Sally Bee's healthy Christmas pudding

Here is Sally Bee's healthy version of the ultimate Christmas indulgence, which can be made even healthier by substituting the brandy for orange juice if you like.

Sally advises that you make this ahead of time after cooking with the steam method, then reheat using the microwave - you'll still get the same wonderful flavour in super quick time.

Instead of brandy butter, serve with low fat crème fraiche with a sprinkle of sugar and a dash of brandy.

Nadia's salmon fillet with cheesy crunchy topping

This is the ideal meal to choose for a big Christmas Eve dinner or if you're having people over for food anytime over the festive season.

While a whole fillet of salmon is more expensive than your regular small fillets, there are a lot of good offers in the supermarket at the moment so it won't cost as much as usual. But if you want to use smaller fillets the recipe works just as well.