Lose the Booze: Denise Welch meets the Soberistas and talks her decision to go teetotal

With thousands now pledging to join Lorraine to Lose the Booze this month, Denise Welch reveals why leaving alcohol behind was the best thing she ever did. She also meets with a group of women from the worldwide network Soberistas to hear about their battles with alcohol and why they have chosen to live a sober life.

Denise also opened up to Lorraine about publicly battling the booze for years. It was the ultimatum from her husband Lincoln that made her finally lose the booze for good.

Clarke Carlisle: 'Depression is so clever and so conniving, it makes me believe these thoughts are reality'

On today's show former footballer Clarke Carlisle joined us on the sofa with his wife Carrie and new baby Beau. Clarke opened up about his long term battle with mental health and depression.

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Love Island’s Amber Davies on losing the booze: ‘I definitely used alcohol as a coping mechanism’

On this morning’s show, we chatted to Love Island’s Amber Davies who, alongside Kate Garraway and Sherrie Hewson, is joining Lorraine to Lose the Booze this January.

Speaking about her motivations for taking on the challenge, Amber opened up about her recent split from fellow Love Islander, Kem Cetinay: "I definitely used alcohol as a coping mechanism for the heartbreak. You drink, drink, drink, you let your hair down and have fun and I took about four steps back when I should have actually powered through."

However, after just ten days of being booze-free, Amber already says she feels ‘so refreshed and healthy’.
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Kate Garraway: ‘I’ve been really shocked by people’s reactions to me giving up booze’

As part of our Lose the Booze campaign, Lorraine chatted to Kate Garraway, who is taking on the challenge alongside Love Island’s Amber Davies and actress Sherrie Hewson.

“I think we have a problem with how we treat people and alcohol,” Kate told Lorraine. “If you said ‘I’m giving up smoking,’ people would just put on a parade!”

Kate also discussed the results of her recent liver tests, which will be repeated at the end of the month to see what effect going booze-free has had on her body.

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Sherrie Hewson on her Lose the Booze pledge: ‘I would do crazy things like hide alcohol in boxes of soap powders’

On this morning’s show we were joined by Benidorm actress Sherrie Hewson who, alongside presenter Kate Garraway and Love Island winner Amber Davies, has joined Lorraine’s Lose the Booze campaign.

Reflecting on her history with alcohol, Sherrie said, “Was it a problem? I don’t know. My mother always made it a problem. She used to say to me, ‘Oh you’re having another glass of wine, are you?’”

“I got to the point where, through unhappiness, I would do crazy things like hide alcohol in boxes of soap powders.”

Sherrie and our other celebs have each been tested by Liver expert, Dr Alastair O’Brien from The London Clinic, and had a FibroScan - an Ultrasound of the liver - which will be repeated at the end of the month to see how being booze-free has affected their bodies.

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Drinking alcohol could permanently damage your DNA

On this morning’s show, Dr Hilary joined us to discuss the latest health headlines including a new study from Cambridge University that shows consuming alcohol can lead to permanent DNA damage, which can in turn cause cancer.

Dr Hilary will be with us throughout January to help us with our campaign to Lose the Booze. Lorraine will be joined by actress Sherrie Hewson, breakfast TV presenter Kate Garraway and Love Island’s Amber Davies, who have all vowed to go dry for a month to see how the change affects their health and wellbeing.

If you want to Lose the Booze this January, you can pledge here.