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Callie Blackwell on giving her 'dying' son Deryn cannabis: 'I knew I was facing 14 years in jail if I was found out'


After watching her 14 year old son Deryn battle leukaemia and one in a billion form of cancer, Langerhans cell sarcoma, Callie was prepared to do anything to make her son better.

And as he lay in a hospice with just three days to live, she gave him cannabis oil in the hope it could help as Deryn planned his own funeral.

'I was on the brink of death, I was up for doing anything,' Deryn told Ruth, Coleen, Jane and Gloria while sitting in the audience. 'It wasn't going to hurt me anymore than what was already happening. I didn't worry [about Callie be arrested because cannabis is illegal] because, quite selfishly, if it didn't work I wouldn't be around to see what happened. And if it did work, it's fine.'

Callie explained, 'His nails were all falling off, and they wanted to amputate his hand. Five days after he started taking cannabis, his bandages had come off.
I couldn't tell the hospital staff why, the cannabis was hidden in a jar under this bed. Some of the hospice workers knew and called it, "the magic under the bed". Everything had been taken away from Deryn, there was no conventional treatment left. I was told, 'Something will get him.'

'It got to a point, I knew I was facing 14 years [in jail] if I was found out, but I would do every day of a 14 year sentence if it meant he was still here.'

Deryn is now a healthy 17 year old.

Callie clarified that cannabis didn't 'cured her son's cancers' - because he was actually in remission at the time. But she believes the class B drug 'had a profound effect' on the teenager's bone marrow, ultimately saving his life.

Watch the video to see the full interview with Callie and Deryn.

Gloria Hunniford on being made an OBE by the Queen at Buckingham Palace: 'She has the most beautiful skin!'


Gloria told us all about being presented with her OBE by the Queen recently! And she was brought into the studio on a throne by four 'royal guards' for the occasion - with a slight wobble on the way!

'That was almost as exciting as the palace,' Gloria said after safely dismounting. 'I tell you what was funny, one of the boys, I could feel it was going slightly, and my short little Irish legs would hardly reach the bottom anyway, so I’m dangling like a child! But anyway that was very exciting.'

Talking about receiving her OBE to services to charity, Gloria said, 'I really feel rather humbled by it as it’s not for showbiz, it’s for breast screening service and cancer services over the country. The Queen asked me how I got involved and I said I’d lost my daughter to cancer and she said, "Of course you did", and then we were like two women having a chat.'

'I wanted to ask her what her beauty routine was, honestly, she has the most beautiful skin,' Gloria added.

Gloria, along with her sons Paul and Michael, set up the Caron Keating Foundation after losing her daughter Caron to breast cancer in 2004.

Watch the video to see the full celebration of Gloria's OBE. Congratulations!

Gloria Hunniford was awarded an OBE after setting up the Caron Keating Foundation after her daughter died in 2004

Gok Wan: 'I’ll never be fixed but I can live with my eating disorders and anxiety. I've never felt so confident'


Gok joined Andrea, Denise, Stacey and Kaye to discuss his body story and his iconic series How To Look Good Naked as well as his recent experience with homophobia.

Gok revealed what it was like working on his series saying ‘I had no idea at all that I was going to be so passionate about giving people confidence and self-esteem it kind of just happened. And it wasn’t suddenly, until I started making this programme, I realised I’m one of those contributors, I’m one of the women who’s on the show, I’ve had the same body hang ups, I’ve had the same body hatred, I know exactly how terrifying a reflection can be’.

And Gok revealed he will never be ‘over’ his personal issues but is happier than ever.

‘I’ll never be fixed. I take refuge in the idea that actually I can live with all my eating disorders, I can live with my obsessive compulsive behaviours, I can live with my anxieties, they’ve become my mates,’ he said honestly. 'I turned 40 three years ago & I've never felt so confident in my life.’

Gok also shared a recent experience of homophobia when he was at an airport which made him take to social media and hit back.

‘‘The majority of the abuse I get is about being gay. I was walking through the airport and I walked past a couple of guys and as I walked past and they called me a couple of names and just turned and looked at each other,’ Gok explained. ‘The reason it upset me was because they just looked at each other afterwards, they didn’t laugh, they didn’t do anything with it, it wasn’t aiding their conversation, it was nothing it was a throw away comment and I walked away and I wrote it out and I said, you did that you’re not allowed to say that, you are not allowed to say this in public.’

Watch both the videos for our full chat with Gok today - and see him perform magic!

Katie Piper on daughter Belle becoming a big sister: 'She says, "I'm excited but I don't want the baby to come home!"'


Katie joined us to talk about expecting her second baby this Christmas.

'I've got 8 weeks left. I'm feeling the tiredness now. I've got a toddler at home so you can't have the naps. But I'm happy to be pregnant and grateful,' Katie said.

And daughter Belle - nearly four - is getting used to the idea of being a big sister too.
'She's good. I don't think she's too jealous yet,' Katie revealed. 'She's calling it "our" baby which is nice. She knows it's coming at Christmas. She did say "I'm really excited but I don't want the baby to come home and live with us." We've got 'Big Sister' books for her to read.'

Katie is heading out on tour in the UK to talk about her life experiences, inspirational stories and advice. 'There might even be a bit of dancing,' she says. 'It's about saying there is no wrong or right way, we'll all just trying to live. No body's perfect. And if it wasn't for my flaws I wouldn't be going on this tour.'

Watch the video to see the full interview with Katie.

Katie Piper is expecting baby number two this Christmas