Shane Filan: "My kids missed Louis on X Factor"

I missed him, from a comedy point of view I thought he was very funny

– Shane Filan on friend and manager of 20 years, Louis Walsh being on The X Factor

Shane has worked with manager Louis Walsh for the last 20 years, after joining Westlife at just 16 years old.

He's now flying solo and has been duetting with former Girls Aloud singer, Nadine Coyle as well as getting back to what he knows and loves; ballads. "This album is definitely more ballad based because it's where my voice is most comfortable and I love to sing ballads... I love singing a love song."

Speaking about life on the road as a solo artist, Shane said, "I'm getting more used to it. I love what I'm doing now and I loved it when I was in the band."

Shane announced that he will be touring next year, saying, "I will be next year. No dates yet but I will be."

Shane's new single, Me and the Moon and album Right Here are both out now.

WATCH: Louis Walsh is heading back to The X Factor

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Louis' heading back to the X Factor!

I had 11 amazing years, the door is still open but he has four judges - does he need five?

– Louis was being very tight-lipped about his return to X Factor

We caught up with Louis Walsh and asked him about those X Factor rumours.

Louis spoke with Simon last night and said that the 'door is always open' but he won't be returning to our screens this weekend.

Louis and Simon have a strong relationship, having worked together for over 15 years. He said, "We talk all the time... I'd love to work on it. I love doing X Factor, I love working with Simon - he's a loose cannon but he makes great TV and he's going to have the best TV show this year."

Louis' answer to whether he will return to the X Factor for the live shows was, "There's a possibility... it's up to Simon!" Watch this space... we may be seeing 'Uncle Louis' on our screens sooner rather than later.

WATCH: Shane Filan: My kids miss Louis on X Factor

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Tom Kerridge invites you to his table

I try very much to make sure that it's food that's accessible to everybody

– Tom Kerridge

Described as ‘the most down-to-earth yet high-flying chef on the food scene’, Tom Kerridge has charmed viewers, critics and foodies alike with his warm personality and delicious, hearty food.

He is the owner of the only UK pub to be awarded two Michelin stars and can be regularly found cooking up a storm on BBC’s Food and Drink or as a veteran judge on the Great British Menu.

Loose Books review: I Let You Go

Today we discussed the fifth Loose Book in our Loose Women book club, Jane’s choice, I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh.

I Let You Go is part crime novel and part psychological thriller with the story being told from multiple perspectives. It has been compared to one of our earlier Loose Books Girl on a Train.

We also asked for the opinions from the ladies at the book club in Barnstable in Devon and asked our audience what their thoughts were too.

October's book choice: Elizabeth is Missing

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The Hairy Bikers are back with Meat Feasts

They're two of the nation’s most loved TV chefs; Si King and Dave Myers, or as we know them better, The Hairy Bikers joined the Loose Women to share their love of meat.

Northern Exposure is the Hairy Bikers new foodie inspired show which sees Si and Dave doing what they do best; getting on their bikes and cooking! The bikers travel the Baltics in search of the most exciting food and some of the wildest places in Europe.

The Hairy Bikers: Meat Feasts is out now.

Northern Exposure is on Tuesday at 8pm on BBC2.

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Carrie's back with Storyteller

People on stage are singing about life... It's about real life; family, real life, kids.

– Carrie Underwood on the popularity of country music in America

Grab your Stetson and get those feet tapping because country music superstars don’t come much bigger than seven time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood.

The former American Idol winner has become a true country-pop crossover success, selling more than 56 million records worldwide and scoring an incredible 21 number 1 hits in the US.

Nick Hewer on life after The Apprentice

For ten years, he winced and flinched at the wannabe young business tycoons on the Apprentice and today Lord Sugar’s former right-hand man, Nick Hewer, joins us to chat about Countdown, charities and life after The Apprentice.

Nick is a patron for UK charity Street Child and earlier this month launched their Legacy of Ebola Appeal which aims to raise in excess of £1 million before the end of the year to help ensure that Ebola-affected children can complete their journey from destitution to a secure, sustainable way of life.

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Jimmy Tarbuck's emotional return to showbiz

You find out who your true friends are

– Jimmy Tarbuck

Jimmy was arrested at his home by North Yorkshire Police on April 26 2013, after information concerning historic sex abuse claims was passed to them by Metropolitan Police officers from Operation Yewtree.

After a year in limbo the case was finally dropped against Jimmy in March 2014, after prosecutors advised police to drop it on the basis of a lack of evidence.

On being cleared Jimmy said that he did not feel any anger towards the police, who “have a difficult job to do”, but that he did towards his accusers. This is because, given the fact that they are anonymous, he would never know why they had accused him of something he didn’t do.