Adam Hills

Adam Hills

Widely referred to as the nicest man in comedy, award-winning Adam Hills will be popping by for a loose lunch tomorrow before heading off to his hit show, The Last Leg.

Join us from 12.30pm and expect laughs galore as we warm up your weekend.

This girl can - can you?

Featuring real women of all sizes and fitness levels, Sport England has released a bold new campaign which aims to encourage women to get active. The antithesis of the glossy magazine models that we're use to, they've used ordinary women with body parts that may not be entirely firm and muscle-packed!

It's perhaps come at the right time as new figures reveal almost half of British women have given up swimming in the past 10 years amid fears of how they'll look in the pool!

Does the fear of not looking your best in a swim suit put you off the sport? Does this new video inspire you to maybe take it up again?

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Meaden on Meggins

She's best known as one fifth of the lean-mean-investing machine that is Dragons' Den. Today businesswoman Deborah Meaden joined us to talk about odd investments, gut instinct and having no regrets.

Catch her highlights here or head over to ITV player to see the show in full.

Katie v Katie

We were inundated with thousands of your comments on one of today's topics: Katie Price v Katie Hopkins.

Price hit back after a receiving a barrage of criticism over how her disabled son's schooling and transport is paid for by the local council as Hopkins insisted that being a wealthy women, she should pay for it herself.

We asked, what's your view?