John Barrowman for a little bit of Funtime Friday!

The very cheeky, yet always charming John Barrowman is with us today!

John joins us today to chat about the release of his new book Conjuror which he co-wrote with his sister Carole Barrowman.

Saira is back with us today, but as a guest, not a panellist. She'll be joined by her husband Steve, as they'll be talking about her saying on Wednesday's show that because she doesn't really feel like having sex, she told him that he could go off and have an affair with anyone who he chose. Saira will be explaining EXACTLY what she meant, and how their lives are.

We'll be chatting about which elements of your beauty routine you'd like to see men go through, as well as plunging necklines - are party boobs a thing of the past?

Today's panel - Andrea, Nadia, Sherrie and Kaye.

See you at 12:30pm.

Union J's first TV interview since George left the group.

Union J appeared on today’s show!

It was their first TV interview since George Shelley left the band, to be replace with former Stereo Kicks member Casey Johnson.

"It's all new, it's all fresh. Me and Josh always used to speak before when I was in Stereo Kicks and he dropped me a message a couple of months back, asking if I would be interested in coming to meet them and their management.

"I went and here I am today, really. It's happened really fast," Casey said admitted.

"We all had different suggestions and Casey was the one I brought to the table," Josh added. "The boys went, 'Why didn't we think of him?' And it went from there. Casey stood for us."

Jaymi also talked about his issue with depression in the past, and the band talked about what they think that the future hold for them.

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Jamelia opens up about depression

Jamelia opened up about her struggles with depression on today’s show.

As tears welled in her eyes, she said "I'm sorry... In the end, I went to see my doctor who offered me antidepressants - and for me that was a huge turning point. No offence to anyone who does take them, but I didn't want to be medicated. I had therapy instead.

"That helped me to become aware of what my triggers are. Now I know when I'm in that zone. It can happen very quickly. But now I'm aware of it, I can manage it. I cannot afford to get into that hole again."

We were talking about the illness as part of our Lighten the Load campaign, which aims to get people talking and acting about mental health. For more details, visit the Loose Women website.

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Saira Khan

Saira Khan burst onto our screens as a contestant on 'The Apprentice', as has become one of the country's go-to broadcasters on matters of business, money, and women's issues. As well as appearing on Loose Women, she contributes to BBC Radio 4's 'Women's Hour', and has also appeared on 'The Martin Lewis Money Show', and presented programmes for children.

I’m best known for: The Apprentice, for the loud star of the Apprentice!

The proudest moment of my career is: being on Loose Women!

The first thing I do in the morning is: go for a wee!

My favourite lunch is: avocado on rye bread with black pepper sprinkled on top.

The most famous person in my phonebook is: Lord Sugar!

The actor who would play me in a film about my life is: Halle Berry

My favourite memory from working on Loose Women is: talking about how I don’t have sex enough on the telly!

If I wasn’t presenting Loose Women, I’d be: running the country!

You’d be surprised to learn that: I can make my own skin care products!

The one thing I couldn’t live without is: my tweezers

Union J appear today!

Boy band Union J visit the show today.

They've been in the news since I'm A Celebrity runner-up, George Shelley, left the band. The boys will be explaining their side of the story, as well as showing off new band member Casey.

We'll be chatting about money morals, the heels debate that is still raging, and all the usual fun and games!

Your panel today - Ruth, Jamelia, Sherrie, Jane. See you at 12:30pm!

Saira opens up about her sex life

We were talking about not wanting sex with your partner, even though you still love and fancy them.

Saira opened up about the issues that she has with this.

"It's sometimes like I'm looking for an excuse," she confessed. "The other day, I was going out all smartened up, for a business meeting, and my husband told me I looked nice, and I was instantly like 'no, no, well, I'm going to work now, and I'm going to be really tired', already sending out the signals that I don't want it to happen when I get in".

To see the whole emotive interview, visit the ITV Hub.