Lighten The Load

Lighten The Load

One in four of us will suffer from some form of mental health issue in any given year and we at loose Women think that is something we should be talking about. Our Lighten the Load campaign is all about talking and listening. Talking if you’ve been affected, or being there to listen to someone who is going through a period of stress.

Lighten The Load: The Pledge

You can get involved right now by pledging to talk if you’ve been affected, and whilst you’re at it pledge to listen as well. It’s totally anonymous, and the more people that support our campaign the more we can break down the stigma of having a mental health issue. Just click on one of the buttons above to join the campaign.

If your mental health is under pressure there are many ways to ease the stress.
Firstly try to talk with a friend or someone you trust. Often this helps clarify your issues and identify what is causing your stresses.
You may find it useful going online or speaking to one of the many charities that specialise in mental health issues. Some suggestions are below.
You can also speak to your GP or a medical professional to get expert medical advice.

Lighten The Load: Checklists

Most of us are familiar with regularly checking our breasts for lumps, or moles on our skin for signs of change, but when did you last do a mental health check? Probably never! As part of Lighten the Load campaign we have created two free mental health checklists that anyone can download and keep.

Each contains five simple questions and if you answer yes to two or more then it’s time to put your mental health first and look at ways of easing the stresses. You can keep as a screensaver on your laptop, or send the checklist to a friend.

Personal mental health checklist
Loved one's mental health checklist
Personal phone mental health checklist

Loved one's phone mental health checklist

Instructions on how to save the checklist to your phone, and to make it your screensaver, are below.

Saving and making image wallpaper for iPhone

Tap and hold on the image until the pop-up selection menu appears, then tap “Save Image”

Find the saved image within Photos app

Press the icon in the bottom left hand corner of your phone - it’s a box with an arrow pointing up.

Scroll the bottom row to the right, until you see the ‘Use as Wallpaper’ icon.

Move and scale the picture to fit your screen, and press save.

Saving and making an image wallpaper for Android

Press and hold down on the image until you see a menu.

From here, click the “Save image” tab, and it will begin downloading. If you’re downloading a large image, it may take a few more seconds for it to download.

Pull down your notification shade to find the download notification. Either click that notification or head over to your gallery app. If downloaded correctly, the photo has been saved to your device.

Once you have opened the picture, click your drop down menu and choose ‘set image’ and then ‘wallpaper’.

Resize and reposition the picture, and click ‘done’.

Lighten The Load: Helplines