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Loose Women talks vagina dysmorphia as Stacey Solomon says: 'I felt self-conscious about my vagina after giving birth'


We're not shy when it comes to talking about tough topics on the show, and today Andrea, Nadia, Stacey and Jane opened up about their own insecurities as they discussed all things vagina dysmorphia as part of our Body Stories campaign.

They were joined by Dr Larissa Corda who revealed she has seen a rise in vagina surgery, sometimes from children as young as nine! Labiaplasty is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the world, increasing by 45% from 2015 to 2016, and we want women to feel positive about every inch of their body.

Stacey admitted she felt self-conscious about her vagina after giving birth saying, 'Now especially, if you have children and meet someone else I feel like, "Oh is it a big now? Is it massive? Can anyone get anything from this?" I feel really conscious about it.'

And Nadia said: 'I certainly remember that after having my baby, sitting there with my legs open with a mirror and sobbing my eyes out because it was so deformed.
'And that's a kind of dysmorphia, isn't it? This warped idea... But in the age of pornography. I worry about the young generation of women thinking they don’t look like that.'

Andrea encouraged women to get to know their intimate area so they can be aware of any changes that could be due to gynecological cancers. 'Know what is normal for you. Like any other part of your body. And if there are any changes be aware of it.'

There are five types of gynaecological cancer: womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval, and vaginal.

Let's stop being embarrassed to talk about our vaginas!

Ricki Lake on ex-husband Christian Evans's tragic suicide: 'My darkest days have been these last seven months'


She's one of the most famous chat show hosts in the world and Ricki wanted to use her time on Loose Women to pay tribute to her ex-husband, Christian Evans, who sadly took his own life earlier this year.

'My darkest days have been these last seven months, I'm wearing his wedding ring and he would want me to go on,' Ricki revealed.

'It's very cathartic for me to be here. Now my newest cause is talking about mental illness and suicide prevention. It's really an honour to be here to honour him.'

'Life goes on but I am suffering my greatest loss - he was my twin flame, the only thing other than my two children that matter to me.'

Ricki said that he had suffered from bi polar - a condition that causes periods of depression and periods of elevated mood - but also 'had a lot of other issues'.

'It's very difficult to manage,' she said. 'I don't have the answers but going through this experience I have so much empathy and compassion for people suffering from mental illness.'

We have helplines for depression available here.

Watch the video to see Ricki talk about her career, body confidence and appearing on Celebrity Juice too.

Ricki Lake was excited to join the Loose Women

Actress Juliet Stevenson on Truly Madly Deeply co-star Alan Rickman: 'He is completely irreplaceable'


Juliet Stevenson joined us to talk about her new movie, Let Me Go, and paid tribute to her Truly Madly Deeply co-star Alan Rickman who died in 2016.

'He was completely... all the stories were true,' Juliet said of Alan. 'It's not often you can say that. He is completely irreplaceable.'

'I met him when I was 20, I'd just left drama school and went to the Royal Shakespeare company. He was the leading man at the time, he was 10 years older than me. He had an amazing habit of picking up people and befriending them. He was brilliant at seeing the possibilities in people.'

'He loved bringing people into his circle and looking after them a bit and opening up possibilities for him. I owe a lot to him.'

Watch the video to see the full interview with Juliet.

Juliet Stevenson paid tribute to her Truly Madly Deeply co-star Alan Rickman

The Eve Appeal supports Loose Women's Body Stories campaign tackling the taboo of vagina dysmorphia

Loose Women's Body Stories campaign is tackling vagina dysmorphia


We've championed body positivity of every kind - for men and women - and now Loose Women's Body Stories campaign is talking about the ‘final taboo’ - vagina dysmorphia.

We're discussing vaginal health issues to smash the stigma of what’s ‘normal’ as female genital surgery soars worldwide.

The Loose Women will discuss the stigma that surrounds vaginal health and the pressures behind the growing trend for female labiaplasty, which has become the fastest growing cosmetic procedure worldwide.

Loose Women’s Body Stories campaign about vagina dysmorphia is being backed by The Eve Appeal - the UK charity which raises awareness and funds research into the five gynaecological cancers – ovarian, womb, cervical, vaginal and vulval.

