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Have you got a message for Macmillan Cancer Support?

Have you or anyone you know been helped by Macmillan Cancer Support? Do you have a message you'd like to tell them? We're looking for anyone with personal experience of this charity to write and tell us just what they mean to you.

On Wednesday 16th December, Loose Women are filming a very special episode in aid of our Text Santa charity this year - Macmillan Cancer Support.

We are celebrating the work of Macmillan and the support they provide to so many people. We'll be hearing from patients and families who have been helped and cared for by Macmillan, staff members and special celebrity guests and there'll be few surprises thrown in too!

This is your chance to show your appreciation for the work they do.

Please email with your message by 5pm on Tuesday 15 November and we'll read some of them out on the show.

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Is it OK for your partner to go to a strip club?

He's a man known for his chain of strip clubs, and Peter Stringfellow joins us on the show tomorrow! In light of this, we've been discussing strip clubs here at Loose Women HQ, and we've been wondering whether you'd be happy for your partner to go to one?

Take our poll and let us know!

Cake Fails - have you had one?

One Reddit user didn't get quite what he ordered!

Let's be honest, not everyone is cut out to be the Mary Berry of their household, but even so the photo of the epic Elsa cake fail being shared across social site Reddit has really had us in stitches! It's spurred a revival of cake fail comparisons by witty web users that are popping up all over our social pages.

So, if like these cake creators you've ever suffered a cake fail, then we want to see it! E-mail us a photo and details to or comment on Facebook
with your stories...we'll show you ours if you show us yours!

T&C's apply
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Johnny Vegas solves your Father Day Gift Dilemmas!

Jonny is on hand to help you out!

Is your dad the hardest person to buy for? Are you always struggling to know what to get him when Father's Day rolls around? Well then we're here to help!

Tomorrow's guest, Johnny Vegas wants to know all about your dad, because with the right information he can come up with the perfect pressie for any fella! So if you're in a jam over what to get your pops this weekend then get in touch now and we'll give you the ultimate gift guide live on tomorrow's show!

What we need from you:

Send us an e-mail to using the subject 'Father Day' before 11am tomorrow and include the below information. We'll then pick our top ones to use on the show. 18+ Terms and conditionsapply.

  • Your Dad's Name
  • Your Dad's age
  • What he has
  • What his hobbies are
  • His likes and dislikes in life

Could your man handle the pain of giving birth?

That was early labor? It feels like someone is taking a saw and just carving up my abdomen!

– One of the husbands in the labour pain test

For years men have have looked on with curiosity as their wives contorted in pain in the labour ward wondering to themselves: is it really THAT painful?

Well, thanks to a genius invention, they can now find out for themselves!

Two men who wanted to prove that their wives were 'exaggerating' the pain of childbirth underwent a labor simulation meant to mimic contractions experienced by women with interesting results!

Since then men across the world have given it a go, with all hailing women as 'heroes' for the pain we endure in the bid to bring life into this world.

Would your fella be up for the challenge? Would you love to see them have a go? Get in touch on our Facebook page this morning and have your say!