Could you have an eight hour row?

With the news that two woman in China passed out in the street after rowing for an epic EIGHT HOURS, our panel talk about blow-ups.

Can you guess who can't go to sleep on an argument, and who's like the Incredible Hulk in the heat of the moment...

Celebrity Big Brother housemates reunited!

Guess what our panellists all have in common - aside from being Loose Women, obviously... That's right - they've all been Celebrity Big Brother housemates!

Claire Sweeney, Sherrie Hewson, Nadia Sawalha and Saira Khan all discuss their time in the great house - and how much the show has changed...

CBB's Lewis Bloor on Marnie 'engagement' & nudity

If I'm still with Marnie in five years I'd be surprised if there wasn't a ring on her finger.

– Lewis Bloor says marriage is on the agenda

Celebrity Big Brother's Lewis Bloor says a proposal to Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson features prominently in his five-year plan.

The TOWIE star was particularly gushing about the brunette beauty, confirming they are officially a couple and believes they have a future together.

When asked how he can fall in love in 23 days, he responded: 'This is a new feeling for me. I feel a bit shy talking about it. She is great and it's very crazy. 100% she is my girlfriend and I am her boyfriend.'

Lewis also spoke about his fondness for strutting around the house naked and revealed he's not embarrassed the nation has seen his willy!

'I'm a naked baby, come on we've all seen it before.'

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Marnie Simpson was very emotional after Lewis Bloor left the Big Brother house

I worked it out. We spent more than 550 hours together in 23 days. It was the world's longest first date. We spent every waking minute together.

– Lewis Bloor on bonding with Marnie Simpson

Jonathan Antoine reveals he's 'in love!'

She's the light of my life. She's great, I love her

– Jonathan on his new girlfriend Michelle Doucet

Four years after reaching the final of Britain's Got Talent with pal Charlotte Jaconelli, tenor Jonathan Antoine joins us to talk about the duo's break-up, beating the bullies and finding love.

Jonathan met Canadian waitress Michelle Doucet online - and credits her with helping to develop the new positive mind set which helped him make his new album Believe.

The 21 year old also chats about Simon Cowell, the improvement in his voice and reveals why he won't be cutting his hair any time soon.

Believe is out on Friday.

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We decided our paths were separate. She's more musical theatre and I'm more serious classics. It's harder for a duo to work.

– Jonathan on why he and pal Charlotte decided to follow separate paths with their careers

Jake Quickenden on bras, willies and bird skulls

We've been given what we've got so just make use of it. It is going a bit far!

– Jake Quickenden on willy beads which surgeons say can increase penis size

Our Boy Of Summer Jake Quickenden gave us a glimpse into his bedroom habits today - comparing the removal of bra to completing a Rubik's cube and admitting he has a bizarre ritual with his EAR when he goes to sleep.

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Jake also pitched in with his verdict on body shaming - and admits while he takes care of his appearance he would draw the line at the new procedure which can increase the size of your manhood.

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Jake wears the body bow - a subject up for discussion on the show

Richard Blackwood: I was blacklisted

Richard Blackwood's career may now be booming playing villain Vincent Hubbard in EastEnders, but he reveals it hasn't always been the case.

The former comic who found fame working for MTV touched upon the dark days in his late twenties when his phone suddenly 'stopped working'.

Richard, now 44, said: 'I went bankrupt and back then I was blacklisted and no one wants you. I was one of the first people to go bankrupt in terms of being 'on the scene'.

'It's hard when you're famous and then five years later you're not.'

Richard also had advice for young reality stars, admits he feels sorry for his friend and colleague Rickie Rayment who is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house and issued a warning to his housemate Marnie Simpson for her behaviour.

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I feel sorry for reality stars because they get thrown in and don't know what to expect.

– Richard Blackwood