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Exclusive: 7 moments Donny Osmond proved he's the ultimate pop star on Loose Women!


Two words that are proven to get Coleen flustered and fluttering her eye lashes like a teenager in Puppy Love.

And there are MANY reasons why we love Donny so much after all these years....

1 He's funny
'I've been in showbiz 53 years but who's counting. I started when I was five and I'm 40 now - the math doesn't work.'

2 Elvis Presley gave him advice
'I learned a very interesting lesson when I was 14 years old from Elvis. He said to me, 'If I could do it all over again, I'd get closer to my fans and appreciate them a little bit more.'

3 Donny loves Snapchat
In the green room he was playing with Snapchat, adding the dog filter to him and Coleen before doing a face swap with her too!

Puppy Love with Donny Osmond and Coleen Nolan on Snapchat

4 There have been some intense Donny fans
'There have been times when people have snuck into the dressing room or shower. That happened in Ireland. It's all innocent as far as I'm concerned because they know how happily married I am and how dedicated I am to my wife.'

5 He understood when fans burned his records!
'There were Donny Osbourne record burning parties after I got married. And I completely understand it. I knew my career would go into the tanks.'

6 He loves Las Vegas
'We just announced our ninth year [in Vegas]. It was suppose to be six weeks back in 2008 and we just announced our ninth year.'

Donny Osmond super fan Coleen

7 He has some SERIOUSLY good relationship advice

'When I got into a relationship with my wife... I think relationships have been really messed up lately. It's all about what can you do to make me happy? It doesn't work that way - what can I do to make YOU happy.'

'There is nothing more empowering to a woman than have a man respect her. Not just love her. I don't look at my wife like a sexual object, she is my partner, part of me. So I respect her, love her and appreciate her and that empowers her as a woman. That's the way men should treat women. '

'It's simple to me. If I want to make you happy and you want to make me happy it's not what I can take from this relationship, it's what I can put in to this relationship.'


Loose Pup Polly loves Donny

Exclusive: Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson 'I'm 100% in love with Lewis Bloor'

After failing to bond in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year, Saira was reunited with Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson on the show. And talk soon turned to Marnie's relationship with their CBB housemate Lewis Bloor who she was rumoured to have broken up with recently.

'It’s tough because we live so far away with each other,' Marnie said. 'We had an argument and I deleted every single picture of him from Instagram. We’re working through it.'

'Things on the outside [of Celebrity Big Brother] are just completely different. It's just back to basics for us. I haven't cared about anyone the way I care about Lewis. I'm100% in love with him.'

Marnie and Lewis found love in the CBB house

Exclusive: Angie Best on her son Calum Best's struggle with drink and drugs 'Somebody had to save him'


Angie gave up her life in the US to move back to the UK and be there for son Calum who has talked openly about struggling with drink and drugs in the past.

'You feel so powerless because you know the road he's going down because you've seen it before,' Angie, 64, told us. 'What can you do? I gave everything up in Malibu and came back here to keep an eye on him. Somebody had to save him, there was nobody here to save him and someone had to.'

'My mum raised me in Los Angeles to avoid the situation of me being in someone's shadow, no disrespect to anybody because I'm really proud of that,' Calum said of his late father George Best.

'Then there's the point of me losing this person - my dad - and me going down this dark path for many years,' Calum, 35, added. 'Bless my mum, she packed up her stuff and moved to the UK and even when she came back I was so confused. I didn't know how to show emotion to anyone at the time. I messed up for a while but now we're stronger than we're ever been before.'

Calum is now patron of the National Association of Children of Alcoholics.

Angie and Calum Best talk about their bond on Loose Women

Angie and Calum Best joined Loose Women

Exclusive: Sir Cliff Richard joins Loose Women 'I'm thrilled!'

Sir Cliff Richard will be joining us for a very special episode on Tuesday 15 November!

Gloria announced he will be joining the show for a Cliff Richards special.

'I am so excited. I just heard that Loose Women are going to do a Cliff Richard special on Tuesday 15 November - I'm thrilled,' Cliff said. 'Loose Women, I'm sure you've got a lot of things planned for me. Should I be worried? I hope not! I can't wait to be there.'

'He should be very worried, shouldn't he,' joked Gloria.

Cliff will be talking about his new album AND singing live in front of an audience of Cliff superfans.

