Do you suffer from excessive sweating?

Next week Dr Hilary is back to help with the issue of excessive sweating.

Is this something you're desperate for help with? Or something you've struggled with in the past and would like to help others with?Whatever your story we would love to hear from you.

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Dr Hilary's advice on adult acne

Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss and Britney Spears have all suffered from adult acne - just like 60% of British women who will experience some form of acne during their adult lives.

Today, we hear from former EastEnder Lucy Speed who spent thousands trying to cure her own acne while Dr Hilary offers advice.

Secret Bodies: Unwanted facial hair

In the next of his Secret Bodies series, Dr Hilary Jones is looking at excess and unwanted female facial hair. Andrea Manning, now 44, has had facial hair since her teens, and talks to us about her experiences below.

Plus, Dr Hilary talks about living with the problem and what the different options are when it comes to treating it.

More details on available treatments for hirsutism from the NHS:

Short term cosmetic help
Quick and easy and will not make the hair grow back quicker or thicker. However, you may find you have to shave everyday, it may cause irritation and there is unpleasant stubble growth between shaves.

Waxing, threading and sugaring
Can reduce regrowth if done regularly, but can be painful and may cause scarring or folliculitis (inflammation of a hair follicle).

Can make dark hair look better in the short term, but may irritate your skin and is not effective for everyone.

Hair removal creams are also available.

Long term cosmetic help
When electricity is used to destroy hair cells and remove hair permanently. However, it takes many treatments over a long time, it can be painful and may cause scarring or changes to your skin colour (check the electrologist is accredited through the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis).

Laser treatment
Involves powerful beams of light (lasers) which destroy the hair. It can last several months and is more effective on women with pale skin and dark hair.

Get further help and information on hirsutism from the NHS

How old is 'too old' to have a baby?

The number of women having babies over 50 has doubled in the last five years. What age do you think is the ideal age to have a baby? And how old is 'too old'?

Let us know what you think by commenting on our Facebook page, tweeting us or emailing Terms at

Jess' mum campaigns for earlier smears

We meet Marie Evans who lost her daughter to cervical cancer last month after she was refused several smear tests.

Jess was 22 when she realised she was ill back in November 2012, but GPs refused her a smear test NINE times because the NHS minimum age for the check is 25.

When she was finally sent for a camera scan last April it was too late. Now her mother Marie is supporting an e-petition urging Prime Minister David Cameron to lower the screening age from 25 to 16.

Dr Hilary tells us more about cervical cancer

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Need varicose veins advice?

We're looking to speak to women about varicose veins. You may not have had any treatment for varicose veins and want advice, or you may have had treatment for them and want to talk about how it has helped you. This will potentially be featured on the programme on Thursday 3rd April, so you should be available to come to London on that date. Please email and leave a contact number.

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Would you give your kidney to a stranger?

Last year, around 3,000 kidney transplants were performed in Britain. Most were taken from donors who had died but more than 1,000 of were from living donors, typically relatives of the recipients. Only 76 were from complete strangers (Altruistic).

Today we meet Clare Bolitho, 62. who, after suffering anorexia and alcoholism as a young woman decided she wanted to give something back.

She told Lorraine: "I wanted to mark being alcohol-free for 21 years, so I thought what better way to celebrate getting my life back than by helping someone else get their life back?"

Clare gave one of her kidneys to diabetes sufferer Marion Pattinson who was in desperate need of a kidney. They both join us with Dr Hilary Jones.

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