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Katie Price on marrying new boyfriend Kris Boyson: 'I’m not even divorced yet. I’m on The Pill so I can’t get pregnant'


After taking a break from Loose Women, Katie Price joined us as a guest alongside her boyfriend Kris Boyson to set the record straight about the past few months as her marriage to Kieran Hayler broke down and she coped with her mum Amy's terminal illness.

'I don’t even know where to begin. It’s really been tough,' Katie said. 'I’ve got rid of a lot of people in my life around me. I’ve just come out from such a bad place.'

On taking anti-depressants
'I just felt I needed it. I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t the happy me. I’d want to drink to block things out. I was in a relationship where I felt I worthless. I was manipulated into a situation where I wasn’t in control. I was banned from driving. I couldn’t take my kids to school. I went to the doctor thinking, "Am I losing the plot here?", as I didn’t feel like I me. I was honest to the doctor. If you can’t be honest to the doctor, who can you be honest to? They totally understood as they knew the stresses I was under. They said it’s called escapism. I was a short-term case, not a long-term. They said sometimes when they get people come in there they don’t know why they’re depressed, but I had reasons to be.'

On Kieran’s sex addiction
'He’s been with three people since the nanny. I don’t believe he’s got sex addiction at all. I just think, "What was I doing?" He wasn’t constantly having therapy, he went about four times. It is what it is. I tried paying for therapy when I caught him the first time. I was with him five years. You’ll see in the show there wasn’t even six months of one year he was faithful to me. He hasn’t got sex addiction. I’m so glad I’m out of it. When I look back I can’t believe I was in that.'

Katie introduced us toher new boyfriend Kris, who was sat in the audience.

Kris on meeting Katie
'I think we just clicked early on and I gave as good as she gave me. She was giving me a bit of grief early on... banter. We just hit it off. She was just genuine really. I didn’t know what to expect to be fair. It was meant to be on a professional manner - I was talking about training Harvey. That’s what I do for a living.I’ve trained a lot of disabled children, a lot of complications [such as]obesity. That’s how we met originally, but it went a bit further. [Katie: 'Not that quick, though']. Harvey is on a long journey, but we’ll definitely get there. It’s a challenge, but I like the challenge.'

Kris on Katie changing when they met
'She looks totally different. When I met her I’ll be honest with her, I said that she looked too skinny - she looks ill and old. I’m just brutally honest with her. What you see is what you get. I said you need to put on weight, you need to start training, you need to be healthier, she wouldn’t get up in the morning. I very rarely drink. The thought of drinking during the week doesn’t do anything.'

Kris on the future with Katie
'I know what I’m letting myself in for. The life with the kids and exes is very separate to me.I take her as she is and what she tells me. I don’t watch much TV to be honest.She keeps telling me to watch this new show and I’d rather not watch it I think. What she tells me is correct. Her kids have got their fathers. I’m thereto look after them if I need to but that’s a separate life to me. I’m quite old school, I need to know you a bit more before I get married.'

Katie on the future with Kris
'All that’s happened to me has made me learn. I’m on The Pill so I can’t get pregnant. I’m not even divorced yet. I’m going to enjoy it. I think I’m growing up a lot now. If we’re meant to marry, we’re meant to marry. My head’s in a better place. I didn’t want to meet anyone, but he ticks every box my mum has wanted. He ticks every box for my mum; he’s got a job, he’s got his own business. He puts me on a pedestal and no one’s ever really done that.'

Dr Hilary Jones and Tanya Bardsley join Loose Women to talk about incontinence and how to treat it


It's something experienced by over 7 million people in the UK but is regarded as one of the most embarrassing medical issues: incontinence.

Tanya Bardsley, star of the reality show The Real Housewives of Cheshire, joined us to talk about her personal experience of incontinence after having four children.

And Dr Hilary Jones provided us with some great medical advice too.

Watch the video for Dr Hilary's expert tips on treating incontinence.

Stacey Solomon and the Loose Women offer pregnant Christine Lampard some realistic new mum advice!


Christine Lampard has just two months left before her first baby arrives - a brother or sister to husband Frank Lampard's daughters Luna and Isla. And mums Stacey Solomon, Jane Moore and Saira Khan had plenty of realistic advice for her about those first few weeks with a newborn.

From the shock of delivering the placenta to leaving the brake off the pushchair and seeing it roll into the road to forgetting you've got a baby with you while you're out shopping, the Loose Women have plenty of advice for new mums.

Watch the video to see our new mum confessions.

Good luck Christine - we'll babysit anytime!

Christine Lampard in June 2018 showing off her baby bump

Stacey Solomon grills X Factor's Ayda Field and Robbie Williams on new roles as judges - all thanks to Loose Women!


She's a Loose Woman and now our Ayda is a judge on the X Factor with husband Robbie, Louis Tomlinson and Simon Cowell.

And our Stacey was at the X Factor press conference to get all the deets from the show's first ever husband and wife judges - and it turns out they got the job all thanks toLoose Women!

'We [Simon and Ayda] actually did an interview together in Los Angeles and I have to say it was one of the funniest, craziest interviews I've ever had,' said Simon. 'But what I picked up was, these two together... forgive me for saying it for you, but Ayda I consider the rock. I didn't know Robbie was going to turn up. It was a great interview. And then I had a feeling in my head, this is going to work. We could get all this to work.'

And Stacey was there to ask Ayda and Robbie a couple of questions too!

'I love my Loose Women ladies and think it's been a real priviledge to be part of Loose Women and do live television,' Ayda said. 'Since I've already done live television, I'm excited for the live TV.'

Watch the video to see behind the scenes at the X Factor press conference.

Gloria Hunniford on Sir Cliff Richard's BBC privacy court case: 'I don’t think he’ll ever truly get over it'


As Sir Cliff Richard won his privacy case against the BBC for its coverage of the police raid on his home in 2014 and invasion of his privacy, our Gloria explained how Sir Cliff was feeling.

'To be there on the day of judgement was just amazing. I was literally sitting just behind him. We were all butterflies in the stomach,' Gloria said. 'It’s been anticipation for so long. I thought it would be almost hands in the air [in court], but it was very emotional.'

High Court judge Mr Justice Mann awarded an initial £210,000 in damages. The BBC said journalists acted in good faith and it is considering an appeal.

'This has been four years - bar one month - of trying to prove his innocence and of course he did prove his innocence when he was cleared of the actual accusations himself,' Gloria said.

'He was brave to take on the BBC. He was advised by many people not to do that, just to accept the judgement that he was clear and to go on and enjoy his life. But he insisted. He was adamant he was going to do it. And in the end, he was right. It justifies all that angst of four years, night and day, and not sleeping and losing weight and not being able to stop talking about it really.'