Will Corrie's Steve and Michelle get hitched?

Dan Wootton is here to talk us through Sunday's dramatic hour-long episode of Coronation Street, in which Steve and Michelle's engagement is called off.

When Michelle says there is no rush to buy an engagement ring, Steve is instantly filled with doubts over her commitment. Convinced his illness makes him a burden to her, he calls off the engagement but Michelle decides to fight for Steve and sets about preparing a surprise for him...

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Calum opens up about battling the booze

It brought up some memories, but it helped me find closure

– Calum Best

Calum Best joins Lorraine to talk about his first tell-all book, which sees him talk about his memories of his late alcoholic father, George Best. After conquering his own battle with booze, drugs and partying Calum is now healthy and wants his honest memoir to help others.