The juicy, healthy cherry burger

I cook these burgers in my fat reducing grill machine, which is perfect because any residual fat from the meat, drains away from the burgers. If you dry-fry them in a frying pan, make sure you drain off any fat and the same if you grill them.

– Sally Bee

Mixing dried cherries into lean minced beef reduces fat and increases antioxidants. What a winner! Always buy good quality minced beef steak – preferably from a butcher who can trace its original source.

Sally Bee's blog: How to get the balance right

Eventually this will help you look at food in a different way and will enable you to eat a balance for health over a week, even including special occasions and blow-outs.

– Sally Bee

Many of you who followed our Brazilian Bikini Diethave been in touch to say you're continuing with the plan and so our healthy eating expert Sally has come up with a handy maintenance chart for you to use throughout the rest of summer - and always.

Sally says:

We all know the principles of eating a well balanced diet. We need to eat less fat, sugar and salt and more fruit and vegetables, chicken and fish. But it’s one thing to know this and another to be able to put it into practice.

I develop all my recipes around the healthy balance principle, but as hard as I might try, you are not going to be able to eat my dishes at every meal, every day! (Although of course I’d love it if that was possible!)