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POLL: Are three-year-olds too young to talk to about terrorism?


After terrorist attacks in France, French school children as young as three were taught games to learn how to keep quiet during an attack.

Every school organised three drills a year, with young children taught how to hide, play dead or escape.

But some teachers expressed concern that smaller children could be unduly frightened by the measures. According to reports, some children were left deeply traumatised after taking part in a mock attack.

Do you think think three-year-olds are too young to be taught about terrorism?

Does your baby look like one of the Loose Women?

The Loose Women - funny women, funny faces!


We're looking for baby Loose Women lookalikes!

Is your daughter the spitting image of Janet Street-Porter or Linda Robson? Or is your son a double for Judge Rinder, Joe Swash or Eamonn Holmes? We want to see see photos of toddlers who resemble Coleen, Stacey, Saira, Katie, Andrea and co.

Or does your baby or toddler look like a different celebrity - Donald Trump, Cheryl or Ed Sheeran?

Send us pics of your little one and who you think they look like - especially if they resemble one of the Loose Women!

Email us and we might use them on the show very soon!

POLL: Would you report your grandparents if you felt they were a danger to themselves and others while driving?

A pensioner killed a three-year-old girl just weeks after he was told to stop driving because of poor eyesight.

John Place, 73, ran a red light at a pedestrian crossing and ploughed into little Poppy-Arabella Clarke and her mother. The little girl later died in hospital. John - who had been warned by an optician not to drive - was not wearing glasses at the time of the accident and was jailed for four years.

Poppy's heartbroken parents called for the law to be changed requiring medical professionals to report people unfit to drive to the DVLA.

So would you report an elderly relative who still drives if you were worried they were a danger to themselves and others on the road?

POLL: Are you pestering your children to give you grandkids?

TV presenter Esther Rantzen has said she left it late to have children and is now worried she won't live long enough to see her grandchildren become adults.

Do you have the same worry? Are you a wannabe-grandparent and keep nagging your children to have babies soon? We want to hear from pushy grandparents so get in touch!