Royal baby named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

It's taken two days but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have finally named their baby daughter.

Kensington Palace announced the news this afternoon, revealing the Princess has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

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Sarah Hadland on Ballot Monkeys

There seems to be plenty of material! It's such an exciting thing to be part of.

– Sarah Hadland's new comedy looks at the funny side of the General Election

Miranda star Sarah Hadland joined Lorraine to discuss her new three-part political satire, comedy - Ballot Monkeys which starts tonight.

Sarah also reveals the Job Lot, where she stars alongside fan favourite Russell Tovey, is coming back very soon as filming will start again next week.

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Raising money with the Fisherman's Wives Choir

I have made some brilliant friends, it's been such a healing thing. We have a real understanding

– Jane Dolby

When Fisherman's wife Jane Dolby's husband went missing at sea - she was left with nothing and relied on the kindness of strangers and the local community to keep her afloat.

After his body was found she decided to put back into the community and set up the Fisherman's Wives Choir to raise money for other widows. She joined us today to chat about her experiences.

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Westminster women: Shirley Williams

Like most women I didn't have enough confidence to think I could be Prime Minister. I thought this was a world of giants I wasn't a part of.

– Shirley Willliams has no regrets about not becoming the first woman to become Prime Minister

Founding member of the Liberal Democrats, Shirley Williams joins us as part of our Westminster Women strand.

Shirley was once regarded as the first woman, in Britain, to become Prime Minister, enjoying a prolific political career in the 1970s, she would go on to form the Social Democratic Party in 1981.

Now, a Baroness and an elder stateswoman in the House of Lords she continues to be active with the Liberal Democrat Party. Shirley is on the sofa to tell us more about her career in politics and what it was like to be a woman in Parliament.

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No Offence Colin - but tell us some more?

I never look back and I never look down

– Colin Salmon advises people to go for their dreams

Actor Colin Salmon is appearing in new drama No Offence - a new police procedural series based in Manchester from the writer of Shameless and State of Play which has been described as an x-rated version of The Bill with laughs!

He joins us to chat about the show and talks about working with Gerard Butler in new film London Has Fallen, a follow-up to 2013 film Olympus Has Fallen.

Plus he discusses his greatest role - being a dad!

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