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Brave Micky Fallon talks about being sexually abused aged 13 by Barry Bennell who showed 'zero remorse' in court


Former football coach Barry Bennell has been jailed for 31 years for 50 counts of child sexual abuse. And one of his victims Micky Fallon us to talk about the impact the terrible abuse has had on his life - and inspire others to speak out.

Micky has waived his right to anonymity and explained how the evil paedophile court behaved disgracefully in court as the victims gave evidence.

'Re-living the story wasn’t a pleasant one, I’ll be totally honest,' Micky told us. ''Actually seeing him in court for the first time, he appeared by video link for most of it, I got to see that man on Monday, I didn’t get to look him in the eyes, because he looked down at the floor. But that for me has been actually a really positive thing for me. For 33 years I’ve carried the man that you see in a lot of the press - the curly haired strong man. What I saw Monday was a very feeble weak man who’s going back to prison and hopefully spending the rest of his days there. So that’s helped me mentally.'

In an emotional interview, Micky revealed how difficult the abuser made it for his victims to give evidence saying, 'He absolutely showed zero remorse through the whole thing. When I gave evidence he appeared via video link on a screen – he laughed during my evidence. He laughed during most people’s evidence. That spurred me on giving my evidence to be honest. That for me was "You’re not going to beat me, you beat me 33 years ago there’s no way that’s going to beat me". Getting guilty verdicts was a great feeling of relief for all of us.'

Gender capitalist Rain Dove on living as a man and woman: 'You can be who you want to be and people will still love you'


Model Rain joined Andrea, Coleen, Janet and Nadia to discuss being a 'gender capitalist' having lived her adult life switching between male and female.

While discussing gender identity, Andrea ask which pronoun they should use for Rain who said: 'For me, I say it's just a sound to me and all I'm listening for is positivity. So address me how you want: he, she, it, one, they - for me personally.'

Opening up about being a successful male and female model - and celebrating making history by appearing on the front covers of both DIVA and Gay Times magazines at the same time - Rain encourages viewers to be open minded when it comes to gender.

'I hope this shows everyone you can be who you want to be and people will still love you. It's a safe space,' she explained. 'I don't care if you call me he, she, they or it. I felt secure when I dropped the labels.'

Rain, who is 6ft 2in, also discussed becoming a firefighter and the men assuming she was male - so she just went along with it.

'I thought I had found the secret to life. I thought, "Wow". To be perceived as a cis white hetero man in America, I mean, that's the golden ticket,' Rain explained.

'But what I discovered after living 11 months being perceived as a male is that even at the top of the food chain, that white cis hetero man, even they are oppressed in certain ways. They're not as oppressed at the same level as women, but you have to look at everyone as an individual.'

'Not as a set of genitals or as an identity. You have to look at them as a person, through their individual experiences.'

Watch the video to see the interview with Rain.

Gender capitalist Rain Dove talked about gender identity

Love Island's Iain Stirling on girlfriend Laura Whitmore's style advice: 'I dress like a charity shop mannequin!'


He's best known as the voice behind Love Island but Iain joined us to talk about his stand-up comedy tour, fashion sense and a whole lot more!

Iain joined Ruth, Coleen, Jane and guest Loose Woman Maya Jama to talk about the unseen footage from the Love Island villa he's been privy to and joked about his relationship with TV presenter Laura Whitmore too.

'She’s really trendy and she goes to cool parties so I buy jackets now,' he said of the influence his girlfriend has had on his style.

And out Ruth asked if he sends pictures of the clothes he buys to stylish Laura to get her seal of approval.

'I have to send everything to her because I dress like a charity shop mannequin,' Iain joked. 'Yeah every day.'

As we'd been discussing power struggles in a relationship, we also asked him about letting your partner have their moment in the spotlight.

Iain said: 'I think it’s really important there is no competition. Life is really difficult and there are enough other people to worry about and you should be a team.'

Watch the video to see the full chat with Iain.

Love Island's Olivia Attwood on shock split: 'Chris made the decision that he wanted to leave the relationship'


It was on last year's series of Love Island that Olivia Attwood met and fell in love with fellow contestant Chris Hughes. But their relationship was turbulent, something which continued even after they left the villa, with a string of break ups and make ups. Earlier this week the couple sadly announced that they had split.

Joining Andrea, Linda, Stacey and Nadia, Olivia held back the tears as she shared her side of the story, explaining; ‘Over the weekend Chris made the decision that he wanted to leave the relationship… He’s said it a few times.

‘I went out the weekend before and sent a few stupid tweets to my ex-boyfriend. When I was out with my girls I thought it was funny but it really upset him.

‘I’ve taken it really hard because I’ve stood by Chris through a lot of things. We’re meant to be a team and now I feel a bit abandoned.’

She also spoke about how difficult it was filming the break-up for her new ITV2 show Crackin’ On.

'[I told him] ‘Chris I’m really unhappy for that raw moment to be on telly’. But he felt really strongly.

'I’m not going to be able to watch it. It was horrendous. I wanted to wait until the cameras had gone and speak to Chris on his own... I can’t believe that that moment has been captured.'

While addressing online gossip that it could be a publicity stunt, Olivia added, 'Honestly it is 100 per cent real... I’ve been crying for three days straight. It’s hit me a lot harder than I thought it would.'

During the chat, Stacey read out a letter that Chris had sent in, which read as follows:

'I never wanted this playing out in public but circumstances have forced us so there we are.

'My heart is totally broken. But you are one of the most special beautiful people I have ever met and I wish nothing but the best for you always.'