Olly Murs: "My mum's just tweeted you!"

10 million records sold worldwide, 4 studio albums and a string of fans across the globe, but it turns out that Olly Murs is never too old to be embarrassed by his mum!

Take a look to see the moment the Prince of Pop's mum tweeted us live on air...

Olly's latest single 'Seasons' is out on Tuesday (31st March) and his nationwide tour starts next week in Sheffield! We'll see you there Olly, love!

Olly Murs talks 1D split

I'm as shocked as everyone else at the news....he made the decision and the show must go on.

– Olly Murs

It's the news that's rocked the world of Directioners all over the globe, so when pop sensation and fellow X Factor friend, Olly Murs popped by this lunchtime, we just had to get his views on Zayn Malik announcing he's leaving the biggest boy band on the planet.

Shop Girl, Mary Portas

My children prioritise everything. I think when you bring kids into the world then that's your priority, whatever you do.

– Mary Portas

Famed for taking on the high street one town at time, Queen of Shops, Mary Portas joined us today to chat about her new book, 'Shop Girl, a Memoir' and her latest series 'Secret Shopper' as she rallies once again to save failing high street stores.

She told the Loose Women how her mother helped shaped her life...

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All hail the Guvnor!

All hail to the ale! White wine for the lady! Presenter and comedian Al Murray joined us today as his comedy creation ‘The Pub Landlord', who has a dislike for anything un-British!

With that in mind, he's on a one-man mission to 'Re-great Britain' which he talks about in his latest UK tour and new book! We're on the fence with the campaign posters though, Guvnor!

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The Guvnor's latest campaign photo caused a bit of a stir with our ladies!