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Exclusive: 9 new things we learned about Alesha Dixon 'Fashion disasters, acting in Hollywood & the naughty step!'

Alesha Dixon and her daughter Azura

Talent judge, fashion designer, singer and mum - here are 9 new things we learned about the gorgeous Alesha Dixon...

She's a fan of Loose Women
'I love this show'

She's got a Strictly favourite
'Laura Whitmore is a really good friend of mine so I'm rooting for her. And I love Ed [Balls] - he makes me belly laugh. He brings the fun.'

Alesha is furious with X Factor's Louis
'I was so annoyed with Louis [Walsh] - if I had my way, Four Of Diamonds would have been from day one. They are fantastic. I wouldn't have put through those two guys [Bratavio], dumb and dumber! I can't remember their names. Four Of Diamonds blew me away.'

She's back on the box next year
'I'm doing Britain's Got Talent again. It's hard to judge but I approach it by being as natural as possible and honest as possible. It is possible to strike that balance. You don't have to be mean or personal.'

Alesha - the actress!
'Something like a strong female. The character Margot Robbie plays in Suicide Squad - kooky and quirky. Or Lara Croft, the last time I went to a fancy dress party I went as her.'

Alesha Dixon talks movies and fashion on Loose Women

She's a fashion designer
'I've just launched my second collection with Little Black Dress - and designed it with my best friend Nicola Atkinson, who I met while I was a contestant on Strictly, she designed all my outfits. I'm a member of the board.'

She's a working mum
'Azura's with me today. It's half term so it's come to work with mummy day. She's a make-up artist in the making. She's very funny. Three-years-old is the best age.'

Alesha's not perfect
'I'm failing at some things I'm doing. Azura puts me on the naughty step. She's very funny. She's my bundle of joy. Even if she's having a tantrum or is being a bit naughty I think, "She's me!" It's my fault!'

There have been a few fashion disasters
'Probably the whole of my Mis-teeq career! I kept those jeans for years thinking one day I'd wear them - and no.'

Alesha Dixon is now a fashion designer too

Exclusive: Lisa Riley on being weighed to get on a plane 'I was the biggest person and it felt dreadful'


An American airline winning the right to weigh its passengers to learn how it could save fuel, after discovering the average passenger and carry-on luggage was heavier than expected.

And Lisa shared her own experience of being weighed to board a light aircraft to fly over Everest in Kathmandu.

'Surprise, surprise it did happen to me!' Lisa said as a photograph of her on the scales at the airport was shown on the screen. 'It's shocking really. Being weighed in front of everyone to get on the plane. I'm covering up the digits because of embarrassment.

'It was in Kathmandu. There were people behind and I didn't want anyone to see - I'm mortified about the scales anyway.'

'They were weighing us for balance. Of course, I was the biggest person and it felt dreadful. I don't want to ever have that feeling again. It's embarrassing.'

Exclusive: Coronation Street's Beverley Callard on her mental health battle 'Depression is the curse of the strong'


Coronation Street actress Beverley Callard has spoken openly about her experiences of depression to encourage people with mental health issue to start a conversation and help those who want to support loved ones.

'I think it’s important you talk about [having depression],’ Beverley said. ‘But I think it’s really difficult for the person you are talking to about it.’

'Some people back off because they're afraid of it,' Beverley said. 'Most friends were fantastic. Certainly this one [Coleen Nolan] was fantastic. But a couple of really good friends totally backed away. I think because she maybe had symptoms and she was worried that the same thing might happen to her.'

As for people in the TV industry being supportive, Beverley said. ‘Most people were yeah. Of course there’s always a couple who are negative. I’ve mentioned it before - One person in our industry said “Well, you know, you’re probably not gonna work again. Because you’ve had clinical depression you might be flaky and unreliable".'

‘And of course, you’re not. I think depression is the curse of the strong in a way,' Beverley said. 'You’re anything but flaky and unreliable. Sometimes your mind just works against you, like your appendix or tonsils or whatever.'

For information on Loose Women's Lighten The Load campaign and mental health helplines click here.

Beverley Callard talked openly about her mental health problems

Exclusive: Lisa Riley takes lie detector test to prove she lost 9 stone naturally and hasn't had a gastric band!


Since losing an incredible 9 stone, Lisa has been hounded by people accusing her of having gastric surgery to aid her weight loss.

Determined to prove she lost weight naturally through healthy eating and exercise, Lisa took a lie detector test.

‘When I came on this show first time and the big weight loss was revealed, 93 per cent of people are supportive,' Lisa said.

'Basically, what’s happened is the other few percent are calling me a liar. One thing I’m not is a liar. What I’ve done is such a good achievement.'

'People who have had gastric bands… brilliant, good on you. I did this my way. All I want to do is help other women and men.'

Lisa, who has given up alcohol as part of her healthy eating, said, 'Fad diets didn’t work remotely for me. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ve done this slowly. I’ve been patient.'

