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Real life exclusive: 'My revenge porn hell' Mum Nikki Elliot caught man posting her photos on porn site


Nikki Elliot joined us to talk about her experience of having personal photos stolen from her social media sites and posted on a porn website.

She revealed she received 'really aggressive' comments after her friend posted photos of her and her two-year-old daughter on a porn site.

They were taken by Oliver Whiting, who she believed was a 'good friend'. They used to work together but there was no romantic involvement.

While on maternity leave, Nikki discovered photographs - in no way provocative - had been taken from her social media accounts and posted on a porn site where sexual, aggressive and violent comments were made. A photograph of Nikki's two-year-old daughter was also posted on the site.

'I felt betrayed and saddened by it all. I wanted it to be someone who hated me,' Nikki said. Nikki went to court and read an impact statement about what she'd been through.

Watch the video to see the full interview...

If you want advance about revenge porn we have helplines here.

Phillip Schofield on performing Joseph songs on stage again: 'It's scary!' Plus, This Morning Live latest


He's the king of daytime TV and Phillip joined us to have a catch up on his latest shenanigans which will see him on two different kids of stage.

As well as hosting This Morning, Phillip is getting his amazing technicolour dreamcoat out of the wardrobe and going back on the stage to host The Knights of the Music.

'It's a very, very rare thing. In fact, it's only in this that I sing on stage anymore,' Phillips told us. 'The music is fantastic. And thankfully my brush with musicals was with Lord Lloyd Webber. So I sing a couple of songs from Joseph. It's scary. It's 20 years.'

And Phillip also talked about hitting the road with his TV family for This Morning Live which is being held at the NEC in Birmingham between 18 and 21 May.

'We don't have an audience, we're not lucky enough, not big enough to have an audience at This Morning. So if you've ever wanted to see what This Morning is like and meet the team... then come and see us there,' Phil said.

The event will see the presenters and the rest of the team at This Morning bring the show to life with live catwalk shows, advice on home interiors, tips for sprucing up the garden and so much more!

For more information visit the website here www.thismorninglive.co.uk.

Revenge porn helplines

Revenge porn helplines

'Revenge Porn' is a term used to describe sexually explicit media that is publicly shared online without the consent of the pictured individual.

UK Safer Internet Centre


Victims and support professionals can contact the helpline between 10-4, Monday to Friday by telephone 0845 600 0459, or anytime via email help@revengepornhelpline.org.uk or our anonymous online reporting tool Whisper http://www.revengepornhelpline.org.uk/


Caprice TV exclusive: 'I had a seven and a half-hour surgery to remove my brain tumour. I asked if I was going to die'


Caprice spoke to us at Loose Women today about the shock of discovering she had a brain tumour recently.

She was taking part in The Jump, when Caprice - who is mum to three-year-old sons Jett and Jax - was diagnosed with the shock medical condition.

'I had a very, very minor accident [...] I started to get these headaches right after doing skeleton training,' she explained. 'And then all of a sudden my vision started to go a little, I started to see ten of everything. And that morning we had a live show and the health and safety was really, it’s so ironic, because everyone slashes The Jump, but for me, it sorted of saved my life.

'I kept saying I have a live show tonight I want to do the jump itself just incase I had to because it was a routine. They said no, for health and safety reasons you have to go and see our doctor. So I went and saw the doctor and he was amazing - ordered up a tonne of tests for me, I mean I had my whole body scanned.'

Caprice showed us the scars from surgery to remove her brain tumour

POLL: Do you think paedophiles can ever be rehabilitated?

Never Too Late To Tell encourages victims of childhood sexual abuse to consider speaking out and start the healing process.

More than one in ten women have experienced childhood sexual abuse and they are four times more likely then men to be survivors.

At Loose Women we want to encourage anyone that may have experienced abuse to consider talking to someone - a friend, a colleague, a healthcare professional or an anonymous helpline

All details of our Never Too Late To Tell campaign are here.

EastEnders' Patsy Palmer admits: 'I haven't watched it for ages'


We loved her as Bianca Jackson in EastEnders on and off for 20 years. And Patsy appeared on the show to talk about her new life in America - a world away from Albert Square!

When we asked for her best, 'Riiiiiiiiiiiiiicky', Patsy insisted she never even said it!

'I don't think I ever said that. That was actually said by Jonathan Ross in that way and then maybe it got played up more after that,' Patsy told us.

But our Jane then interjected: 'You did! It was in the clip!"

Patsy claimed that it 'makes your life hell' having a catchphrase like that attached!

Coronation Street's Lucy Fallon: 'My dad finds Bethany Platt's grooming storyline difficult to watch'


With the nation gripped by the controversial Bethany Platt grooming storyline, Corrie's Lucy joined us to talk about how proud she is of the soap tackling such an important subject - and why her boyfriend refuses to watch it!

‘Quite a lot of people have said it shouldn’t be on at this time, it’s difficult to watch,’ Lucy, 21, explained.

'I've seen on Twitter there are a lot of fans and fan pages who are 14, or around that age, and they're the people we want to target. So people that are saying it shouldn't be on at this time, it's important it's on at this time.'

But Lucy does admit filming the scenes in which Bethany is being groomed and sexually abuse by her 'boyfriend' Nathan hard.