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Ex-Dynasty actress Stephanie Beacham reveals miscarriage trauma: 'Such pain that I've never dealt with it'


Former Dynasty actress Stephanie was left 'trembling' as she spoke about her harrowing miscarriage and terrible experience in hospital afterwards.

Coleen Nolan, Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore had shared their own experiences of miscarriage on the show when they were joined by Stephanie.

'It was horrible for everybody,' Stephanie said. 'Unfortunately, I was bashed in a rehearsal, and that's what brought on the miscarriage. They are very emotional things.'

Stephanie was four months pregnant when she lost the baby. 'By that time you've almost decided the school. Between three and four months your filling up, you're making plans,' she said.

After the accident, Stephanie, mum to two daughters Phoebe and Chloe with ex-husband John McEnery, went to hospital but was left heartbroken by her treatment.
'So when I'd had the procedure, because I had a miscarriage and I was in hospital, and I said, "I want to know the sex". It was a little boy. I said, "May I see him?" And the nurse that was passing said, "No they're thrown in the incinerator".'

When Nadia asked how she dealt with the miscarriage and shocking treatment, Stephanie said, 'Such pain, Nadia, that I've never dealt with it. I watched the smoke as I left the hospital. Isn't that mad?'

'I do hope there is more care, I'm feeling trembly saying it now,' Stephanie added. 'But I hope there's more care taken. More acknowledgement, as far as the parents are concerned, that was a little boy.'

'You have to put that in the past and then go on. I'm laughing simply because how horrid is that?'

Watch the full interview with Stephanie in the video above.

We have miscarriage and baby loss helplines available here.

Miscarriage and baby loss helplines

Baby loss helplines

Use our helplines to find more information and advice on baby loss.

Sands (Stillbirth & neonatal death charity)

Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. We operate throughout the UK, supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby, working to improve the care bereaved parents receive, and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.


Miscarriage Association

The Miscarriage Association is here to provide support and information to anyone affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy.



We are the largest charity funding research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. We also provide information for parents-to-be to help them have a healthy pregnancy and baby.


Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye provides comprehensive information, advice, support and much more to anyone who has suffered the loss of a baby, at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy.


Chris Packham on being diagnosed with Asperger's in his forties: 'There are problems and benefits to the condition'


We love it when a guest brings they dog to the studio so there was a warm welcome waiting for wildlife presenter and environmentalist Chris and his beloved dog Scratchy.

On Scratchy...
'He's my best friend. He's nearly 15 and still going strong. Itchy was his brother and we lost him about 14 months ago. It was a loss to both of us. They are a massive part of my life. I feel much better when I'm with Stratchy. I worry about his health. He never lets me down and it totally trust worthy. It's a different relationship that you have with humans.'

On having Asperger's...
'I was quirky and some of them were directly evolved from the condition. I have a duty to use my voice to try and make things better for other people. It's difficult for some members of the Asperger's community to articulate the way they feel and the problems them have and the benefits. I had a duty to stand up for all those people'

On growing up with Asperger's...
'I grew up in the sixties and seventies so it was avery different world then. As a young child it wasn't to bad but then I got to my teens and went to university. It was really tough. It was extremely isolating. There is a lot of self doubt. You do retreat to your bedroom, draw your curtains and make the whole thing worse. By the time I went to university, I blanked my peers. I didn't engage with them at all. By the end of the third year I'd made contact with about three of them.'

On the benefits of having Asperger's...
'I used to make lists of things I need to do to make my role functional and I could work alongside people. By the time I was diagnosed in my forties it was working. One of the benefits of the condition is we have good retentive memory and good pattern forming skills so see connections. I remember things I read when I was about six years old. It's a trait which is quite common in the autistic community. Another one of the traits is there is no grey, only black or white. We love it we hate it, it's right or wrong. There's no ambiguity. And often I don't care what people think.'

Watch the video for the full interview with Chris about living with Asperger's.

Nigel Farage on President Trump, the Windrush scandal and attending the royal wedding


Nigel Farage joined Loose Women and was quizzed on the Windrush scandal, upcoming royal wedding and his friendship with President Trump.

On freedom of speech...
'We’ve got a bit of a problem in this country, and in America, with free speech. Anybody that’s got a sort of vaguely conservative, right of centre view, is treated by many as being the complete devil. Yours truly is right near the top of that list. I think it’s worrying for our younger generations. They should be brought up to understand there are different people with different points of view. They’re equally valid points of view and you make your own mind up.'
'[My children have] all got different points of view to me, believe me. Of course [there’s freedom of speech in the Farage household]. University should be all about young people being exposed to different ideas and making their own minds up. We’ve kind of got a bit of censorship going on out there.'

On the new royal baby...
'I was at the Queen’s birthday concert – someone invited me. When I was growing up, the royal family was something we treated with reverence. For a lot of the younger generation they view the young royals as being really, really cool, really with it. I can’t think the Royal family’s been more popular than it’s ever been right now.
'I think [Prince] Charles is a good man, I don’t agree with him very much.

On the royal wedding...
'I won’t be at the royal wedding as a guest. But I will be at the royal wedding, in a journalistic capacity. I think they’re going to become just the coolest, trendiest couple in the world. I think it’s absolutely great. Anything that brings us closer to America is a good thing.'

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