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Exclusive: Lesley Joseph 'I would love Ore Oduba to win Strictly Come Dancing!'


The glitterball is out of reach. The sequins have been hung up. And Anton Du Beke is putting his feet up. We found out how life after Strictly is treating Lesley...

'I do like my high heels. I'm only 5ft 2in you see. And that was the difficulty, I was dancing with Anton who is about 6ft 3in. It was really difficult to get my shoulders up!

'The last two weeks for me have been incredibly difficult because we've been filming Birds Of A Feather. Anton was alright, he was by the pool with a cocktail.'

'It's an entertainment show, people will vote who they want to. People like Danny and Louise are wonderful dancers and then you get Ore Oduba who can't stop crying because he's so excited by it. It's wonderful to see people's journey.'

'I'm devastated to be out to be honest. I absolutely adored it. I danced for three years from five to eight. And then rediscovered it at 70 - oh, I'm 71! They kept mentioning my age on the programme and it was frustrating. A lot of people on the programme have had injuries and I'm fit as a flea.'

'I have huge natural energy. I've been doing 15 hour days for weeks. I wouldn't mind who won because they are the best group of people but I would love Ore to win!'

'I don't think Ed Balls has lost a stone, I think he's lost half a stone. And I have seen the line from Ed's spray tan. I won't go into it, I can't possibly share that.'

Exclusive: Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown 'I was in actual agony on Bake Off!'

Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown


In her first television interview, Great British Bake Off winner Candice talked about her trademark pout, baking disasters and keeping her win a secret for months...

On winning the show
'I don't think anyone will ever realise, it means so much to me. I always thought I want to do it and it kept going. And I did it!'

On keeping her win a secret
'It was so drilled into us I think. I was petrified about the Bake Off snipers hiding. If I said something too much I'd get a cup cake thrown at me.
'The school kids didn't know. I'd go in and they'd ask, 'Nice weekend, anything happen.' 'No, I just did a bit of baking'

On baking wins and disasters
'I baked continuously from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep and a bit in between too. I did it over and over again. The ginger bread pub had been horrendous in practise.
'The fondant fancies I was in actual agony. They wanted 36 of them, I was in pain.
'The biscuits and icing I had to practice for that, I practising had been horrendous and my other half Liam said 'try your best'. And then I won star baker!'

On Bake Off's Jane
'I got on so well with Jane, we got on brilliantly. I love Jane and I couldn't have shared that moment with two better people. We're going on a road trip together. I love France and you might have noticed I like my little antiques and Jane goes to France quite a lot. We can go and bake and eat.'

On her trademark lipstick
'I've always worn it. When I went on I thought I wouldn't go on looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. Obviously I did towards the end covered in chocolate.'

Candice Brown - Great British Bake Off winner - on Loose Women

Candice Brown - Great British Bake Off winner - with the Loose Women

Doesn't Candice Brown look like Victoria Beckham!

Bereavement helplines and advice

Use our helplines to find more information and advice on bereavement

Support after Murder and Manslaughter
Helpline: 0845 872 3440

If you have lost someone dear to you through murder or manslaughter you are not alone. SAMMS offers a confidential telephone help line where you can talk to someone who has experienced the devastating effects of this most distressing crime.

Cruse Bereavement Care Helpline
Day by Day Helpline: 0808 808 1677
Young Person's freephone helpline: 0808 808 1677

Cruse Bereavement Care is here to support you after the death of someone close. If someone you know has died and you need to talk, call us on 0844 477 9400 or send an email. Face-to-face and group support is delivered by trained bereavement support volunteers across the UK.

Console (London)
Tel: 0207 6300 824

Console was established in 2002 by Paul Kelly after he had experienced the grief of losing a loved one by suicide. Through his loss, Paul recognised a need for a dedicated Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Service. Since then Console has developed into a International Organisation supporting people in Suicidal Crisis and those bereaved by suicide through professional counselling, support and helpline services.

Console (Eire)
Helpline: 1800 201 890

Console was established in 2002 by Paul Kelly after he had experienced the grief of losing a loved one by Suicide. Through his loss, Paul recognised a need for a dedicated Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Service n Ireland. Since then Console has developed into a National Organisation supporting people in Suicidal Crisis and those Bereaved by Suicide through Professional Counselling, Support and Helpline Services.

Winston's Wish
Helpline: 08452 03 04 05 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Winston’s Wish supports children and young people to rebuild their life after a family bereavement, the Winston's Wish family line offers practical support and guidance to anyone concerned about a grieving child.

The Compassionate Friends
Helpline: 0845 123 2304 10am to 4pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm, seven days

The Compassionate Friends provide one-to-one support, local support groups and produce a range of publications for parents, children, grandparents and professionals, as well as a website specifically for people dealing with the death of a brother or sister.

