What next for Tulisa?

A documentary airing tonight called Tulisa: The Price of Fame follows the highs and lows of last 12 months of the singer's life, including her arrest for allegedly boasting that she could 'sort out' cocaine for an undercover Sun on Sunday reporter, subsequent charge - and suicide attempt.

Martel Maxwell joins Kate to talk us through the inside story of Tulisa's court case and how and why it collapsed.

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So What The **** Is Normal, Francesca?

A lot of people say stand up is hard, but I love talking, I get paid to talk, and there are no early mornings!

– Comedienne Francesca on why exactly she loves her job!

In her book What The **** Is Normal?, stand-up comedienne Francesca Martinez reveals how she defied expectations after her parents were told that she would never lead a normal life, following her diagnosis with cerebral palsy at the age of two.

After a tough time at high school, Francesca says she felt 'saved' when she won a part in Grange Hill aged 14. Now, as an adult with a successful television career, she wants her disability to be accepted rather than discriminated against.

What the **** is Normal by Francesca Martinez is out now.

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I realised no one is normal. We all have things we can't do, and I am no different.

– What The **** Is Normal? Francesca clears things up...

Women must be heard: Harriet Harman on politics

We have made progress... but there is still a lot to do

– Harriet Harman talks about women making their mark in the cabinet

Shadow Deputy Prime Minister (Deputy Labour leader) and Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Harriet Harman QC, joins Kate to talk about being a woman in politics.

Harman is the longest continuously-serving female MP in the House of Commons and is also the latest politician to take to the airwaves with a regular phone-in radio show on LBC.

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Coming up on Monday's show

Harriet Harman tells us what it's like juggling politics with family life, comedienne and cerebral palsy sufferer Francesca Martinez talks about her book, we look at what's next for Tulisa and Dean Edwards gets inspiration from the East with his Thai crab cake recipe.

Cash not gifts, please

According to a new survey, more couples are just asking for cash as a wedding present instead of gifts. How do you feel about that?

Is it practical, or a bit awkward for guests? Maybe you asked for cash at your wedding?

Let us know by getting in touch on Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing lorraine@itv.com before 9am today and we may read your comments out on the show. You must be 18 and over, terms at itv.com/terms.