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Loose Women pay tribute to Dale Winton after his shock death aged 62 and show his last ever TV interview from June 2016


We were so sad to hear about the passing of our friend Dale Winton and many of the Loose Women paid tribute to the TV presenter on the show.

Dale appeared in his last ever TV interview on Loose Women in June 2016 and Andrea McLean described him as 'frank, he was funny and searingly honest'.

In the 2016 chat, Dale spoke about his struggle with depression, saying it was triggered by a 'bad break-up'. He had hardly left his house in five years but was back on form and assured the panel he had overcome his mental health issues.

'I should have taken myself off the TV, but I didn't...', Dale told us. 'I always thought "Get over yourself" - I should have known - my mum died of it [depression]. If you've never had it, you don't understand it. I didn't want to put one foot in front of the other.

'It was triggered by a very bad break-up. I wanted to withdraw but you know what this business is like - the money wasn't the main thing, it was letting people down. People were saying "come out" and I would not leave the house... five years,' he added. 'People were going "what's wrong with him?" I looked ill. I didn't look great.'

Dale, who died on Wednesday 18 April 2018, paid tribute to his friend David Walliams for helping him through the difficult time.

'A couple of friends [really helped] - David Walliams - he's been brilliant,' Dale said. 'I've totally come through it.'

Watch the video to see Dale's last interview and the Loose Women's tribute to him.

Actress Kathleen Turner: 'I was having dinner with Michael Douglas and his wife walked in - she didn't talk to me!'


Looking back at her 1980s movie career...
'That clip of the song [When The Going Gets Tough by Billy Ocean] - we were shooting in Brixton and it was freezing cold. It was Billy Ocean so we came over to work with him. And when Danny DeVito came out with the bass sax that was literally as big as he is, I lost it. I laughed so hard we had to stop and re-do my make-up.'

On having feelings for Michael Douglas when filming Romancing The Stone...
'I was feeling rather romantic towards Michael. He was separated and I was single. We came back from the set one day and all the company were sitting down for dinner and in walked his wife, she later became ex. So that was that. You don't mess with other women's marriages. She didn't talk to me at all.'

On reports some Hollywood men had bets on who would sleep with her first...
'Jack Nicholas told me that after Body Heat, when I was the new girl in town that [some actors] had a bet about who would "get me" first. Lovely term. Respectful. And none of them is the answer.'

On her one woman show...
'It's my fourth career - I act, direct and teach. Now I'm singing. It's something I wrote and worked on with friends and it's about me. It's very different not playing a character.'

On not going under the knife...
'I've earned these wrinkles. I know exactly where they've come from.'

Watch the video to see the full chat with Kathleen including how she secretly suffered from rheumatoid arthritis.

TV presenter Dale Winton has died aged 62

Dale Winton has passed away


TV presenter Dale Winton, who hosted Supermarket Sweep, has died at the age of 62, his agent says. Dale passed away at his home on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

He was most famous for Dale's Supermarket Sweep which ran on TV from 1993 to 2000.

In a statement, his agent said: 'It is with great sadness that we can confirm the passing of Dale Winton who died at home earlier today.

'While we know many will share this terrible loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy at this time of grief.'

Dale last appeared on Loose Women in 2016 where he talked to Andrea, Nadia, Kaye and Josie about having a difficult year with health issues and a bad break-up.

Our thoughts are with his friends and family at this sad time.

You can watch Dale's final TV interview HERE.

Dale Winton last appeared on Loose Women in 2016

Exclusive: She got a text! Eamonn Holmes finally replies to Ruth Langsford's love letter with a romantic text!


Our Ruth Langsford got all teary reading a 'love letter' text she wrote to husband Eamonn Holmes - but waited the whole show without a reply.

But just seconds after coming off air, her mobile phone pinged and Eamonn had been in touch. Janet Street-Porter quickly took the phone to share what Eamonn had replied to Ruth's love note - and it was equally as soppy.

Unfortunately, Stacey Solomon still hadn't had a reply from her boyfriend Joe Swash!

Watch the video to hear Eamonn's beautiful love letter to Ruth!

Baroness Doreen Lawrence gives last ever TV interview 25 years after son Stephen Lawrence's murder

Baroness Doreen Lawrence gave her last ever TV interview to talk about the murder of her son Stephen 25 years ago.

And Doreen explained she doesn’t focus on her son Stephen’s killers and that it’s time to move on to the next chapter of her life.

Asked what’s kept her going over the past 25 years, she said: 'I think my other two children and also to know that Stephen had a life and I needed to fight for him. That’s what I’ve been doing – his name, his legacy, what we’ve achieved over the years, the Trust, how it’s working to help other people – those are all the positive things, that’s what’s kept me going.'

'I look at my children – your children are so important to you. Always, we tend to take our children for granted. You think they’re going to be there all the time. For me, seeing them, I need to make sure that they have a life. At times you put your own feelings to one side and put one foot in front of the other.'

'I always try to be really focussed. My focus has always been to make sure that my children are fine, to protect them. Stephen didn’t have a voice, I was his voice – but I didn’t allow it to sort of swallow me up. If you did that you’d never move forward.'