Iris Apfel, a style icon at 93

At 93 years old, Iris Apfel is one of New York's most celebrated fashion icons, known for her quirky and flamboyant style. A businesswoman and interior designer, she became a celebrity when she was in her 80s after her clothing was the focus of a NY exhibition.

Now, after gracing the pages of Vogue and becoming a celebrity amongst the fashion elite, she is starring in her own documentary.

Iris joins Fiona to talk about how it feels to be a style icon and what inspires her signature style!

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Amanda and Tony are hoping to be Flockstars

Amanda Lamb and Tony Blackburn join Fiona to talk about their latest challenge - sheepdog trialling - for ITV's new show Flockstars.

The show sees celebrities all vying for centre stage with their four-legged partners to herd flocks of sheep, ducks and geese around a set of challenging courses, specially designed to test their skill, technique and discipline.

All the celebrities have trained for six weeks in the age-old, countryside sport of sheepdog trialling and battle it out with their Border Collie sidekicks in the hope of being crowned top trialler and walking away with the much-coveted Flockstars Champion Shield.

Flockstars starts tonight at 8:30pm on ITV

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Can a glass of wine a night prevent cancer?

Dr HilaryJones joins us for his usual Thursday dose of the latest health headlines.

This week it emerges that a glass of wine each night could decrease the risk of cancer in women and more under-16s are using contraception, meaning abortion and teenage pregnancy rates are falling.

Plus, Hilary and Fiona find out who their celebrity body doppelgangers are!

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Fiona Phillips with her body doppelganger Jennifer Aniston!