The Only Way Is Loose!

It's Wednesday, so let's have a Wright good time!

Mark Wright is on today's show, telling us how he's coping whilst wife Michelle Keegan is off shooting in South Africa, how family life has been since the death of Nanny Pat and giving us the backstage chat from Take Me Out!

Your panel today - Coleen and the Js - Jane, Jamelia and Janet!

We'll see you at 12:30pm, and for more from Loose Women, follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages!

Katie and Kerry - back together!

It's a new week on Loose Woman, and we're starting off with Kerry and Katie putting the band back together!

Miss Price and Miss Katona and been close for a very long time, as this picture shows! There's been a few bumps in the road, as with any friendship, but they remain firm friends - they'll be talking about how they've been their for each other over the years on today's show.

Also, fresh from the hi-octane Celebrity Big Brother house, we have Darren Day, spilling the beans on Tiffany trying it on, Stephanie shouting it out, and living with Gemma and her hair!

See you at 12:30pm!

Panellists and guests w/c 8th February

A new week means a new set of guests!

Monday has Andrea, Linda, Katie and Kaye with former Loose Woman Kerry Katona putting the gang back together with KP and Darren Day with all the CBB goss - how did he put up with it so long?!

Tuesday, Big Brother bad girl Stephanie Davies is in alongside Ruth, Coleen, Saira and Janet.

Wednesday sees Coleen, June, Linda and Janet joined at the table by Mark Wright.

Thursday we have Ruth, Linda, Gloria and Jane on the panel, and they have Linda Lusardi alongside them.

And Andrea, Nadia, Vicky and Jane round out the week with Strictly's Brendan Cole and 10,000BC's Dan Evans.

Should be fun - hope we'll be seeing you!

Nadiya's wedding proposal

In yesterday's show, the panel talked about their marriage proposals (or lack thereof!) and Nadiya had a story of how she met her husband.

Unusually, Nadiya only met her husband on the day they were engaged and met him for the second time on their wedding day.

Here's a little piece of what she told us, and if you want to see the whole episode, you can catch up on the ITV Hub