The most hated man in Britain?

Why have you been voted the most hated man in Britain?

– Linda Robson

He's certainly the most controversial man in British politics, but we're not sure about being the most hated. A Conservative defector, he divides opinion across the UK with his policies but since the last general election has gained a serious place in the political arena.

Today, UKIP leader and self proclaim 'man of the people' Nigel Farage faced his most fearsome grilling yet as our loose women tackle him on his drinking, smoking, marriage and policy flip-flopping...

Nigel tackles immigration
Farage predicts how UKIP will do in the elections
Catch up with the Loose Women

They're all playing safe, they're all scared of the media...i'm not! I'm a bit like Marmite - people either love me or hate me.

– Nigel Farage on his political opponents

Matt Lucas on living in Hollywood

He's had us in stitches with comedies such as ‘Little Britain’ and ‘Come Fly With Me’, now he’s back with his new visual comedy series, ‘Pompidou’.

The brilliant and lovely Matt Lucas joined us for another Loose lunch today and told us all about being friends with Rebel Wilson, being uncommonly shy, and just what it's like to live in West Hollywood...

To see Matt's full interview head over to ITV Player

Matt, Nadia and Jane

Farage on UK immigration...

Caps are nonsense...we want an end to unskilled labour coming into Britain!

– Nigel Farage

Immigration has long been a contentious issue for UKIP, so our political junkie Jane Moore asked leader Nigel Farage just what his party's policy really is...

Is Nigel the most hated man in Britain?
Farage on winning the Election

"UKIP will not win the Election" say Farage

We now have two Britiains, and the gap between the wealthy and those without gets bigger every single year...

– Nigel Farage

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage talks party politics with our Loose Women as they ask him about low self esteem issues and what he expects for the party in this year's General Elections...

Most hated man in Britain?
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UKIP is not going to win the Election. What UKIP is gonna to do is win a number of MPs, and given that no one is going to have a majority we might just might find ourselves in the same position that Nick Clegg was five years ago...

– Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage Faces The Loose Women

Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is the country’s most controversial politician and tomorrow he's facing our women.

If you only watch one election debate then watch this one! Today from 12.30pm on ITV.

A couple of culinary connoisseurs...

We have to put quite a bit of muck in our mouths before we taste anything decent!

– John Torode

Masterchef judging duo, John Torode and Gregg Wallace are back on our screen with the 11th series of Masterchef.

The pair, who have been working together since 2005, joined us today and said it's not all walk in the park though with tales of food so foul it made them gag!

Catch up with the fellas above.

Catch up with the Loose Women
Janet will do anything for an Aston

No one has invited me to dinner since I started on the show years ago....

– Gregg Wallace

Poor Gregg!

Anything for an Aston!

I'm embarrassed to admit on national television that I once had sex with a man simply because he had an Aston Martin...

– Janet Street-Porter

Ooooh she is a saucy one that Janet Street-Porter! She took us all by surprise with her intimate revelation on today's show.

You heard it here first fellas...our Janet will do anything for an Aston!

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A 'Once' in a lifetime opportunity...

Doing 8 shows a week I just had no idea what it was going to be's been the best creative experience i've ever had...

– Ronan Keating

He's firmly established as a singer and song-writer in his own right, and with over 20 million albums under his solo belt it was only a matter of time before Ronan showed off that incredible talent in a different form.

Now, with over 100 shows playing the lead with the London cast of 'Once' (his first musical theatre venture) Ronan Keating told us about the highs and lows of treading the boards, and how Hollywood come soon be calling...

Happy birthday Ronan!
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Ronan chats about Hollywood calling...