James Tanner's speedy sponge puds

It's getting colder by the day outside, which means it's perfect weather for a hot steamed sponge pudding with smooth custard. Perfect!

But with lots to get done as the festive season approaches who's got time to make them the old fashioned way (by steaming gently for an hour on the hob)? Luckily James Tanner has got a time-saving recipe, making his tasty sponge pudding in less than a minute!

James' speedy sponge puds can be made with all kinds of toppings, from syrup to forest fruits, marmalade to jam and even chocolate! Sounds heavenly. Spoons at the ready...

Dean's toffee apple bread and butter pudding

You can use any sort of bread that you like. I'm using brioche, because I think that if you're going to the effort of making a dessert like this, make it extra special. You can use white sliced bread, croissants, hot cross buns.

– Dean Edwards

Dean Edwards whips up the perfect autumn treat with a deliciously naughty toffee apple bread and butter pudding.