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Katie Piper on her Strictly Come Dancing experience: 'I thought "How can I be so anxious and scared?"'


Everyone fell in love with Katie during her time on Strictly Come Dancing and she joined us to talk about learning to dance and why she keeps a journal.

After leaving Strictly in week three, Katie told us, 'Do you know what, I was really annoyed with myself for week one for being so nervous. I’d just come off a theatre tour on my own, I thought, how can I be so anxious and scared? But you know, it’s like nothing else. It’s really intimidating.'

As she releases her book Confidence: The Journal by Katie Piper, she said: 'I read an interview with Ruth Langsford and she said the same and I thought good, she does loads of live telly alone all the time and even she was nervous. And being that close to a guy you’ve just met, you feel embarrassed.'

'I had a good relationship with [pro] Gorka and after week two I did get over those nerves. Even though I went on Saturday I can look back and say I had a really good laugh, and I know it’s so cliché, but a bit of a personal journey.'

After leaving third on the show, Katie said, 'You think, ‘Oh god I’m rubbish and everyone knows’, but you feel a sense of relief in that you know it’s right – Charles [Venn] was a better dancer than me.

'Say I’d been saved another week. I didn’t have much more than another week to give. I don’t have any musicality as the judges kept telling me, if I’d gone away and trained for another week I don’t think I would have got better, I would have stayed the same.”

Watch the video to see the full chat with Katie.

Emotional Michelle Heaton shares her personal experience on World Menopause Day: 'I’m anxious all the time'


She's been open about going through early menopause and Michelle joined us on World Menopause Day to talk about what was once a taboo subject.

Michelle said: 'Nobody’s talking about it. There’s no education on something that affects every single woman in this room and every single man as well.'

In 2012 Michelle discovered she carries the BRCA2 gene mutation and was told she had an 85 per cent risk of developing breast ­cancer and a 40 per cent risk of getting ovarian cancer. She decided to have an elective double mastectomy and reconstruction in November 2012 and hysterectomy in 2014 — which put her into surgical menopause.

On what she wished she knew before going through early menopause...
'The list is kind of endless. Not every woman is going to get menopausal side effects, everyone’s different. One menopausal journey is not the same as the next. For me it’s been irritability, sleeplessness, irregular hormone levels. There’s loads of different options, but I don’t feel we know what options [are] right for us because people aren’t telling people what’s wrong with them to be able to get the right advice.'

On her symptoms...
'There’s a systemic shift in the way that I behave. It’s not necessarily uncontrollable, it’s just not me. It really upsets me when I find myself in situations I used to be able to control and I’m becoming somebody that I never used to be. I used to be so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still good fun, but I used to be so much more fun. And I didn’t really care what people thought about things, not that I would do things erratically, but I didn’t really care about that many consequences because life was too short. I overthink too much now and I’m anxious all the time.'

On the menopause and mental health...
'I’d say so, 100% [it’s affected my mental health]. I think these days people do label mental health issues too frequently without really knowing the ins and outs, so it’s a very close line to saying mental health issues… it mentally affects you 100%.'

Watch the video to see the full chat with Michelle and surprise message from her husband Hugh Hanley which made her cry.

We have menopause information and helplines available here.

Craig Revel Horwood on Strictly's Seann Walsh kissing scandal: 'Katya Jones should have not allowed it to happen'


It's the Strictly scandal of 2018 and judge Craig Revel Horwood didn't hold back when asked what he thought of professional dancer Katya Jones and comedian Seann Walsh being caught kissing in the street. Katya is married to fellow pro Neil Jones while Seann was publicly dumped by actress Rebecca Humphries.

'I thought they were brave to come back on the show and do their "dance of shame" as I put it,' Craig said. 'If you’d snogged someone at the Christmas party, your boss, if you want your job you still have to turn up on Monday even if there were imprints on the photocopier.

'You’ve got face the music and dance. Let’s not forget they are being paid to do a job, both of them.'

Craig added that he believe Katya 'shouldn’t have' let the kiss take place.

'I would put the ball in Katya’s court, she should have not allowed it to happen,' he said. 'It’s a teacher snogging a student isn’t it?'

Watch the video to see the chat with Craig in full!

Bros cause hysteria as Matt and Luke Goss kiss lucky Linda Robson three times!


There were screams, standing ovations and some kisses for our Linda Robson too. Yes, Matt and Luke Goss joined us for a chat up about all things Bros, why they bicker as only brothers can and life after the band.

Watch the video to see the full interview with Matt and Luke - and lucky Linda get not one but THREE kisses!

Matt Goss smooched our Linda - twice!