Do you suffer with allergies?

How do your allergies affect you?

Do you suffer with any allergies? Do they affect your day-day life? Can the reaction be life-threatening?

Do you find that people don't take you as seriously as they should when you talk about them? Or in some cases mix it up with food intolerances? If so then we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch on Twitter and Facebook, or e-mail us on using 'allergies' in the subject box.

Get more information on food allergies from the Food Standards Agency
Food allergy and anaphylaxis helplines

Love your garden?

Gardening is now being prescribed to treat anxiety and depression

Has gardening become cool? Long know to many as being a relaxing and stress-busting past time, Drs are now prescribing gardening to help with anxiety, depression and stress according to new reports. And new research by the RHS says that 89% of people between 16-24 have a garden or grown plants.

Do you love your garden? Has gardening helped you with your health? When did you first catch the gardening bug?

Has your garden bloomed yet? If so then send us a picture before 12pm and we'll use our favourites on the show.

E-mail us on using 'Gardening' in the subject box.

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Your Loose Women Agony Aunties...

Your Agony Aunties are on hand to help...

Do you have a dilemma? A problem that you need solving? Well, our Loose Women are on hand to give you their frank advice. Probably making them Britain's straightest talking Agony Aunties!

If you're in a predicament and you want some impartial advice then get in touch - we'd love to help. Let us know if you're in a pickle, the women are ready and raring to give you some guidance.

Email your problem, be it large or small to and we'll try and help. Be sure to put 'Loose Women Dilemma' in the subject box. We'll put your issues to the women and we'll give you advice live on the show.

And don't worry, we can keep your name anonymous if you'd prefer.

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The dark side of the moon

The solar eclipse takes part tomorrow at 9.30am

According to one Pastor, we may not we with you tomorrow!

Superstition has it that a solar eclipse that coincides with the Spring Equinox and the lunar eclipse can signal the end of the world. Could the 'once in a 100,000-year' event be the end of civilisation as we know it?

We somehow doubt it, but indulge us if you will; If tonight was your last on earth, what would you be ticking off your bucket list?

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What's lurking in your teenager's bedroom?

Post by 'Myotherusernameisbetter' on Mumsnet

We've all endured the horrors of cleaning out our teenager's rooms over the years, but this post on Mumsnet made us think that we might have got off lightly! The poor mum found a pringle tube full of urine!

What's the most disgusting thing you've ever found lurking in your kid's bedrooms? Get in touch this morning on Facebook or Twitter.

Has your teen got the messiest bedroom in the UK? SEND US YOUR PHOTOS to by 1pm today and we may use them on the show. 18+ T&C's apply.

Bring back plates!

If you’ve dined out in the past five years, you will probably, at some point, have been served your food on something other than a plate. Whether it's chips in a basket or crisps on a washing line (no really! see the picture below).Now one Twitter account is fighting the artistic culinary madness and saying "No!" to inanimate objects with their #WeWantPlates campaign.

What bizarre object have you been served food on recently? Tweet us a pic this morning or e-mail us on!

Your dog pictures!

Crufts Best In Show Winner 2014, Ricky the Poodle

Man's best friend makes a welcome return to our screens from tomorrow as the annual battle of the pooches takes place at Crufts 2015.

Set to judge the creme-de-la-creme of the woofy world we can expect beauty and perfection galore, but we're sure that like us your dogs aren't always quite so lovely.

So, have you got a pup with a face that only a mother could love? Or a dog that bears an uncanny resemblance to someone? Then get in touch before 1pm tomorrow and we might use your photos on the show!

E-mail us on and include you name, location and the name and breed of your furry friend.


Paranormal Activity

As we'll be welcoming most Haunted Presenter, Yvette Fielding to the studio tomorrow we want your spookiest stories to share with her! Moving items in your house, ghost sightings..we want to hear it all!

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