Dr Alex explains why he went red in Love Island

On this summer’s Love Island, Dr Alex made headlines when his face flared up during his time at the sun-drenched villa.

Memes galore were shared across the internet poking fun at his rosy red cheeks. But there was a more serious side to his famous flushed complexion. Dr Alex has actually struggled with acne for years, and his skin medication made him particularly sensitive to UV rays, despite slapping on SPF50 sun cream.

Dr Alex joined our Dr Hilary Jones for a summer skin clinic. The duo of doctors were on call in the studio to answer your queries about summer skin troubles. Watch the video for handy hints and tips to help keep your complexion cool and calm in the summer heat.

How to spot the symptoms of heatstroke

Would you know if you were suffering from heat exhaustion or heatstroke? As the UK and Europe experience one of the hottest summers on record, Dr Hilary outlines the warning signs that somebody may be suffering and what you can do to help relieve the symptoms. He also shares specific advice for babies and the elderly who are particularly vulnerable in this hot weather.

Top tips for staying safe in the sun

As temperatures are set to soar in the UK in the coming weeks, Dr Hilary shares his top tips for staying safe in the sun and tells us what to look out for when buying suncream. He also shows us the latest accessory that can measure the UVA levels that you're being exposed to!