John Partridge talks about his mother's dementia

John Partridge was on today's show, and opened up about how him and his family look after his mother Bridget, who is suffering from dementia.

"She is the one that has to do this, we have to watch her go through it and it's brutal. It's not just your memory, you forget how to do everything, how to swallow."

"She knows who I am but sometimes she will talk about me as if I'm not there. Wherever she is, however she is at that time you go into that place. It's a tough one."

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John Partridge is with us on Thursday!

Thursday! Always a splendid day! And making it even more splendid is actor John Partridge!

John is on the show today to talk about making a return to ‘EastEnders’ this week for few episodes, and he is also currently starring in a national tour of ‘Chicago’ as Billy Flynn which runs until the end of the year.

We'll be chatting about girls shaving, arguing, exam stress and finding out how our Linda got on, with her hard graft of having to go to Florida to film our new competition advert. It's a tough old time, isn't it?

The panel - Andrea, Penny, Linda and Jane - see you at 12:30pm.

Ashleigh and Pudsey give us the BGT lowdown today

Pudsey is in already and he's checking over his script before he visits the show today with Ashleigh!

We're going to be chatting about BGT, stage school pushy parents, being big and beautiful, and all the other fun and games you expect from us.

Your panel - Coleen, Ayda, Sherrie and Janet.

See you at 12:30pm!

Nadia: "I'd stick by my kids no matter what"

We were talking about sticking up for your kids no matter what on today's show, in light of the Bobby Beale storyline on EastEnders.

Nadia opened up about her loyalty to her children in the piece, even after Coleen asked if she could be that loyal even if they were a murderer or child abuser.

"Yes, yes I absolutely could," Nadia said. "No matter what, they would always be my child and I would look closer to home to figure out where I had gone wrong, and what I could have done differently."

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Craig Charles was on Tuesday's show

Coronation Street and Red Dwarf star Craig Charles joined us on the show today.

He was talking about the cobbles, as well as the circumstances that he left the I'm A Celebrity jungle - the death of his brother Dean.

Craig had fallen out with his brother, and they hadn't spoken in some time.

"We'd had a bit of a domestic and he was texting me trying to make up. I thought, I haven't got time for this… we'll make up when I come out. I now wish I'd taken that call."

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Craig Charles drops in today

Today, former Coronation Street star, Red Dwarf star, radio star and even poetry star Craig Charles joins us. He'll be talking about his life since Weatherfield, and his plans for a manic summer - he just doesn't stop dropping beats!

We'll be talking about surrogacy, dangerous dogs, and all the usual fun and chat that you expect from the show.

Your panel today - Coleen, Nadia, Katie, Gloria - see you at 12:30pm.

Was Sharon Osbourne right about the McCanns?

We discussed Sharon Osbourne's comments about the McCann family on today's show.

Katie defended Sharon's words, saying “Well for number one, I am on Sharon’s side. Doesn’t matter who you are, you do not leave your children.”

“In what right mind would you leave your kids alone? Doctors or not doctors, you do not leave your kids in a room.”

This was a huge conversation with you online, with over 3,000 comments being left on our Facebook page about it.

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