Nottingham Police force offer menopause policy at work

Detective Constable Keeley Mansell from the Nottingham Police Force joined us to talk about the new measures introduced at her work to help their female officers cope with the menopause.

After suffering debilitating symptoms at the age of 38, Keeley contacted the force's women's network association to see what changes could be made.

The force has now introduced rooms for menopausal staff to use if they are in need of a break or are experiencing particularly bad symptoms.

They will also ensure menopausal women sit near doors and have better access to showers to help them cope with hot flushes. It's hoped the scheme will be rolled out at other forces across the country.

Menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson also joined us to give her thoughts on the scheme and her advice for women going through the menopause.

Lose the Booze: Denise Welch meets the Soberistas and talks her decision to go teetotal

With thousands now pledging to join Lorraine to Lose the Booze this month, Denise Welch reveals why leaving alcohol behind was the best thing she ever did. She also meets with a group of women from the worldwide network Soberistas to hear about their battles with alcohol and why they have chosen to live a sober life.

Denise also opened up to Lorraine about publicly battling the booze for years. It was the ultimatum from her husband Lincoln that made her finally lose the booze for good.