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Great British Bake Off's Paul Hollywood on new judge Prue Leith: 'She reminds me of my mother-in-law! It's perfect'


In his first exclusive interview since the new Great British Bake Off line-up was announced, Paul Hollywood told us what he really thought about his new co-stars!

Paul - the only one left from the original format - will be joined by comedians Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig as hosts, alongside new judge Prue Leith.

'I’m really excited to be honest. I’m really excited - I mean really excited. Obviously it’s a big thing for the country, the Bake Off. When I heard the names read out, I was the same as everybody else, I was really excited,' Paul told us.

'I did know about Prue. But I didn’t know about the others at all. But it’s perfect. I’m really, really excited,' he added.

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Bake Off winner Candice Brown on getting engaged, writing a baking book and quitting her job as a teacher!


She shot to fame for her incredible baking skills and lipstick obsession. And Bake Off winner Candice was back on the show to tell us what she's been up to since winning the show...

On getting engaged to boyfriend Liam...
'I know [I panicked everyone with the ring] but I just like wearing jewellery. Poor boy – he's like, "Oh god, the pressure", and I'm like, "Don't you dare pressure-ask me to marry you!" I'm wearing a different ring today, on a different finger.
'He's great, he's pretty shy as it is, he's happy just to be there. He tells me everyday that he's proud of me.'

On leaving teaching...
'This has been such an agonising decision to make. Never in a million years did I ever go into the show thinking this would happen. That is why I have been back at school teaching since I won the final.
'I have been teaching for about eight years now and I love it. But since winning the final, I have also been completely bowled over by the amazing opportunities that I have been offered.
'At first, I kept telling the school I would stay until December but they were so incredible and told me I had to grab everything whilst I could.'

On the future...
'A book would be amazing. That would be the ultimate memoir; that's my ideas and my recipes. At the moment there is nothing set in stone, but [quitting teaching] just gives me a bit of time. I haven't had the time to play around with recipes and think about different things. [A TV show?] I think people would be sick of my face and voice!'

Exclusive: Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown 'I was in actual agony on Bake Off!'

Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown


In her first television interview, Great British Bake Off winner Candice talked about her trademark pout, baking disasters and keeping her win a secret for months...

On winning the show
'I don't think anyone will ever realise, it means so much to me. I always thought I want to do it and it kept going. And I did it!'

On keeping her win a secret
'It was so drilled into us I think. I was petrified about the Bake Off snipers hiding. If I said something too much I'd get a cup cake thrown at me.
'The school kids didn't know. I'd go in and they'd ask, 'Nice weekend, anything happen.' 'No, I just did a bit of baking'

On baking wins and disasters
'I baked continuously from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep and a bit in between too. I did it over and over again. The ginger bread pub had been horrendous in practise.
'The fondant fancies I was in actual agony. They wanted 36 of them, I was in pain.
'The biscuits and icing I had to practice for that, I practising had been horrendous and my other half Liam said 'try your best'. And then I won star baker!'

On Bake Off's Jane
'I got on so well with Jane, we got on brilliantly. I love Jane and I couldn't have shared that moment with two better people. We're going on a road trip together. I love France and you might have noticed I like my little antiques and Jane goes to France quite a lot. We can go and bake and eat.'

On her trademark lipstick
'I've always worn it. When I went on I thought I wouldn't go on looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. Obviously I did towards the end covered in chocolate.'

Candice Brown - Great British Bake Off winner - on Loose Women

Candice Brown - Great British Bake Off winner - with the Loose Women

Doesn't Candice Brown look like Victoria Beckham!