Victim Support Helpline
Helpline:0845 30 30 900 Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 7pm
Offers free and confidential help to victims of crime, their family, friends and anyone else affected, giving information, emotional support and practical help.

Every Action Has Consequences

The aims of our Charity are to help inform young people about the futility of violence in our streets. We want young people to stand up and say 'We don't accept it as normal on a night out to see fights and people so drunk they don't know what they are doing or who they are hurting.' There have been too many young people killed in our streets in recent years and mostly it is all about nothing. We are producing an education pack which will be available to people who work with teenagers.

ARC (Antenatal Results & Choices)
Helpline: 0845 077 2290 (M-F 10-.530)

ARC is the only national charity which provides non-directive support and information to parents throughout the antenatal testing process. Our role is to help parents arrive at the most appropriate decision for them in the context of their individual family circumstances and to ensure that they are enabled to make decisions they are best able to live with.

Bereavement Through Addiction
Helpline: 07584 411 314

Bristol based support for anyone who has lost a loved family member or friend through addiction.

Care Not Killing

Care Not Killing is a UK-based alliance of individuals and organisations which brings together human rights groups, healthcare groups, palliative care groups and faith-based organisations with the aims of promoting more and better palliative care. Ensuring that existing laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are not weakened or repealed during the lifetime of the current Parliament. Influencing the balance of public opinion further against any weakening of the law.

Dignity in Dying

Dignity in Dying is the leading campaigning organisation promoting patient choice at the end of life.

Grief Encounter
Helpline: 020 8371 8455

Our vision at the Grief Encounter Project is that every bereaved child and their family in the UK get the best possible help, support, recognition and understanding following their loss. Our mission is to raise understanding about issues for bereaved children and promote the value of bereavement support.

Exclusive: Debbie McGee on her family feud 'He's sent me threatening messages but he's still my late husband's son'

Debbie McGee talked about her family feud


After a fall out over Paul Daniel's will, Debbie McGee appeared on the show to talk about the family feud with her stepson Paul Jnr. 'It's been seven months since Paul died and it's been really horrible,' she said.

'His father said he wouldn't give Paul Jnr cash as he did like the pub and it would go on beer,' Debbie revealed.

'Paul Jr has said I've cut him out; that I've closed his shop and left him destitute, but it was losing thousands of pounds annually. Probate can take up to a couple of years, so all the money and the savings, are all frozen at the moment.'

Debbie, who was joined by Paul's supportive son Gary, said: 'I wanted to give my side of the story and to stop it now as it's not fair on the family.

'He's been a problem child,' she added. 'I'm close to the others, there is no hatred there, but he has never been friendly to me. He's not even loving to his own mother. But my husband was wonderful and this was his son.'

'He's sent me threatening messages but he's still my late husband's son. I couldn't hate him. I couldn't do that to his dad.

'I felt like I had turned a corner after six months with my grief. But Paul Jr believes what he believes. It's held me back.'

Paul Jnr was given the right of reply and said:

'I've done various jobs in my life and haven't ever had to ask Dad for help, and whilst there were times when we didn't speak, I'm sure there are other families which are the same.'

'I had no idea about the will and no expectation of £1 million - all I wanted was the redundancy owed, which has now been sorted. But if Debbie had responded to phone calls, texts and emails in the first place, I wouldn't have got so angry.'

'I'm willing to bury the hatchet as long as she's honest with me in the future, I don't want to tear my family apart.'

Christine and June listened to Debbie

Exclusive: Ulrika Jonsson 'I've become more aware of ageing in my lovely menopausal glory'

Have you recently been wondering, 'Whatever happened to Ulrika Jonsson - remember her from TV-am, Gladiators and Shooting Stars?'

Well, wonder no more.

Ulrika joined us for a chat and here's what we found out...

She's been out of the public eye for quite a while
'It was a little bit my own choice wanting to take more of a back seat. And also finding I wasn't getting offered the work that I would want to do. It wasn't entirely self-imposed.'

Ulrika has had a chance to look back at her life
'I'm very settled and you begin to reflect a little bit on things that have gone on before. And you're bringing up children, to me at a very crucial time. It's when they are becoming monster teenagers.'

Ulrika Jonsson on Loose Women

Her personal life took over from her professional life
'I was moving so fast I didn't have time to stop and reflect. I think I can safely say that the time when my career was at it's highest was probably when I was at my least settled, least happy.'

Ulrika's husband Brian is American and had lived in Sweden so had no idea who she was when they met!
'It was a black canvass for him. he's catching up now, furiously. He didn't know anything about the celebrity world. He wants me to be happy, whatever that is.'

