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Bake Off's Nadiya Hussain opens up about suffering from panic disorder: 'I just want to stay in bed, it's crippling'


Bake Off winner and Loose Women favourite Nadiya joined us to talking about her latest book - Nadiya's Bake Me a Festive Story - and talking about experiencing from a "crippling' panic disorder.

'I have days when I can't get up, and can't get out of bed,' she told Andrea, Nadia and Kaye. 'I just want to stay in bed, it's crippling.'

Nadiya, who has three children, explained she believes it started from as young as aged seven and talked about how difficult it can be to simply get out of bed.

'I'm scared. When you suffer with something like a panic disorder, there is no answer,' Nadiya said. 'It's scary when you think you don't want to listen to your kids' voices. I get through it with my husband.'

Nadiya went on to say when her disorder is at its worst, her husband Abdal will knock on the closed bedroom door and leave a cup of tea outside to motivate her to get of bed.

Watch the video to see the full chat with Nadiya.

Helplines for panic attacks and anxiety are available here.

Rebekah Vardy on being labelled a bully on I'm A Celebrity: 'It was the most horrific experience'


After joining the panel as a guest Loose Woman, Rebekah opened up about her I'm A Celebrity experience and being labelled a 'bully'.

'It was the most horrific experience having my dad and my oldest daughter next to me and being told what had been portrayed in the media and social media, it was heartbreaking,' she told Andrea, Nadia and Kaye.

Becky was with her dad and eldest daughter Megan when she was told about the backlash.

'I spoke to Megs, she saw my initial reaction in the car, and I said, "This is what mummy's been made out look like and you know that is not true",' Becky said. 'She said, "You're not what everyone is making you out to be." I think it was good for her to see that side of things and that everything that is portrayed is not always true.'

Becky explained she'd broken down in floods of tears after being told she had been accused of 'bullying', 'I struggled to deal with it and I still do now.'

But Becky also said there are no hard feelings between her and comedian Iain Lee.

'Iain and I had so many deep conversations and we’ve since spoken, there’s no hard feelings between us. He's put the record straight today by saying there was no bullying,' Becky said.

Watch the video to see the full I'm A Celeb chat with Becky.

Eden Blackman dishes out love advice to Gemma Collins: 'She's got to forget about Arg - they’re not in love!'


He's the relationship expert to the stars and Eden was on hand to give out some festive love advice on the show.

But Eden also revealed he's got his work cut out on Celebs Go Dating when it comes to helping TOWIE star Gemma Collins.

'What we need to do with Gemma is that we need to forget her previous relationships because she’s very much stuck in that,' he explained. 'Obviously we’ve got Arg who was on series three, so we need to make a break from them. Because they’re friends, they love each other but they’re not in love and it’s that constant referral back to Arg.'

'It’s an interesting one as the two series are butting each other,' Eden added. 'We’ve got the TOWIE Christmas special coming out in the next couple of weeks. We have to tell her that she’s got to forget about that. We’ve got to explain to her that this is six years that this is going on.'

'It’s self-reflective. If you start to think like that you sort of think "is it me?",' Eden said. 'Gemma’s great, she absolutely keeps us on our toes as you can imagine. But we’re really enjoying having her there, it’s a challenge. But all good work is a challenging.'

Watch the video to see the full chat - and find out which one of the Loose Women used to have a huge crush on Eden!

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe join the Loose Women to talk about their bromance and share a surprising diet tip


After a hilarious entrance onto the show, musical legends Michael and Alfie joined Andrea, Denise, Jane and Nadia to talk about their album Together Again, charity single Bring Me Sunshine and diets.

'We've know each other 11 years. We did a very bad musical and the only redeeming feature was becoming mate,' Michael said. 'We don't see each other socially - I have a life,' Alfie added with a laugh.

And Michael talked about losing weight saying, 'I got myself health. And I've really enjoyed it. The energy on stage is great. There was moment when we were doing some summer gigs and we have enormous screens either side of the stage and I looked up and thought, "I'm not happy with the way that looks." It creeps up on you and you look at the lifestyle. I went to see [nutritionist] Amelia Freer. It's common sense - not drinking. The best tip was five hours between every meal. I'll allow myself a nice red on Christmas day.'

Michael and Alfie also played a fun game called Ball or Boe? Watch the video to see the full chat and who win our special quiz!

Michael Ball and Alfie Boe had everyone in hysterics

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher talk all things Christmas and play a hilarious game of Wet Head!


There are few people who are bigger fans of Christmas than Tom and Giovanna so who better to get us in the festive spirit?

And after telling us all about Tom's latest project - Christmasaurus Live on Stage - the couple took part in a game of Wet Head.

Watch the video above to see their chat in full and the video below to see which one of them ended up getting VERY wet in the studio!

Murdered soldier Lee Rigby’s mum Lyn and sister Courtney on living with their grief and the Manchester bombing


Murdered soldier Lee Rigby’s mother and sister - Lyn and Courtney - joined Andrea, Janet, Linda and Kelli on the show to talk about living with their grief and the effect of the Manchester bombing on their family.

Lee’s mother Lyn said, 'We’ve learnt to live, how to get through the grief, it’s heart-breaking every single day. The grief doesn’t go away but you do learn to wake up with it, put your mask on and get through every day.'

After the Manchester bombing happened on the anniversary of Lee’s murder, the family were left in shock. Lyn said: 'It hit me hard. We’d been out celebrating Lee’s anniversary. We’d been out for a family meal and having a few drinks. Courtney came downstairs and told me about the bombing. It hit me so hard. We actually stayed up crying all night.'

She added: 'Seeing mums pleading for the safety of their daughters it put me right back to when Lee was killed, not knowing if it was Lee or not. I saw a lady that was pleading for her daughter and it was hours after the bombing and she didn’t know if she was alive. I found out she was a local lady, so we went up to meet Charlotte and Paul [Olivia Campbell’s parents]. Just to give her a hug and say, "I know what you’re going through".'