Healthiest-ever lasagne

Using very lean meat and only a tiny amount of olive oil, you can enjoy this dish with the family and feel happy that you are nourishing them wonderfully.

– Sally Bee

Sally Bee brings us a delicious, warming and rich lasagne without the added fat of a traditional one. It's made without the usual fat-laden cheese sauce and only has a light sprinkling of cheese on top.

Hearty shepherd's pie

Summer is becoming a distant memory, but if you're not quite ready for full-on winter warmers, Sally's here to embrace autumn with her healthy take on a classic shepherd's pie.

Sally says: "Shepherd's pie is an old tradition in many households and this is a version of my mother's recipe. As always, ensure you use great quality, very lean minced beef. Red meat contains iron and zinc and this is complemented by the vitamin C and fibre content of the potato and sweet potato topping. The onions, garlic and tomatoes will help lower blood cholesterol making this dish a lovely, filling, nutritious meal."

Honeycomb and apple cobbler

This version, flavoured with honeycomb and cinnamon is a pleasure to make, and the ultimate autumnal indulgence

– Chef John Whaite

When autumn arrives and the apples are abundant, there’s nothing cosier than a cobbler or a crumble.

If you can’t find honeycomb you can use a chocolate covered honeycomb chocolate bars or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try making it with John's recipe (below).