Male Domestic Abuse

There’s an embarrassment in admitting you are being beaten by your girlfriend. There’s also fear and the feeling that as a man you won’t be believed.


What a privilege it was to have Ian McNicholl with us today as we continue to raise awareness of the extent of Domestic Abuse here in the UK. Ian spoke candidly about his personal experience of violence at the hands of his ex-partner and what help is available to other men suffering in similar circumstances.

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For confidential help, support and advice on male domestic abuse visit ManKind or call the National Domestic Violence helpline on: 0808 2000 247

23% of men have experienced domestic violence

Until that point there had been ­absolutely nothing to suggest she was ­violent. She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But of course what she had done was to establish my trust. I had fallen in love with her by that time.


Back in September we launched the Loose Women Domestic Abuse campaign. Taken from our own survey, which questioned nearly 2,000 men the following statistics were found:

Almost a quarter of men (23%) have experienced domestic violence

Over half (56%) have never told anyone

Over a third (39%) of men wouldn’t want anyone to know

Ian McNicholls was so badly abused by his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Williamson that he needed cosmetic surgery. Her attacks - carried out over more than a year - included spraying bleach in his eyes, burning his arm with an iron and pouring two kettles full of boiling water over him.

Ian joins us today to share his own experiences of domestic abuse and how he is working towards changing public perception about domestic violence.


If you or a loved one are affected by domestic abuse, remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
There are a range of services dedicated to helping rebuild the lives of both men and women that have suffered at the hands of a partner. Click on the links below for confidential help, advice and support.

Dedicated Male Domestic Violence Charity Mankind
Women's Aid
National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline: 0808 2000 247

The first kiss...

Coleen and Andrea Faustini

Missed today's show with The X Factor's Andrea Faustini?

The Italian Pug-loving stallion joined our Loose Women to talk dreams, the X Factor struggle and last week's sing-off. Plus if that wasn't enough he even shared his first kiss with not one, but two Loose ladies!

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Loose Women #GMBMealAppeal Donations

This lunchtime our Loose Women made their donations to the #GMBMealAppeal celebrity collect-a-thon. The lovely Sarah Harding has been all over ITV Towers today collecting goods from the various Daytime and Entertainment shows. But it isn't just us that can help, YOU can get involved too! Visit GMB for more details or click on the links below for more information and how to get involved.

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GMB Meal Appeal

Sarah Harding on the #GMBMealAppeal

Pop starlet Sarah Harding will we swinging by the Loose Women Studios later this morning to collect food for the #GMBMealAppeal celebrity collect-a-thon. Our loose team are proud to support our friends over at GMB, and so can YOU! Click on the links below for more information and how to get involved.

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Wendy's Ups and Downs

If somebody gave me a magic wand and said I could take your son's Down's Syndrome away I would honestly say no, because why would I want that?


Wendy O'Carroll is the founder of charity Ups and Downs and mother to son Oliver who has Down's Syndrome.

Despite receiving a bleak prognosis from many medical professionals in the early months and years of his life, Wendy was determined Oliver would be “the most amazing person with Down’s syndrome the world has ever seen”. The accomplished teen now enjoys a range of sports, studies at mainstream college and, a couple of years ago, delivered an emotional and word-perfect speech at his mum’s wedding.

Wendy popped by today to shed light on the positive side of having a child with Down’s syndrome and give a wider insight into what parents go through.

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