Her kids aren't so little anymore
'My oldest is 22, Cameron, graduated with a first class degree in film and television production. Bo is going to be 16 very soon, Martha's 12 and Malcolm is eight. Little Malcolm doesn't remember me ever being famous. He didn't know I had been a TV presenter.'

Now 49, ageing bothers her
'I think about it. Anyone who says they don't think about ageing are either lying or 21. You can pretend. I've become more aware of ageing in my lovely menopausal glory. I'm not enjoying that bit so much, but I'm accepting wholly.'

Ulrika Jonsson talked family and fame

Exclusive: 9 new things we learned about Alesha Dixon 'Fashion disasters, acting in Hollywood & the naughty step!'

Alesha Dixon and her daughter Azura

Talent judge, fashion designer, singer and mum - here are 9 new things we learned about the gorgeous Alesha Dixon...

She's a fan of Loose Women
'I love this show'

She's got a Strictly favourite
'Laura Whitmore is a really good friend of mine so I'm rooting for her. And I love Ed [Balls] - he makes me belly laugh. He brings the fun.'

Alesha is furious with X Factor's Louis
'I was so annoyed with Louis [Walsh] - if I had my way, Four Of Diamonds would have been from day one. They are fantastic. I wouldn't have put through those two guys [Bratavio], dumb and dumber! I can't remember their names. Four Of Diamonds blew me away.'

She's back on the box next year
'I'm doing Britain's Got Talent again. It's hard to judge but I approach it by being as natural as possible and honest as possible. It is possible to strike that balance. You don't have to be mean or personal.'

Alesha - the actress!
'Something like a strong female. The character Margot Robbie plays in Suicide Squad - kooky and quirky. Or Lara Croft, the last time I went to a fancy dress party I went as her.'

Alesha Dixon talks movies and fashion on Loose Women

She's a fashion designer
'I've just launched my second collection with Little Black Dress - and designed it with my best friend Nicola Atkinson, who I met while I was a contestant on Strictly, she designed all my outfits. I'm a member of the board.'

She's a working mum
'Azura's with me today. It's half term so it's come to work with mummy day. She's a make-up artist in the making. She's very funny. Three-years-old is the best age.'

Alesha's not perfect
'I'm failing at some things I'm doing. Azura puts me on the naughty step. She's very funny. She's my bundle of joy. Even if she's having a tantrum or is being a bit naughty I think, "She's me!" It's my fault!'

There have been a few fashion disasters
'Probably the whole of my Mis-teeq career! I kept those jeans for years thinking one day I'd wear them - and no.'

Alesha Dixon is now a fashion designer too

Exclusive: Lisa Riley on being weighed to get on a plane 'I was the biggest person and it felt dreadful'


An American airline winning the right to weigh its passengers to learn how it could save fuel, after discovering the average passenger and carry-on luggage was heavier than expected.

And Lisa shared her own experience of being weighed to board a light aircraft to fly over Everest in Kathmandu.

'Surprise, surprise it did happen to me!' Lisa said as a photograph of her on the scales at the airport was shown on the screen. 'It's shocking really. Being weighed in front of everyone to get on the plane. I'm covering up the digits because of embarrassment.

'It was in Kathmandu. There were people behind and I didn't want anyone to see - I'm mortified about the scales anyway.'

'They were weighing us for balance. Of course, I was the biggest person and it felt dreadful. I don't want to ever have that feeling again. It's embarrassing.'

Exclusive: Coronation Street's Beverley Callard on her mental health battle 'Depression is the curse of the strong'


Coronation Street actress Beverley Callard has spoken openly about her experiences of depression to encourage people with mental health issue to start a conversation and help those who want to support loved ones.

'I think it’s important you talk about [having depression],’ Beverley said. ‘But I think it’s really difficult for the person you are talking to about it.’

'Some people back off because they're afraid of it,' Beverley said. 'Most friends were fantastic. Certainly this one [Coleen Nolan] was fantastic. But a couple of really good friends totally backed away. I think because she maybe had symptoms and she was worried that the same thing might happen to her.'

As for people in the TV industry being supportive, Beverley said. ‘Most people were yeah. Of course there’s always a couple who are negative. I’ve mentioned it before - One person in our industry said “Well, you know, you’re probably not gonna work again. Because you’ve had clinical depression you might be flaky and unreliable".'

‘And of course, you’re not. I think depression is the curse of the strong in a way,' Beverley said. 'You’re anything but flaky and unreliable. Sometimes your mind just works against you, like your appendix or tonsils or whatever.'

For information on Loose Women's Lighten The Load campaign and mental health helplines click here.

Beverley Callard talked openly about her mental health problems