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Vicky Pattison on her wedding and baby plans: 'I’ve never really seen children in my future'


It's always fun to catch up with Vicky and Coleen, Katie, Janet and Nadia celebrated her recent engagement to John Noble on the show.

'I know because he’s the first man that’s made me feel happy and safe,' Vicky revealed. 'I don't want to hang around or wait. I've waited 30 years to find him.'

But the former Geordie Shore star explained babies are not on the agenda - and may never be.

'Kids for me are still a big question mark. I’ve always been vocal about how I’ve never really seen them in my future and John’s the same,' Vicky told us.

'He’s never really seen kids as part of his life either but I think as our relationship has progressed, I’ve softened to a lot of stuff. This time last year, I would have never have thought I’d meet the man of my dreams and now I’m moving in.'

'No disrespect to anyone out there who enjoys being a housewife or enjoys being a mother but for me, I’ll always be a carer girl and John is really supportive if that and that’s why we work.'

'He’s not going to have us chained to the sink popping out kids anytime soon,' Vicky joked.

Watch the video to see what Vicky said about her wedding plans!

Lynda Bellingham's son Michael Peluso on the fall out with his stepfather: 'I'm livid and upset. Mum, I miss you'


Lynda Bellingham's son Michael joined Nadia and Janet to talk about the fall out with his stepfather Michael Pattemore over his mother's will.

'I’m livid. I’m upset. To the point I’m here talking to you today. I couldn’t watch that [Michael Pattemore's recent TV interview] and come out and not say something,' Michael said.

'People who knew my mum are horrified by the lies and vile behaviour of this man quite frankly. I waited a month after the funeral to see if this man would approach a woman’s children. He never approached us once.'

'It’s not just about money. His behaviour from day one was making money on the back of her death. All he cared about was living off the back of our mother’s death.

'What I would say to my mum is: I love you. I miss you everyday. I’m really sorry we’ve had to come out and speak publicly. We had to come out and defend you. We’re really sorry we didn’t tell you enough that we love you. We all feel we let her down and let ourselves down.'

Watch the videos to see the full emotional interview with Michael and his stepfather's response...

Celebrity dating coach Eden Blackman gives the Loose Women his top dating advice!


While Anne Diamond is resolutely single 'unless they are very, very rich', Celebs Go Dating's Eden joined us to dish out some dating advice to viewers and give us a few insights into where we're going wrong in our quest for love!

'It's about picking the right app if you're dating online to suit your purposes,' Eden said.
'The main problem that I get about online dating is about pictures. Keep it concise. And filters - don't alter yourself.'

Watch the video to see Eden's top tips to finding love...

Ex-Emmerdale actress Deena Payne on Viv Hope's death


She was one of the most dramatic residents of the Dales and we were joined by Deena about life after the ITV soap.

Deena played Viv Hope who was instantly killed during an explosion at the Post Office in 2011.

'I had a little bit too much wine and all of a sudden I was burnt to death but there we are,' Deena said of her demise. 'When you've worked in a soap and ridden the waves for 18 years it's quite nice to be remembered for your exit, which I will be because I didn't shout for help. A nice build up to something like Ashley Thomas had. And something topical that you can get your teeth into.'

Watch the video to see what Deena's been up to since leaving Emmerdale...

Footballers' Wives stars Gary Lucy and Susie Amy recreate the iconic wedding scene as Kyle and Chardonnay!


While Gary Lucy joined us to talk about his return to Hollyoaks, we invited actress Susie Amy along for a Footballers' Wives reunion too!

The show ran from 2002 until 2006, with Gary and Susie’s characters Kyle and Chardonnay falling in love and having the most extravagant WAG wedding ever. Sadly, Chardonnay died from anorexia after two series.

Now, 15 years later, Gary and Amy were reunited on the show AND recreated their magical wedding scene.

‘When we did the show we didn’t know what we were doing,' Gary admitted. 'We just didn’t get it. Then it went down a storm. It was an amazing a time and this one [Susie] made it amazing.’

Susie admitted: ‘It was so fun, it was one of my favourite jobs. I was 20 and he was 19 when we were cast.

‘I remember when I auditioned I asked who was playing Kyle and they said it was him I thought, “I really want to get this one because he’s absolutely gorgeous!”'

Watch the videos to see the interview with Gary and Susie AND the incredible Footballers' Wives wedding scene recreated!

Exclusive: Christine McGuinness on having twins with autism: 'I’m blessed to have them but it’s challenging'


Christine, who has three children with husband Paddy McGuinness, joined us to talk for the first time about their four-year-old twins - Leo and Penelope - who are autistic.

'Initially when they were diagnosed it was shock, instant shock,' Christine revealed. 'We had absolutely no idea they had autism even though the signs were there. They were non-verbal until they were three, they both walked on their tip toes, they didn’t socialise very well, they still do struggle with socialising with other children, that’s probably one of the most heartbreaking parts of it because that’s just something you expect your children to do, go and make lots of friends. It is quite common for children and adults with autism to struggle with socialising.'

'They were our first children – initially when the paediatrician said I’m quite certain your children have autism I felt quite angry that she’d seen something I hadn’t seen in my children and I thought how can she see that? I’ve raised these, I’ve been with them every single day and surely I would know if there was something not quite right with them, but it was just a lack of knowledge on my part,' Christine, who also has 10-month-old Felicity, added.

'Paddy was there, he was completely stunned too. When we went away and researched it everything did fall into place. We had seen it, we just didn’t know it was autism. I still only see it as part of their personality.'