Loose Women: Series Best Bits!

That's a wrap folks! It's been another incredible year here on Loose Women and we've loved bringing you the news, debates and celebrity stories of the day. From the success of our Domestic Violence and 'Say No To CO' campaigns, to hearing stories of real people and welcoming world-class stars of the screen and stage, it's all been a blast. So, incase you missed any of it, here's a round-up of our series best bits...enjoy!

Have a fantastic summer and we'll see you in September!

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Andrea chats to tombola

I see us as the voice of women who wouldn't normally get their opinions heard

– Andrea McLean

Have you ever wondered what this interior design guru’s dream home would look like, or which beauty essential she couldn’t live without? Andrea McLean spills all to tombola bingo, as well as revealing her best and worst on-screen moments!

You can check out her interview in full here.

"Violence is NOT the answer" says victim Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy

By posting that video, I knew that this was it, that I would have the strength to walk away because I knew there was no going back now

– Emma Murphy

A few weeks ago Fitness Blogger, Emma Murphy made the decision to upload a video of herself to Facebook revealing that her now ex-boyfriend and father of her two children had hit her and been violent on at least two previous occasions.

The video, posted on 6th July, immediately went viral and has since been viewed nearly ten million times.

Emma joins us today to talk about her experiences and how she wants to encourage other victims of domestic violence to get out of abusive relationships and seek help.


If you or a loved one are affected by domestic abuse, remember you are not alone
There are a range of services dedicated to helping rebuild the lives of both men and women that have suffered at the hands of a partner. Click on the links below for confidential help, advice and support.

Domestic violence helplines for women
Domestic violence helplines for men

Loose Books: Jamelia's summer read

It's such a brilliant book. She's a comedy writer and I found the book so funny and inspiration... Literally laugh out loud hilarious

– Jamelia

Jamelia's summer read is 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?' By Mindy Kaling

Grab yourself a copy of June''s book, get reading and then send us YOUR review of the novel to loose.books@itv.com. You can also join the discussion on Facebook, and Twitter using #loosebooks.

See you after the summer!