The kindness of strangers

Supermarket Aldi worker Christian Trouesdale came to everyone’s attention this week when he made the news after helping 95 year old pensioner, Bob Malloy home with his shopping. A photo of the two of them together holding hands has gone viral and we spoke about Christian’s good deed on the show earlier this week.

Christian, along with his proud parent joined us today to tell us his story and why he thinks more youngsters should respect their elders.

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The Trouesdale family with the Loose Women

Battling Benefits Britain

Dee Kelly went from an absolute unknown to a household name as one of the main characters in Channel 4’s documentary series ‘Benefit Street’ last year.

Dee's life has had a complete transformation since then and now with a renewed vigour and a new fitness DVD on the horizon Dee told us how her new opportunities have inspired her to make a change...

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Is hitting your kids ever ok?

A Baltimore mother has become something of an internet sensation after footage of her hitting her son for participating in the Baltimore riots emerged online.

The angry mum recognised her masked son throwing rocks at police on television, drove to the event and frog-marched him out whilst giving him a good telling off.

Is she a hero? A super mum who would go to any lengths to enforce good behaviour? Or is she a bad mum for striking him as she hits him as she drags him out of the riot area ? What would you have done?

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It'll be fabulous, sweetie darling!

I didn't do it for a while because I just thought urrrggggh...wouldn't it be awful if it was awful

– Jennifer Suander on making the Ab Fab Movie

For anyone who loves the hit comedy series 'Absolutely Fabulous' as much as we do, this will come as quite possibly the best news EVER...Ab-Fab The Movie is officially happening!

Find out why creator Jennifer Saunders finally took the plunge...

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Moon walking with Jennifer Saunders

Needing little introduction, Ab Fab comedy duo Jennifer Saunders and Harriet Thorpe will be brandishing their bras again this month as they pound the streets of London for the annual MoonWalk.

Once a small event, it has now become a global phenomenon, raising £100 million for vital breast cancer causes.

Jennifer and Harriet told us just what it's like to train for the event

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