Julian Ovenden joins the Loose Women today!

Star of Downton Abbey and the Sound Of Music Live Julian Ovenden is with us today.

While we know Julian as an esteemed actor, (he, of course played Charles Blake, Lady Mary's love interest in Downton) some may not realise he has a brilliant singing voice too. Julian joins us to talk about the release of his new album ‘Be My Love’.

We'll have all the usual gossip and laughs, plus more on our Lighten The Load campaign - remember you can join in the campaign by taking our pledge, which is here.

Your panel - Coleen, Janet, Ayda and Nanny Linda! See you at 12:30pm.

Sex And The City's Willie Garson joined us

Willie Garson, Stanford from Sex And The City, was our second guest today.

He regaled us with tales of the SATC set, his mind persuasion of Sarah Jessica Parker to take the role, his adopted son...and he even brought us cosmopolitans!

"I know that Sarah [Jessica Parker] and Michael had at one point had an idea for a story, but we honestly don't know. Anytime we tease anyone with the possibility we're just being cheeky!"

To catch the whole interview - including might there be a third SATC film (!) - pop over to the ITV Hub - on catchup, online and on demand.

Brenda Edwards opens up about breast cancer

On today's show, we welcomed the inspirational Brenda Edwards.

Brenda told us about her breast cancer diagnosis, and how she is continuing to play the role of Motormouth in Hairspray whilst undergoing treatment.

She also told us about how she had accidentally found the lump when a friend of her's was also diagnosed with the disease.

The whole of the interview is available at the ITV Hub.

Loose In The City!

Today on Loose Women!

We are joined by Sex And The City star Willie Garson, who played Stanford in 'Sex In The City'. He'll be talking about his adopted son, people constantly thinking he is Stanford (and he's not even gay, not that it matters....!), and whether or not there will be a third Sex And The City film!

Also, X Factor and Hairspray star Brenda Edwards is in - she'll be talking about her role as Motormouth in the touring musical, and also her ongoing struggle with breast cancer - this is an amazing story from a strong woman that you won't want to miss.

Your panel - Ruth, Coleen, Gloria and Katie.

We will be with you at 12:30pm!

Andrea talks about her postnatal depression

Today we launched our ‪#‎LWLightenTheLoad‬ campaign, where we aim to get the country talking about mental health; to help where help is needed, talk when talk is needed and to listen when we need to listen.

Andrea opened up today about her struggle with postnatal depression following the birth of Amy.

“It’s something I suffered from and hid. Now what’s really interesting is we’re all really talkative women and I’ve been working on this show for nine years now and I had it while I was on this show.

“A lot of people obviously see me and I’ve been in hair and makeup and I’m all professional and I do my job smiling, interacting, being interested and engaged but what I was doing was literally sobbing all the way home.”

If you want more information on the campaign, simply click here.

The whole of today's episode is on the ITV Hub