Exclusive: Craig Revel Horwood reveals 'I'm single and loving it!'

Craig Revel Horwood is looking for love! And he had some surprise confessions on the show.

'I'm single and loving it,' the Strictly Come Dancing judge admitted after splitting with his boyfriend earlier this year.

On losing his virginity, Aussie Craig, 51, revealed, 'It was a quick one. In front of the telly. Unexpected. With a young lady!'

So would Craig go out with women again now he's back on the market?
'Well, I'm not going to put myself out of any department,' Craig said before turning to Janet and adding, 'We'd make a fantastic couple. Imagine our home life!'

But Craig does have some stipulations when it comes to who he wants to date.
'Someone who is genuine and honest, who doesn't sell stories on you, kiss and tells,' he said. 'There's nothing you can do about it, there's a side to everyone's broken relationship.'

Watch more of Craig's chat here...

Exclusive: Martine McCutcheon bravely talks about her abusive father

In a discussion about forgiving parents, Martine McCutcheon bravely opened up about being estranged from her abusive father since she was a child.

'It's quite well known know because he went to the papers and talked about what he'd done to me and my mum. It was domestic abuse against my mum and sometimes me,' she said. 'We had an injunction against him when I was nine years old. And he lost the right for me to be loyal to him when he did that .'

Talking about life without her father, Martine candidly revealed, 'It wasn't so much that I wished he was in my life, if anything I felt sad for him. I thought, "You're missing out on me flourishing, me becoming a mother and meeting someone who it part of you". I do look like my dad. '

Gloria asked about cutting a parent out of your life completely and Martine gave a very honest answer, saying, 'I think it's a self preservation thing. Even now I get flashbacks of things that happened that I haven't thought about in decades. I think it's happening now I've had [my son] Rafferty as well. It's a protection thing, remembering as much as I can.

'Sometimes people do build bridges with family. It's not always rosey in families but just because you build bridges but it doesn't mean it's ever the same again.'

Exclusive: EastEnders' Grant and Tiffany reunited as Ross Kemp joins Martine McCutcheon

Grant Mitchell and wife Tiffany were reunited on TV for the first time in 18 years after Ross Kemp joined Martine McCutcheon on the show.

The pair were thrilled to see each other again and said hello with a massive hug.

'It was the best times ever,' Martine said of her time on EastEnders with Ross. 'There was a code between us, and we had each other’s back, I was so young - I was 18 - Ross watched me grow up. I saw so much while I was there, it was such an intense time.'

And Ross agreed that they were very close while playing husband and wife.
'You spend more time there with you fake family than you do with your real family and that’s why some of the acting is so natural and so immediate because really, you have an alternative family,' he said.

But it wasn't all plain sailing - Grant wasn't a popular character sometimes!

'Truly I remember presenting something at The Albert Hall at the time that Tiffany had been allegedly pushed down the stairs by Grant when actually she had tripped,' Ross revealed. 'I said "Are you sure you want me to give out this award?" I walked on to the Albert Hall, and [the audience] just went BOO!'

Ross Kemp and Martine McCutcheon were reunited on Loose Women

EastEnders' Grant and Tiffany were reunited on screen

Ross Kemp and Martine McCutcheon were thrilled to see each other on Loose Women

Exclusive: James Jordan admits 'I was gutted to be partnered with "grandma" Pamela Stephenson on Strictly!'

James Jordan caused a stir on Loose Women when he admitted being disappointed to be partnered with Pamela Stephenson on Strictly Come Dancing, who was 61 during the series in 2010, because she was a 'grandma'.

'The year that I got Pamela Stephenson I was slightly gutted because she was a grandma and slightly older,' he said to gasps from the audience.

'I don't dance like I did 10 years ago, that's a fact of life, unfortunately,' he said of the ageing process. 'Would I prefer someone aged 20 with loads of dance training, of course I would. It makes my job a lot easier.'

But James, who left Strictly in 2013, admitted her was wrong to prejudge Pamela's dancing ability.

'In hindsight, once I started training her, I realised this woman was amazing,' he said. 'And she made it the final. It was great.'

Exclusive: Boy George & Marilyn's emotional chat 'I can trust him!'

They were huge starts in the 80s and the best of friends too. But it wasn't always plain sailing for Boy George and Marilyn. According to a friend, the pair were frenemies, saying, 'Marilyn and Boy George used to hate each other. Boy George always hated Marilyn because he was so pretty and Marilyn always hated Boy George because he was so famous.'

But Boy George told Loose Women he put those jealous days behind him a long time ago and he and Marilyn are closer than ever.

In fact, Boy George became visibly emotional as Marilyn described their friendship on Loose Women.

'He is an amazing person,' Marilyn said as Boy blinked tears away. 'I am lucky to have him as a friend. With him, if he says something, he does it. If he says something he follows it through with actions. I can trust him.'

Watch the emotional chat here...

Exclusive: Peter Andre is 'having a baby boy!'

Peter Andre is about to become a dad for the fourth time. Dad to Junior, Princess and Amelia, he and wife Emily are expecting their second child together in a couple of months.

And he's keen to paint the nursery blue this time...

'Because I've got two girls and one boy I would love, love, love a boy,' Peter says. 'But for some reason we have this time decided not to find out. But I'm hanging to have a boy. It would be so amazing. A boy with blue eyes and blonde hair would just be beautiful. Both my daughters have blonde hair and blue eyes.'

And the Loose Women had some big news to break to him. As Peter and Emily have decided not to find out the gender of their baby, we thought we'd find out for him - or at least ask a psychic for her thoughts. The results? We reckon he's having a baby BOY!

Watch Peter's reaction here...

Exclusive: Stacey Solomon 'I'm heading back into the I'm A Celebrity jungle!'

Stacey had some big news to share today - she's heading Down Under.

'I'm going to Australia and I'll be presenting the new ITV2 I'm A Celebrity: Extra Camp show,' she revealed. And she'll be joined by her 'amazing man' Joe Swash who is co-hosting the spin off show alongside Loose Women Vicky Pattison and comedian Chris Ramsey.

'If Joe gets on my nerves I can just run to Chris and Vicky for help!' Stacey laughed. 'We get all the exclusives, can go down into camp and we can try all the trials.'

We can't wait to see Stacey eat some bugs with Joe by her side!

Exclusive: Ricky Martin in bed with Linda Robson

He's was voted the Sexiest Man Alive but Ricky Martin didn't know what he'd let himself in for when he invited Linda Robson into his hotel bedroom. Linda joined him to talk about his world tour and two special concerts for Autism Rocks without all proceeds going towards research into autism.

The dad of two also talked about his eight-year-old twin boys, Matteo and Valentino, saying, 'They are amazing. I'm a proud papa. They travel with me everywhere.'

As for having more children in the future? 'After the twins I was traumatised!' And Janet Street Porter quickly offered Linda's services as a surrogate mum which Ricky is considering! 'I'm looking for daddy's little girls so let's talk about that!'