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'There will be a royal knees-up!' Princess Diana's press secretary Dickie Arbiter on Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding


We had our own royal wedding party with former press secretary to Princess Diana and The Queen Dickie Arbiter to find out what the royal family will be getting up to on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day.

'As far as the wedding is concerned Harry and Meghan call the shots,' Dickie said.

On what would happen in the evening after the ceremony, Dickie said the would be a celebrations like any other wedding.

'There will be a bit of drinking, the Prince’s dad [Prince Charles] is holding a dinner for 200 people and after that there will be a bit of a knees up,' Dickie explained. 'The wrinklies will go off to bed and the youngsters will get on with it.'

And Dickie also revealed what he thought the late Princess Diana would think of Meghan.

'She would have been delighted that Harry has settled and found someone to start a family,' he said. 'Hopefully this will stay without a hitch, unlike his own childhood.'

Watch the video to see the full chat with Dickie!

Invited to the royal wedding? Keep calm and follow these 10 rules!

QUIZ: Do you have what it takes to marry into the royal family?

Invited to the royal wedding? Keep calm and follow these 10 rules!

Our doggy royal wedding with Prince 'Hairy' and Meghan 'Barkle'!

Our doggy royal wedding


We were joined by Buddy and Lady from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home for a special canine royal wedding. Meghan 'Barkle' and'Prince Hairy' tied the knot in the ceremony conducted by our Kaye Adams!

Buddy and Lady have been friends for a long time and are looking for a forever home together.

For more information head to www.battersea.org.uk.

Invited to the royal wedding? Keep calm and follow these 10 rules!

QUIZ: Do you have what it takes to marry into the royal family?

Invited to the royal wedding? Keep calm and follow these 10 rules!

Kaye Adams conducts the doggy royal wedding!

Royal biographer Angela Levin reveals her exclusive interviews with Prince Harry ahead of the royal wedding!


Journalist Angela Levin joined us recently to discuss what she had learned about Prince Harry when she was given exclusive access to him over the course of a year.

Having conducted many interviews with the prince, Angela gave her thoughts on his marriage to actress Meghan Markle and what Prince Harry is really like!

On Prince Harry falling in love with Meghan...
'I think he is over the moon, I think he adores her. I think he is really happy that someone said yes and someone loves him for himself because she didn’t know very much about the royal family, so she told him anyway. And actually another thing I think he really loves about it, is she is a strong, dynamic women with a lot of views on women’s rights and so on but she is also motherly.
If you have watched the engagement interviews carefully as I have, with my eyes against the screen, you know, she stroked his arm.
'I think any child, who at 12 has lost their mother under such circumstances, particularly royals, who are not like us in the way that the family works and not in each other’s pockets, there’s also minder and meters. But the actual family are all off doing their own work.'

On Meghan being like Harry's mother Princess Diana...
'I disagree that she is like Diana or should be like Diana. I think the best way to stay married to him is to be herself and not try to emulate Diana.'

Watch the video to see what Angela had to say about meeting Prince Harry.

Invited to the royal wedding? Keep calm and follow these 10 rules!

QUIZ: Do you have what it takes to marry into the royal family?

Invited to the royal wedding? Keep calm and follow these 10 rules!

Barbara Windsor thanks friend Jane Moore and fans after Alzheimer's news: 'No fear - I still intend to carry on!'


Barbara Windsor send a moving message of thanks to Jane Moore and all fans after husband Scott Mitchell spoke publicly about her Alzheimer's diagnosis.

In a moving message which saw Jane and Denise wiping away tears, Barbara said:

'Jane and all the Loose Women. It's Barbara Windsor here. I just want to wish you a very happy birthday darling Jane.
Thank you, thank you so much for being a loyal and good friend. And helping Scott share my recent news. And I'd also like to thank everyone for their lovely messages of support I've been receiving. It means a lot to me, it truly does.
Have a great day and have no fear - I still intend to carry on. And God bless everyone'.

Thank you Barbara.

Exclusive: Christine Lampard reveals baby news with husband Frank! 'I'm 21 weeks pregnant - it's incredible!"

Christine is pregnant


We were thrilled when our Christine announced she's having a baby with husband Frank Lampard!

'I found out quite a while ago. I'm 21 weeks pregnant,' Christine told us. '... That classic kind of anxious kind of nervous superstitious way, it was like let’s get the big scan done and then you can open up and start to tell people. I’ve just been really nervous because you’re always thinking the worst.'

Of whether they were trying for a baby, Christine said: 'I wasn’t at all in fact. I think sometimes that can consume you too much. It was very much a case of let’s see what happens. I’m clearly not 18 any more so we weren’t sure it was going to happen.

'We’ve just had the loveliest time between the two of us, going "Oh my gosh I think it’s going to happen, it’s happening"!'

'Frank was in Manchester working when I did the test. I didn't want to tell him because he was working all day. I wanted to see him so I wait. I did about seven or eight pregnant tests.'

Christine, 39, is already step-mum to husband Frank's daughters Luna, 12, and Isla, 10, from his relationship with Elen Rivas. And they are hoping for a baby sister!

'It's incredible. Excited doesn't do it justice. I told them the baby can hear them and they're chatting to my belly the whole time. They are so excited and want a girl,' Christine said.

'When I had my scan, I lay there thinking that’s amazing, look at that little leg, that’s happening inside here. That’s just incredible!'

Huge congratulations to you all.

Christine Lampard's baby announcement

Christine Lampard with her step-daughters Luna and Isla