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Caitlyn Jenner joins Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Carol McGiffin as a Loose Woman!


Caitlyn Jenner joined Loose Women as a guest panellist discussing everything from transitioning, her family and inspiring others.

Asked how does it feel to be a Loose woman, Caitlyn said: “It was a long journey for me! I never knew I would actually ever make it, but I did. I had to raise all my children, I had so many things to do in life and then finally I got to the point, I was still dealing with the things I was dealing with when I was that big [mimes height of a child] and I’m thinking, ‘What the heck am I going to do with my life?’ So here we are today and life’s good, baby. Life is good.”

Of learning about the transgender community, she said: “You say things that you think is just fine and then all of a sudden the uproar, ‘Oh my gosh Caitlyn, how can you say that?’ First of all there’s nothing but love in my heart for the community from what I’m trying to do. I don’t do anything with malice in my heart. I’m just trying to make it better for everybody. That’s kind of tough when you know you’ve got your heart in the right place and people don’t know you and they think ‘Oh my god you said…’. I said something one time […] I didn’t want to look like a man in a dress, you want to be able to do a good enough job that at least you’re kind of passable, but oh my god it just blew up: ‘What about all the ones out there that want to look like a man in a dress?’"

Caitlyn explained: “I’m constantly on egg shells. I’ve learned a lot, but constantly. They have this thing called the internet… it’s kind of frightening because everything you do is scrutinised by a lot of people and it gives even the smallest majority in any community a big voice and the media is looking for that. They’re looking for controversy. If one trans person says something it becomes this amazing big story.”

Watch the video to see Caitlyn joining the show.

Exclusive: Sally Morgan predicts the Strictly winners and losers. 'Joe Sugg is going to shine!'


On Strictly...

'The first thing, I'm sorry, Susannah Constantine... I think she's going to have quite a nasty injury. Her right knee on the outside. I think she might already have a problem there and it will be exacerbated by training.
Joe Sugg. I think he's really going to shine and people will be very surprised.
Danny John Jules from Red Dwarf. He's very vibrant and what he lacks in steps, he'll make up, as far as the panel are concerned, with personality.'

Sally Morgan reckons Joe Sugg will shine on Strictly!

On politics...

Will Boris Johnson be Prime Minister?
'I don't think he will be. I really feel he's being conjonled to go down a path he doesn't want to go down.'

Theresa May and Brexit
'She's a very determined lady. She's really coming out of herself and digging her heals in. She's not going anywhere. She's the one who, whether we like it or not everyone, who will take us through to Brexit. We will see a deal done because of her.'

Watch the video to see the full chat with Sally!

Boris Johnson won't be Prime Minister Sally reckons

Caitlyn Jenner joins Loose Women!

Caitlyn Jenner joins Loose Women!

Credit: Courtesy of E! Entertainment Television


Global TV superstar and LGBTQ icon Caitlyn Jenner is joining Loose Women as a guest panellist on Thursday 20th September 2018.

Caitlyn appeared as a guest in May 2017. At the time she spoken candidly about transitioning to a woman and keeping secrets from her famous family. As that interview drew to a close Caitlyn gushed: 'Finally, I’m out, I’m a Loose Woman!'

And now Caitlyn will officially become a Loose Women guest panellist. As well as updating viewers about her own life, Caitlyn will join in the show’s daily debates and give her opinions on the topical news of the day. Her partner Sophia Hutchins will be joining her.

Caitlyn said: 'I am so excited to be back on Loose Women and to be back in the UK! Sophia and I can't wait to update everyone about the amazing work we are doing at the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation.'

Loose Women Editor Sally Shelford said: 'Caitlyn Jenner is an inspiration to so many around the world and we can’t wait to welcome her back on the show - and this time as a guest panellist. We’re so excited to hear what’s been going on in her life and get her take on the hottest topics of the day.'

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Duncan James laughs off rumours about Strictly dance partners Lee Ryan and Nadiya Bychkova


Former noughties Blue band member and Hollyoaks star, Duncan James has swapped soaps for the stage and has recently joined the West End cast in Chicago.

Entering the studio with all the swagger possible, Duncan brought the 'Razzle Dazzle' to the Loose Women studio. Our lovely ladies even celebrated with a collective show of jazz hands.

Duncan gushed to the panel about joining the hit West End show: “I just love it, I love the songs, I love the script.”