Two Loose Women get tested for HIV

It's World AIDS Day tomorrow and we at Loose Women wanted to do out part by destigmatising the HIV test.

We brought in the lovely Dr. Christian and Coleen and Saira agreed to have the test live on air to show how quick and easy it is. It took two minutes and they were both fine.

With thanks to BioSure for providing the HIV tests for Dr Christian.

Eamonn Holmes surprises the Loose Women

On the show today Ruth said that Eamonn (her hubby) wasn't really a flowers kind of man but, much to her surprise, he turned up on set with a big grin and an even bigger bouquet.

It was a lovely moment for the couple until Eamonn caught the eye of another loose woman a planted a great big kiss on Coleen.

Eamonn just has a lot of love to give

Today on Loose Women

Coming up on the show today we've got Ruth Langsford back in the anchor's chair along with Coleen Nolan, Saira Kahn, and Jane Moore completing the panel.

Those lovely ladies will be joined by the very dashing Dr Christian Jessen. The 'Embarrassing Bodies' presenter will be discussing National HIV Testing Week.

We're live on ITV at 12.30pm.

The Loose Women love masturdating

The art of masturdating requires confidence, dedication and at least a couple of hours.

Yes, we are of course talking about going on a 'date' by yourself (what did you think we were talking about?).

It turns out our loose ladies (particularly Andrea) are expert masturdaters.

Linda and Nadia take on the duvet challenge

There are some days when the Loose Women discuss issues so important that the world stops to listen. Today was one such day:

What is the best way to change a duvet?

The only way to settle it was with a deadly duvet-off between Nadia and Linda. The battle was so intense it left one of them sprawled on the floor.

Nathan Sykes talks Beethoven and masturdating

When the lovely Nathan Sykes - formerly of The Wanted - came in to chat to the Loose Women he probably thought he'd be talking about his new single and life as a world famous pop star.

And whilst he did spend some time doing that, our loose ladies soon had the blushing star talking about love and, er, masturdating (stop it!).

It's definitely worth a watch.