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Coleen and Vicky get emotional as they speak of their insecurities

I try so hard to put on this persona, this brave face, that you're strong and hard... and that all these things that people say about you don't affect you, but they totally do.

– Vicky on fighting her inner demons

On today's show, Coleen and Vicky revealed their crippling insecurities and their daily struggles to silence their 'inner critics' - the voices in their heads that say they're not good enough.

Watch the emotional clip above.

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Exclusive: The new Mrs and Mrs Spraggan

It got to a point where I thought I can't do this anymore, this is it. Then I met G and I was so so happy.

– Lucy on her battles with depression

Singer and former The X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan and her new wife Georgina join us for their first interview since their wedding last month.

Lucy also tells us about her new single Dear You - a track which focuses on the struggles around mental health problems. Lucy said she suffered with depression after being hit with horrific online abuse.

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Former Emmerdale star Charlie Hardwick's tribute to the fallen

My mum's father, at aged 16, was in the Battle of the Somme, but I never met him.

– Charlie on the emotional connection to her latest project

Best known for playing fiesty Val Pollard in Emmerdale, Charlie Hardwick joins us today to talk about her new project.

Charlie is involved in ‘The Durham Hymns’, a special World War One commemorative project marking the passing of 100 years since the beginning of the ‘Battle of the Somme’, one of WW1’s bloodiest battles.

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Chanelle Hayes: 'My mum was murdered and no-one told me'

My mum went down the wrong path and got into drugs. She got into prostitution to pay for the drugs.

– Chanelle Hayes on what happened to her biological mum

She may be well known for her stint on Big Brother and struggles with her body image, but behind closed doors Chanelle Hayes has fought a deeply private and difficult battle - she attempted suicide at the age of 15, shortly before learning that her birth mother was a prostitute who was murdered by a client.

Today, she joins us to share the shocking story.

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Nikki Sanderson slams 'home wrecker' claims

At a time when he was going through something really bad, he had to deal with people… calling him an adulterer.

– Nikki talks about the abuse her and her boyfriend have received over their relationship

Best known for playing Candice in Coronation Street, Nikki Sanderson has played the character of Maxine in Hollyoaks since 2012.

Today she joins us for a television exclusive to set the record straight on how she really got together with boyfriend Greg, after being branded a 'homewrecker' in the papers last year.

She also reveals the difficult time she's had over the last year from online trolls.

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Doing it Rylan style!

If this all ends tomorrow - genuinely the second I come off the air - then I have had the best time.

– Rylan on his quest to take over the world!

In his quest to conquer every TV programme on the box, the fabulous Rylan graced the Loose Women panel today.

The presenter of This Morning, BBBOTS and The Xtra Factor told us about his new autobiography which has gone straight into the Sunday Times Bestsellers list, his future career ambitions, and hopes for having children with husband Dan.

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