James Martin: Life is Sweet

Food should taste great. You should have whatever you want... we're here for such a small space of time, just enjoy it while you're here

– James Martin

James Martin is a housewives favourite and has the crème de la crème of chefs dropping into his Saturday Kitchen.

James spoke about the Top Gear host rumours, saying, "I enjoy my cars as my hobby but that's as far as it goes."

James' fifteenth cookbook, Sweet is his first cook book in 10 years and is 'to celebrate 20 years in the business.'

Speaking of desserts, thank goodness we skipped pudding last night because take a look at what James brought in for us... yum!

Sweet is released today.

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'It wasn't an easy decision' Josie's abortion for nose job

You can't have rhinoplasty until at least a year after giving birth so the pregnancy would have delayed things by around 18 months.

– Josie Cunningham

We're joined by Josie Cunningham who recently sparked outrage and received huge public backlash after revealed that she had an abortion so that she could get a nose job.Josie was already planning the procedure but was told she couldn't go under general anaesthetic while pregnant.

Josie said in a recent interview, "Pregnancy was a major obstacle and an abortion was the answer to it – so that’s what I did. Anyone who criticises me for putting my looks ahead of an unborn child has no right until they’re the ones putting food on the table for my kids. I don’t care what anyone thinks. My body, my decision."

Speaking on today's Loose Women, Josie said, "The termination wasn't an easy decision. It got to the point where I found myself at 12 weeks pregnant and being faced with the decision that I'd made."

That decision was to have a nose job to improve Josie's career as a glamour model and porn star. She said, "You can't have rhinoplasty until at least a year after giving birth so the pregnancy would have delayed things by around 18 months."

"I've had three children already and have managed to maintain a career and a way of life for [us]."

Olly Murs: On the road

I couldn't do it... I know exactly what they're going through

– Olly's glad the six chair challenge didn't exist when he auditioned

Pop prince Olly Murs has been bopping around the charts since he came runner up in the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009. Aside from a string of hits and over 10 million record sales from his four studio albums to date, he has also carved out a career as a TV presenter, with his good humour and cheeky chappie persona winning him many admirers.

Not content with fame in the UK, the ambitious star spent much of this year making strides in the US and is now presenting The X Factor with old friend Caroline Flack.

On those rumours with co-star Caroline, Olly put a stop to them saying, "We're never going to get together. We're just really good mates. Simon's always trying to stir it up."

Leo Sayer and the Restless Years

In those days, it was a big breakthrough and people like me and Rod Stewart were really doing it!

– Leo on breaking America as a young artist

The little man with the lion’s mane, Leo Sayer, is back with a renewed Thunder in his Heart. The Grammy award winning singer, who is known for his hits Thunder in my Heart, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing and When I need you is showing no signs of slowing down despite entering his fourth decade in the music industry.

Janet asked whether Leo would be happy to take on Glastonbury like other 1980's stars. He said, "It's on the cards, man!" before joking, "I could do that hands down - I'm not being flash."

Leo is currently touring the UK with the Restless Years tour and album Restless Years is available now.

Sarah Hadland: The Job Lot

Trish is one of those people that get's it so wrong

– Sarah on her character Trish in The Job Lot

Sarah will be well known to viewers as Miranda Hart’s sidekick Stevie in the BBC’s hit comedy Miranda but she has of course taken the lead in her own right - as highly strung Job Centre boss Trish in the ITV sitcom The Job Lot.

The Job Lot returns tonight at 10:30pm on ITV2.

Sanjeev Bhaskar stars in crime drama Unforgotten

I'd be a good detective. I can grow a moustache so I'm good at disguises!

– Sanjeev Bhaskar

Actor Sanjeev Bhaskar shot to fame in the 90s on the hit BBC comedy show Goodness Gracious Men and since then his career has gone from strength to strength.

Sanjeev is taking on a more serious role than those he is synonymous with; the role of Detective Sergeant Sunny Khan in ITV’s newest whodunnit, Unforgotten.

The six-part drama has already been compared to hit Broadchurch and focuses on a cold murder case from 39 years ago. It begins when the bones of a young man are found beneath the footings of a demolished house and an investigation begins that will unravel the lives of four people, and threatens to reveal secrets that have been kept for nearly forty years.