would be telling!'

But he did promise us Loose Women can play a part in the big day, laughing, 'You can be the bridesmaids, why not?'

On meeting Lance...
'I met Lance and he's really at the top end of his career. We just connected in way that not many people understand about me, we want to do the best we can do at everything. We have this balance of understanding each other and the fact that our work is so completely different, sport and a creative person.'

On love at first sight...
'It was love at first sight and in the first week we talked about getting married.I left my number in his phone with a winky face! As soon as I met Lance, I was like, "Oh, okay, what are we going to do about this?" I told my mum right away. And it's coming up to four years in March.'

On the proposal...
'I proposed. We were going around all these parks trying to find the perfect place. It never felt like the right time so in the end I just did it in the spare room in my underwear while I was waiting for him to get ready for bed. When I asked him the question and got down on one knee he said, "Wait there" and ran into the bathroom because he had a ring as well.'

And Tom revealed his dad Rob - who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2006 and passed away after a five-year battle with cancer in 2011 - would be at his wedding in a way. 'My mum had got a necklace with a photo and some of his ashes in a heart,' he explained. 'He was my biggest cheerleader.'

Tom also talked openly about finding out his dad was seriously ill ten years ago.

'He didn't tell me how ill he was,' he explained. 'I came home from training one day and he said he was going to the pub to shave his head for Comic Relief. The next day he had his head shaved. The next thing we went to visit him in hospital with a bandage round his head and had a brain tumour the size of a grapefruit removed. I was about 12.'

'I understand why he was trying to protect me,' Tom added. 'But if I was a bit older and could understand it a bit more. It can be difficult for young people but if you sit down and explains things, you have to give young people credit for what they actually would understand.'

Ola Jordan couldn't watch James on Celebrity Big Brother: 'I didn't like my own husband!'


Ex-Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Ola joined us to talk about her husband James appearing on Celebrity Big Brother with out Coleen...

On NOT liking James in CBB in 2014...
'I can watch him in the house this time.The first time he was in it I didn't like him. I didn't like my own husband. He was not the guy I know at home.'

On James teasing her at home...
'He's a massive windup. He jokes that I have small feet so I can get closer to the sink. I say whatever. He knows his place.'

On what winds James up the most...
'Nothing bothers him. But if someone in there started talking badly of me, he'd lose it.'

On Austin's remarks about James' weight in the house...
'He knows he's put on weight. We aren't dancing 12 hours a day any more! And he's nearly 40.'

On starting a family...
'The clock's ticking, the time is now.We aren't getting any younger. We've been married 13 years. James would be a great dad. I want mini James Jordans.'

Transgender children - advice and helplines


Today we talked about transgender children and discussed the importance of listening to your kids if they have gender issues.

Here is some advice from Mermaids, an organisation offering support for trans children and their families:

- If a child is feeling like they were born into the wrong gender the parent should support and listen to them.

- The feeling of being born in the wrong gender can resolve itself around puberty. But if these feeling persists beyond puberty then they are much more likely to be permanent.

- If a child plays with the wrong genders toys then this does not mean they are trans, they may grow out of it. If a child is very persistent then support them. Puberty can either resolve the gender issues or cause great distress, and if great distress is felt, then in early puberty reversible blockers can be used to suspend puberty.

- Parents should let their children express themselves. The worst thing a parent can do is make them feel bad or ashamed of their choices. This would make the child have very low self esteem and not want to speak to the parent. Do not make them live with a lifetime of shame.

- Parents should seek help from the NHS and get into the NHS system as soon as their children have expressed any desire to change gender so that they can be supported. If the child’s feeling of being transgender goes away then this is not an issue, but if they persist after puberty then they are in the right place and already in the assessment process.

For more information, visit www.mermaidsuk.org.uk.

Exclusive: Could Jim Davidson be the next Prime Minister? 'I like Nigel Farage, I think he's a great bloke.'


After the show, Jim stayed to chat some more for this online exclusive!

Jim on Nigel Farage...
'Not very well liked. I like Nigel Farage, I think he's a great bloke. He's been very kind to me over the years. I've always bumped into him. I don't know where he gets his energy from, he must be 27 years of age because he just don't stop and he drinks like a fish. An he'd got the mind of a computer.

Jim on becoming a politician...
'How much do they get paid? I don't know if I could really because as soon as you become a politician half the country is going to hate you and you can't be all things to all men. What do I know? I'm a comedian. What next? They're going to have television stars in America becoming President.'

Jim on his charity work...
'Me and Simon Weston formed a charity called Care After Combat and it's not a very sexy one because we look after veterans that are in prison. We've got 3, 500 veterans in England and Wales. And we give them all a mentor who visits them, finds them a job and somewhere to live. It gives them back their self esteem.'

Jim has a new show, 40 Years On - tickets available at www.jimdavidson.org.uk - which celebrates his four decades in show business. Care After Combat - careaftercombat.org - supports veterans with alcohol and substance misuse problems and the reduction in numbers of re-offending veterans in the criminal justice system.