Cruise Control

Sandi Bogle

Too Much Temptation

I LOVE food. I spend a lot of time sitting on the sofa with my best friend. I’m a big eater. Especially chocolate. My mum had a Caribbean restaurant in Brixton so I’ve grown up surrounded by food

– Sandi Bogle

Gogglebox favourite Sandi left the show in 2016 to pursue a singing career and is busy, busy, busy!

She’s massively into fashion so will be hitting up Mark for some fashion advice, we’re sure.

Sandi struggles with temptation and doesn’t always go for the best food choice. She said: ‘I go to restaurants a lot and find myself stopping in hotels a lot too. It’s hard to choose the healthy option when you’re eating out. I know I eat a lot of meat and rich foods. ‘

Sam Bailey

Banish The Belly

It gave me a bit more of a push to tone up. I want to be able to look down and see my toes and not worry about my belly

– Sam Bailey

Sam’s weight has fluctuated over the years - at her thinnest, on her wedding day, she was a size 10, but at her biggest she was an size 18. She’s currently a size 14-16 and can’t see her toes!

Sam says her belly is huge and the inside of her thighs rub together. She’s always been proud of her legs, and they’re her best feature, but they are starting to ‘get thick up top.’

Sam has a sweet tooth, and sugar is her weakness. The mum of three claims that after having her second child and working as a prison officer she didn’t have any time for fitness due to working 12 hour shifts, so the weight slowly crept on meaning her exercise regime was non-existent. She also struggled with her weight after The X Factor and gained the weight she lost.

The comfort food eater
Meal plan: Comfort eater

Helen Lederer

The Bad Routine

I want to lose 2 and a half stone, but have no willpower. It doesn’t take a lot of food for me to put on weight

– Helen Lederer

Helen Lederer is a comedian, writer and actress. The oldest of our cruisers can’t wait to board the ship. She hates her stomach and her breasts, in fact in her words she ‘doesn’t like [her] body at all!’

She fluctuates between a a size 14 and 18 and claims to have tried most diets but still can’t find routine when it comes to eating.

Lorraine's Cruise Control

Grab your swimmers and your factor 30, we’re swapping the high life for the high seas - we’re going on a cruise!

Join us aboard the cruise ship as Jeff Brazier and personal trainer Faisal Abdalla put three celebrities through their paces.

We’re heading on a week-long journey across Europe with a mission to get healthier, fitter and body confident as our celebrities wave goodbye to bad habits.

From Ravenna, through Dubrovnik and ending in Malta, Helen, Sam and Sandi will be joined on the cruise by Mark Heyes as he hosts fashion onboard, and keeping our celebrities health in check, our very own doctor on deck, Dr Hilary.

Join us and keep updated with our top tips and nutrition and fitness plans.

This is more than just losing a few pounds, it’s about changing lifestyle and pushing overboard any bad ways, and on the way to being in Cruise Control!