Super Vet

Noel Fitzpatrick

Tissues at the ready as Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick will be joining our women tomorrow!

We challenge anyone not to shed a tear at the work this man does! Every episode we know something miraculous is coming, but somehow it always manages to make us cry....

He's stealing the nations' hearts one pet's life at a time and we just love him.

Don't miss him live from 12.30 on ITV.

Michelle Keegan talks wedding plans

Today's guest is a TV star, engaged to the gorgeous Mark Wright AND she's just been voted FHM's sexiest woman - all in all life is pretty good for actress Michelle Keegan!

From playing Tina McIntyre in ‘Coronation Street’ to starring as the party loving, drug smuggling, car showroom receptionist Tracey in the smash hit BBC One drama ‘Ordinary Lies’ this lady is just a bundle of talent!

Now, fresh from her hen do in Dubai last week, Michelle talked to us about white weddings, marrying the man of her dreams and tackling the dreaded table plans....

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Taking on the C Word

Coppafeel founder, Kris Hallenga

As Sheridan Smith stunned audiences on Sunday with her portrayal of real-life cancer patient Lisa Lynch, social networking sites came alive with people across the UK pledging to check their breasts for lumps and urging others to do the same.

Worryingly though some reports still suggest that women are put off having regular screenings, and in some cases don't want to have treatment for fear of the secondary damage it can do.

In a bid to tackle the myths Kris Hallenga, founder of breast cancer awareness charity 'Coppafeel' joins us this lunchtime to tells her story. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 23 and is still living with the condition.

Visit Coppafeel for help, advice and further information on breast cancer.

Sheridan Smith as Lisa Lynch in BBC drama 'The C Word'

The kindness of strangers

Supermarket Aldi worker Christian Trouesdale came to everyone’s attention this week when he made the news after helping 95 year old pensioner, Bob Malloy home with his shopping. A photo of the two of them together holding hands has gone viral and we spoke about Christian’s good deed on the show earlier this week.

Christian, along with his proud parent joined us today to tell us his story and why he thinks more youngsters should respect their elders.

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The Trouesdale family with the Loose Women

Battling Benefits Britain

Dee Kelly went from an absolute unknown to a household name as one of the main characters in Channel 4’s documentary series ‘Benefit Street’ last year.

Dee's life has had a complete transformation since then and now with a renewed vigour and a new fitness DVD on the horizon Dee told us how her new opportunities have inspired her to make a change...

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