Sir Cliff Richard will be live on Loose Women

Anne Diamond's tears over son Sebastian's cot death: 'It is wonderful to talk about him because it makes him real'


Anne and Nadia bravely shared their personal stories during a highly emotional conversation about during Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Anne discussed the heartbreaking experience of losing her baby son Sebastian to the cot death Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) 25 years ago when he was just four and a half months old.

Sebastian, Anne's third child, tragically passed in 1991 and Anne revealed, 'He would be 25. It is wonderful to talk about him because it makes him real. Someone once said to me, "You will get over the pain but you will never stop loving him".'

Anne, 62, talked emotionally about her son's sudden death, saying, 'It was painful to hold him after he died because he was so cold. It was a Friday so they didn't do the postmortem til Monday. I was so angry as I wanted to know what happened.'

And Nadia, 51, revealed she had suffered three miscarriages in between her daughters Maddy and Kiki.

'I think it's better to tell people as soon as you are pregnant', she said. 'If you lose it and you haven't told anyone, it's hard to get support from them. They think it was just a moment, they haven't been on the journey with you.'

Use our helplines to find more information and advice on baby loss here.

Nadia and Anne shared their personal tragedies

Anne talked about losing her baby son to cot death 25 years ago

Gino D'Acampo's Italian Escape live on stage!

Gino D'Acampo is going on tour


Fresh from a hugely successful fourth series of Gino’s Italian Escape on ITV, Gino is taking his passion and flair for Italian cookery to live audiences next spring.

The 18-date national tour will take place in April and May 2017. His live stage show promises signature recipes from all corners of his beloved Italy, blended with Gino’s irrepressible humour, audience participation and plenty of surprises along the way.

More information on Gino's Italian Escape tour - which will seem him visiting a variety of locations in the UK next April and May 2017 - click here www.myticket.co.uk/artists/gino-dacampo.

Gino, a proud and fun-loving Neapolitan, is one of the most popular personalities in his field. Alongside regular appearances on This Morning, he presents the hugely successful Gino’s Italian Escape and has released several best-selling books including Fantastico!, The Italian Diet and A Taste of the Sun.

His live show will see him demonstrate how to cook some of his favourite dishes
from his popular ‘Italian Escape’ series –and he’s sure to be inviting some lucky
audience members to join him on stage for a memorable, up-close experience.

Gino says, 'I am very excited and can’t wait to get out there and share some fantastic food and cooking tips from my home country. It’s going to be Gino – Live and unleashed!'

Much like the cheeky Italian’s dishes, fans of Gino will find the live show moreish and

Tickets are priced at £27.50 per person and go on pre-sale on general sale on Friday 14 October 2016. Meet and greet packages are also available which include front section seats from MYTICKET.CO.UK.

Gino D'Acampo live on stage

Exclusive: Louis Smith 'I apologise 100%. I’m so ashamed of my actions.'


A video of Louis drunkenly mocking the way in which Muslims pray with a friend made headlines recently. And he's since received death threats.

'It was 5am and we were being childish and singing Disney songs,' he explained of the video. 'We did the Lion King, then the Jungle Book and then we sang Aladdin. Luke pulled a rug off the wall as in a magic carpet and that's when it strayed too far.
I filmed it on a friend's phone and sent it to a group chat of people who I thought were my friends leaked it to the press.'

June told Louis, 'You are mixed race. You have experienced racism and it's one of the most painful things there is.'

Louis, who might not be allowed to compete in the next Olympics because of his behaviour, replied, 'What I did was not racist. It was offensive to the Muslim community...'

Louis added, 'I apologise 100%. I spoke to my mum and said sorry to her as well. I’m so ashamed of my actions... I want to try and rebuild the respect and the trust because so many people say, "We looked up to you and we’ve supported you".'

Louis Smith talks to Coleen and Janet

Exclusive: UK's first transgender TV newsreader India Willoughby 'There was only 50% of me that was actually alive'


Born Jonathan, India made the brave decision to talk about being transgender, telling the panel, 'Growing up there was only about 50% of me that was actually alive. It's such a complex subject being transgender to explain.'

'When I was young I was aware something wasn't quite right,' she added. 'I was about three or four but I didn't know it was gender. My grandma caught me playing with a lipstick and she didn't tell me off in a nasty way but she pointed out the rules of pink and blue.'

And watching old footage of Jonathan presenting the news a decade ago, India, 50, said, 'It's really difficult looking at my old me. I accept it. It's my old skin, as it were.'

Watch the full interview above....

India Willoughby joined Loose Women to talk about her transgender journey

India Willoughby - UK's first transgender newsreader