The unpopable Adam Hills

Travesty in the Loose office this morning when we found out that a new model of bubble wrap, which does NOT pop, is due to be rolled out soon. Apparently it takes up less space and is cheaper for!

Bubble lovers worldwide have taken to social media to air their concerns and it looks like today's guest will swiftly be joining them....

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Let's talk about Amy...

As father to one of the most talented artists in British music history, Mitch Winehouse was a regular face in the press during Amy’s rise and fall. After her tragic death in July 2011, aged just 27, he established the Amy Winehouse Foundation in order help young people in need, just like Amy.

Mitch has been back in the papers in recent weeks, expressing his unhappiness with the new documentary that's been made about the singer, called, simply ‘Amy’. He join us this lunchtime to talk about the film, family and Amy's legacy.

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The hidden dangers of your BBQ

The one thing that will keep you safe is an audible CO alarm. I do not know of an incident or a fatality where there has been an audible alarm fitted.

– Gas industry expert Chris Bielby MBE

Gas industry expert Chris Bielby, MBE joined us today as part of our Say No to CO campaign to talk about the carbon monoxide dangers of barbecues when camping and at home.

He stressed the importance of taking a CO audible alarm with you on holiday as well as having one fitted in your home.

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The Hoff talks weddings and surviving in showbiz

Part of my longevity in this business is the truth. You've got to have a laugh at yourself.

– David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff says the ability to not take himself too seriously is the reason he's enjoyed such a successful career.

The former Baywatch star sends himself up in his new documentary-style sitcom Hoff The Record and says it's his honesty which has got him where he is today.

David, 62, also revealed he will eventually get married to fiancee Hayley Roberts - who is three decades his junior - when things have slowed down a bit.

'I'll get married again but at the moment I'm still thinking about where I'm going to live!' he joked.

Hoff The Record on Dave, Thursdays at 9pm

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Frankie Valli on romance and touring at 81!

I've had my share of wives and ladies!

– Frankie Valli

Legendary singer Frankie Valli took time out from his UK tour to tell us he's in no mood to hang up the mic.

Despite being in his Eighties, with a career spanning more than 50 years and sales of over 100 million records, Frankie insists he doesn't want to slow down.

When asked why he wants to carry on, he quipped: 'I need another house!'

Frankie, frontman of the group The Four Seasons which inspired hit musical Jersey Boys, added: 'What else would I do? I'm not ready to sit out on the porch. I just want to do this until I'm not able to do this anymore.'

Frankie was also delighted to hear a couple got engaged at his concert at London's Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Working My Way Back To You is out now.

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