'There’s no feeling like it when I put on a dress for this show and it’s a smaller size. I think as women we should look out for each other. I don’t understand in this country when someone has done something really good, they start throwing darts.'

Lisa answered four questions: Since January have she taken diet pills? Has she had liposuction? Has she had a gastric band? Has she had bariatric surgery?

And Lisa passed the test. She said, ‘Amazing. Such a sense of relief. Once and for all I draw a line under this. I haven’t lied and there is the proof.’

Exclusive: John Middleton on the Emmerdale car crash and Ashley Thomas' Alzheimer's


Emmerdale - officially the best British soap - and most dramatic scene ever aired in a multiple car crash which will see much-loved characters dead and injured!

'Basically I'm saying Emmerdale is seven times better than Star Wars,' John says. 'This is definitely the biggest week I've been involved in - it's massive, there are so many different incidents. It's about the most cinematic thing you'll ever have seen in soap.'

Did you know...

John's first role on Emmerdale was actually playing PC John Jarvis at the time of the Post Office raid in 1994.

He got his dog collar and landed the role of Vicar Ashley Thomas in December 1996.

Before stepping a foot in the dales, John walked down the cobbles - twice! In 1993, he appeared in Coronation Street as John Hargreaves, the man who killed Lisa Duckworth in an accident. A year later John played a hospital consultant in Corrie too.

John Middleton talks Emmerdale on Loose Women

John Middleton joined Emmerdale in 1996

Exclusive: 7 moments Donny Osmond proved he's the ultimate pop star on Loose Women!


Two words that are proven to get Coleen flustered and fluttering her eye lashes like a teenager in Puppy Love.

And there are MANY reasons why we love Donny so much after all these years....

1 He's funny
'I've been in showbiz 53 years but who's counting. I started when I was five and I'm 40 now - the math doesn't work.'

2 Elvis Presley gave him advice
'I learned a very interesting lesson when I was 14 years old from Elvis. He said to me, 'If I could do it all over again, I'd get closer to my fans and appreciate them a little bit more.'

3 Donny loves Snapchat
In the green room he was playing with Snapchat, adding the dog filter to him and Coleen before doing a face swap with her too!

Puppy Love with Donny Osmond and Coleen Nolan on Snapchat

4 There have been some intense Donny fans
'There have been times when people have snuck into the dressing room or shower. That happened in Ireland. It's all innocent as far as I'm concerned because they know how happily married I am and how dedicated I am to my wife.'

5 He understood when fans burned his records!
'There were Donny Osbourne record burning parties after I got married. And I completely understand it. I knew my career would go into the tanks.'

6 He loves Las Vegas
'We just announced our ninth year [in Vegas]. It was suppose to be six weeks back in 2008 and we just announced our ninth year.'

Donny Osmond super fan Coleen

7 He has some SERIOUSLY good relationship advice

'When I got into a relationship with my wife... I think relationships have been really messed up lately. It's all about what can you do to make me happy? It doesn't work that way - what can I do to make YOU happy.'

'There is nothing more empowering to a woman than have a man respect her. Not just love her. I don't look at my wife like a sexual object, she is my partner, part of me. So I respect her, love her and appreciate her and that empowers her as a woman. That's the way men should treat women. '

'It's simple to me. If I want to make you happy and you want to make me happy it's not what I can take from this relationship, it's what I can put in to this relationship.'


Loose Pup Polly loves Donny

Exclusive: Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson 'I'm 100% in love with Lewis Bloor'

After failing to bond in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year, Saira was reunited with Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson on the show. And talk soon turned to Marnie's relationship with their CBB housemate Lewis Bloor who she was rumoured to have broken up with recently.

'It’s tough because we live so far away with each other,' Marnie said. 'We had an argument and I deleted every single picture of him from Instagram. We’re working through it.'

'Things on the outside [of Celebrity Big Brother] are just completely different. It's just back to basics for us. I haven't cared about anyone the way I care about Lewis. I'm100% in love with him.'

Marnie and Lewis found love in the CBB house

Exclusive: Angie Best on her son Calum Best's struggle with drink and drugs 'Somebody had to save him'


Angie gave up her life in the US to move back to the UK and be there for son Calum who has talked openly about struggling with drink and drugs in the past.

'You feel so powerless because you know the road he's going down because you've seen it before,' Angie, 64, told us. 'What can you do? I gave everything up in Malibu and came back here to keep an eye on him. Somebody had to save him, there was nobody here to save him and someone had to.'

'My mum raised me in Los Angeles to avoid the situation of me being in someone's shadow, no disrespect to anybody because I'm really proud of that,' Calum said of his late father George Best.

'Then there's the point of me losing this person - my dad - and me going down this dark path for many years,' Calum, 35, added. 'Bless my mum, she packed up her stuff and moved to the UK and even when she came back I was so confused. I didn't know how to show emotion to anyone at the time. I messed up for a while but now we're stronger than we're ever been before.'

Calum is now patron of the National Association of Children of Alcoholics.

Angie and Calum Best talk about their bond on Loose Women

Angie and Calum Best joined Loose Women