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POLL: Do you think paedophiles can ever be rehabilitated?

Never Too Late To Tell encourages victims of childhood sexual abuse to consider speaking out and start the healing process.

More than one in ten women have experienced childhood sexual abuse and they are four times more likely then men to be survivors.

At Loose Women we want to encourage anyone that may have experienced abuse to consider talking to someone - a friend, a colleague, a healthcare professional or an anonymous helpline

All details of our Never Too Late To Tell campaign are here.

POLL: Should you ever stay together for the sake of the children?

The Millennium Cohort Study of 19,000 children has shown that parents who are unhappy in their marriage but stay together are 'more harmful that divorce'.

According to the study, severe conflict at home has more impact on children's education than a separation that follows.

So should parents ever stay together for the sake of the children?