Anastacia discusses her double mastectomy

I got to meet my new friends and it's been so exciting. I've not named them yet!

– Anastacia is very happy with her new breasts

American superstar Anastacia admitted she has felt empowered by her decision to have a double mastectomy.

The singer was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 but took the decision to remove both of her breasts following its return in 2013.

Acknowledging it gave her control over the situation, she said: "It was my decision. It's a decision less travelled. It's because you do have a chance you might not get it again.

"I already had it once, then I got it twice, I'm really not a gambler."

Anastacia admitted she loves her 'new friends' - the result of reconstructive breast surgery.

"I got to meet my new friends and it's been so exciting!" she quipped.

Adding she was now in a 'club' with Angelina Jolie and Sharon Osbourne who have also had reconstructive surgery following a double mastectomy, she added: "We're all looking at our new pals like you just don't know!"


American singer songwriter Anastacia, world-renowned for her powerful soul voice, joins us for a chat today ahead of her Shepherd's Bush Empire gig in London tonight, as part of her current Resurrection World Tour.

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A dog is for life?

Number of puppies abandoned after Christmas has doubled

It brings into question the thought process that people are applying to the process of getting a dog.

– Giles Webber, Director, Dogs Trust

The number of dogs abandoned after christmas has doubled say the UK's biggest rescue charity, Dogs Trust. According to their latest figures, 174 dogs we're brought in over the festive period, with 8,923 handed in or collected by the organisation overall in 2014.

The charity has blamed the internet for the increasing issue as online prices tend to be far lower than those from reputable breeders. Advertisements selling under-age puppies, banned breeds and illegally imported dogs were all found and reported by the charity last year.

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If you're worried about the welfare of dog you can contact the RSPCA
If you are looking for help and advice with your puppy or would like to adopt a dog contact Dogs Trust


Twiggy and Jane Moore

Yesterday as we we're talking about super model Twiggy becoming the face of L'Oreal so many of you got in touch to say how much she looked like our Jane!

It's got us talking this morning about how often our ladies are told they look like someone else, and how much their own kids are the spitting image of them.

Do you look like any of our Loose Women? Are you and your son/daughter ever mistaken for siblings because you're so similar? Is it your grandchild that's the image of you?

Get in touch this morning and send your us your photos showing any of the above and we may use them on the show.

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Matt Goss

Matt Goss

Having made his second home in Las Vegas he plays sell-out weekends in 'The Gossy Room' at Caesars Palace. Back in good old Blighty, the ex-Bros bro, Matt Goss will be popping by to see our Loose Women today to talk about his upcoming UK shows...

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We'd take him out!

The nation’s favourite matchmaker, Paddy McGuinness joined us today to chat about the latest series of Take Me Out. Catch up with Mr Cupid now as we talk Paddy’s Phrases, internet dating and awkward moments!

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This girl can - can you?

Featuring real women of all sizes and fitness levels, Sport England has released a bold new campaign which aims to encourage women to get active.

The antithesis of the glossy magazine models that we're use to, they've used ordinary women with body parts that may not be entirely firm and muscle-packed!

What do you make of the ad? Has it inspired you to dig out those dusty running shoes?

Do you love that it's a realistic view of women? Some of our ladies have wondered why it doesn't seem to contain any older women. Plus how do you feel about being called a girl?

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