Poll: Is it sexist to rate men online?

On Wednesday's show we'll be talking to Alexanfra Chong, who has created a controversial new dating app which allows women to secretly rate their male dates, meaning the straight and single men of the UK will be at the mercy of their old girlfriends!

Critics have slammed the app as sexist but we'd like to know what you think. Is rating a man on a dating site sexist? Let us know by taking part in the poll above by 7am on Wednesday 3 August.

Terms and conditions

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He'll huff and he'll puff...

We have a massive announcement coming up... but I can't say yet!

– Could Blue be coming back with a tour or new album, Simon?

He sold over 16 million records and had 40 number one singles worldwide as part of boyband Blue and now Simon Webbe's going solo.

The performer joins us to tell Jenni Falconer about starring in new West End musical The 3 Little Pigs... in which he plays the Big Bad Wolf!

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Javone's set to have us in stitches

The first time I saw him I just stared, for so long

– Javone on meeting 'The Fonz' Henry Winkler

You may recognise Javone Prince from shows such as Plebs and Phone Shop and now the actor and comedian is statting in his very own show called The Javone Prince Show, which is jam packed with funny sketches and hilarious characters.

He joins us to tell us more, including why he's been having happy days working alongside a very familiar face...

There are mean girls everywhere!

– Javone Prince on how he got inspiration for some of his characters

Life as the world's first test tube baby

Louise Brown, 37, is the world's first ever IVF baby and joins us today to tell her incredible story as she publishes her autobiography.

Louise's book My Life As The Worlds First Test Tube Baby details her parents' story, her birth and the media frenzy that ensued.

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Mark Durden-Smith's ice cool quiz show

I don't have a catch phrase, I think I'll have to work on that

– Mark Durden-Smith

Television presenter Mark Durden-Smith joins Jenni Falconer to talk about his new ITV programme Freeze Out - the first quiz show on ice!

A game of skill and quizzing ability, it sees contestants competing around a giant circular ice table using their brains to win sliders to smash their opponents'!

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