Exclusive: Jacqueline Gold opens up about her breast cancer journey

My own vigilance has pretty much saved my life

– Jacqueline Gold

Ann Summers boss Jacqueline Gold joined Lorraine for her first TV interview since revealing she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

How to give yourself a breast examination

Dr Hilary Jones talks Hannah through a live breast examination to demonstrate exactly how we should be checking ourselves and what we should be looking out for.

Finlay Wilson reveals how yoga has changed his physical and mental health

Yoga offers this profound time for you to actually start going inside and feeling what's going on

– Kilted yoga Scotsman Finlay Wilson

Tips for getting a good night's sleep during menopause

Reinforcing estrogen levels is really important, especially when it comes to sleep

– Health and wellbeing expert Liz Earle

Many women struggle with a lack of sleep during menopause. Hormonal changes can cause sleepless nights. Health and beauty expert Liz Earle shares with us some simple tips to encourage a better night's sleep and improve your wellbeing.

A guide to your hospital baby bag essentials

If you or a loved one have a little bundle of joy on their way, here's everything you need to remember to pack in that all-important hospital bag.

Ben Fogle's wife Marina opens up about her stillborn pregnancy

There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about him

– Marina Fogle opens up about her own stillbirth pregnancy

Marina Fogle has opened up about the pain of her own stillbirth pregnancy as she urges women to sleep on their sides in their third trimester after new research found the sleeping position could reduce the risk of stillbirth and save 130 babies' lives every year.

These women have the symptoms, but are they really menopausal?

On today’s show, Dr Hilary joined us along with his wife Dee, who was one of five women given a blood test by us to see if they really are menopausal.

All of the woman, who range from 46-52 years old, are experiencing menopausal symptoms.

“Unless you do the blood test, somebody might assume they’re in the menopause and ask for HRT where it isn’t appropriate.” Dr Hilary explained, “Whereas other ladies who do have symptoms that are suggestive, actually are in the menopause and would be very eligible for appropriate HRT therapy.”

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