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Gloria Hunniford has been made an OBE by the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Congratulations Gloria Hunniford OBE


Congratulations to our Gloria Hunniford who has been made an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) by the Queen during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London today. It was awarded for her services to charity.

Earlier on this year, Gloria told us, 'I'm so proud. You never expect it for yourself really. 'But when the brown envelop came through the door I read it and screamed for [ my husband] Steven who was in the garden. I didn't tell a soul until about 10 days ago when I was with my two sons.'

'I'm very excited for the whole family and everyone is so pleased. You feel humbled by it because you think of all the people who have helped you get this far and I feel it's for all of them as well.'

Gloria, along with her sons Paul and Michael, set up the Caron Keating Foundation after losing her daughter Caron to breast cancer in 2004.

Congratulations Gloria!

Gloria has been awarded an OBE for her charity work after setting up the Caron Keating Foundation after her daughter died in 2004

Brave Dame Kelly Holmes talks about depression and self-harming: 'I self-harmed every day. I was in this black hole'


Dame Kelly Holmes joined the panel to discuss experiencing years of depression and self-harm during her athletics career with Katie, Andrea, Nadia and Jane in a powerful interview.

The double Olympic champion discussed how she didn’t open up to anyone due to the competitive environment when competing against the world’s best.

‘It would have been a “weakness” [to admit to suffering from depression] and it felt like your opposition have one over on you,’ Kelly explained. 'It hit me like a brick when I got into my state, I didn't want to tell anyone. I was in this black hole, it was a cloud of fog. Depression never goes but you just learn how to handle it.'

Kelly described how she began self-harming when she developed career-threatening injuries in 1997 and learnt how to hide it from people.

'People will take it out on alcohol, drugs, sex and unfortunately suicide,' she said. 'For me, self-harming was almost a relief. I did it every day. I could not see clearly and when I cut myself the first time it didn't feel painful. I used to hide it with make up and you do it in places you can't see.’

Kelly said she first opened up about her mental health in 2005 when it wasn’t spoken about but she says now ‘high profile people such as Prince Harry need to stop the stigmatism. All of us go through problems in life, you’ve got to have people listening.’

Watch the full video to see Dame Kelly discuss her experience of depression frankly.

We have depression helplines available here.

Paula Williamson on her jail wedding to Charles Bronson: 'We've only we kissed and held hands through prison bars!'


She appeared on the show back in February 2017 to talk about her relationship with Charles Bronson - who is currently serving a life sentence, having been in prison since 1988.

And Paula, returned to talk to Katie, Nadia, Jane and Andrea to discuss her upcoming nuptials, which she exclusively revealed will be taking place in HMP Wakefield on the 14th November, where he is currently behind bars. She also revealed that her family will not be attending the ceremony but a handful of friends will be there to witness the vows. And Charles will not be allowed to attend the wedding reception which will be held in a nearby hotel.

‘Why would I be with a man who has been in jail for so long? I’m in love with the man,' Paula said of her decision to marry him. 'I’m not in love with the fact he’s a prisoner. Behind every prisoner is a person. He’s done some things he’s not proud of but he can only blame himself, he blames no-one else.’

'We're allowed to touch so we kiss and hold hands through the bars,' Paula said of her visits but revealed they haven't been allowed any intimate time together.

Incredible mum Vikie Shanks and daughter Kacie on their family tragedy featured in Netflix documentary Kingdom of Us


In an incredibly moving interview, Christine, Linda, Janet and Saira were joined by Vikie a mum-of-seven from Kenilworth, Warkwickshire and her daughter Kacie.

Vikie's husband Paul took his own life in 2007 after experiencing years of depression leaving behind Vikie and their seven kids - six of whom are autistic.

The family have been filmed for three years for a new documentary, Kingdom of Us, on Netflix which follows their struggle in the wake of Paul’s death.

Speaking of why they decided to make the documentary, Vikie said, 'Making the film was very cathartic. It was a way of owning our story and doing something with it that would potentially help other people. Even if people just start talking about these things, that would be a triumph. And if it helps them, even better.'

Kingdom of Us is available to watch on Netflix from October 13.

Watch the video to see the inspirational interview with Vikie and Kacie about their decision to speak out about mental health and make the documentary.

We have helplines for depression here.

Lord Sugar teases 2005 runner-up Saira Khan 'You were terrible' as he discusses this year's contenders on The Apprentice


He famously fired our very own Saira who was runner-up in the first series of The Apprentice back in 2005. And talking about the show, Lord Sugar a teased her about completely some of the tasks saying, ‘You were terrible!'

Lord Sugar also discussed his recent weight gain after Janet Street-Porter sent him a message on GMB challenging him to join our men's Body Stories campaign. Something he turned down but said Piers Morgan would probably want to be involved with as 'he'd do anything for a bit of publicity'.

Watch the video to find out what Lord Sugar had to say about this series of The Apprentice.