Twenty-one women die every day from gynaecological cancer in the UK. By talking about vaginal health, Loose Women wants to encourage all women to regularly check their bodies to know what is normal for you. This will enable women to identify any changes or signs and symptoms they may be concerned about.

A spokesperson for the charity said: 'We are delighted to be supporting Loose Women’s Body Stories campaign. Women are literally dying of embarrassment. Breaking down the taboos that surround gynae health are absolutely central to our mission. We want gynae issues to be as easy to talk about as back ache. It’s fantastic to have the straight-talking Loose Women on board – because until we have NORMAL conversations about vaginas and periods, we won’t make strides in diagnosing gynae cancers at their earliest stage.'

Twenty-one women die every day from gynaecological cancer in the UK.

– The Eve Appeal

Helplines and information about gynaecological cancers


There are five gynaecological cancers – womb, ovarian, cervical, vaginal and vulval.

In the UK alone each year, there are over 21,000 women who are told they have a form of gynae cancer - that's 58 women diagnosed daily. Sadly, 21 women will lose their life to a form of gynae cancer every day.

Regular awareness and checks will enable you to notice any gynaecological changes in your body.

Symptoms to look out for: raised and thickened patches of skin on the vulva, that can be red, white or dark, a mole that changes shape or colour, a lump or wart like growth.

The Eve Appeal

If you would like to speak to a nurse-specialist about any gynae health issue, you can contact The Eve Appeal’s nurse-led information service Ask Eve on 0808 802 0019 – which is free to call from landline sand mobile phones.
Or get in touch via email nurse@eveappeal.org.uk.
Alternatively, for more information please visit www.eveappeal.org.uk.

The Lady Garden Campaign

A campaign by a group of British women on a mission to change the future of female cancers. Celebrity supporters include Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse, Naomi Campbell, Poppy Delevingne and Charlotte Tilbury.

Parenting expert Jo Frost challenges Katie Price to stop swearing in front of her five kids!


Coleen Nolan, Katie Price, Janet Street-Porter and Anne Diamond had an interesting debate about why some children become killers with parenting expert Jo Frost. And she stayed on the show to talk about some parenting hot topics too.

One parenting issue raised was: Should you swear in front of your children?

After admitting she let's the odd bad language slip out in front of her brood, Katie was challenged by Jo to stop swearing in front of her kids.

'In my house, wherever I am, there's a kid near me. I do swear, I can't help it. I do it all the time. I don't do it on purpose,' Katie insisted.

Katie is mum to 15-year-old Harvey, Junior, 12, Princess, 10, Jett, three, and Bunny, two.

But Jo challenged her to ban bad language. 'I think we should be more conscious of the language we use around our children and I believe that if you really focused on saying to yourself... "I'm going to be mindful about not swearing". I bet you, I challenge you. I bet you can do it'

And Katie is going to do her best to curb her potty mouth!

Jo also gave her verdict some other parenting hot topics - on smacking, raising your kids gender neutral and should you be best friends with your children?

Watch the videos to see what Jo has to say about killer children. And see what parenting advice she has too.

Bobby Davro: 'I haven't got a drink problem. But I was drinking 14 alcohol units a day.'


We all know him as Mr Saturday Night on TV but Bobby joined us to discuss his heavy alcohol consumption and appearance on an upcoming episode of 'In Therapy'.

But Bobby insisted he doesn't have a drink problem. 'I haven't got a drink problem, what I have is I drink too many units,' Bobby said. He revealed he attended an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting and said, 'In my eyes I'm not an alcoholic, but I thought I'd go along and see where I stand in the grand scheme of things.

'There's people who don't drink at all, people like me in the middle, functional alcoholics, and people at the other end who cannot function without alcohol,' Bobby said. 'I've been drinking 14 units a day, I was doing 70 units a week. I don't drink til the evenings but I'll have a glass of wine if I go out for lunch, but I won't drink and drive.'

Watch the video to see Bobby talk about his drinking habits and reveal his co-dependence problem.

If you're concerned about alcohol misuse, binge drinking and addiction we have advice and helplines here.