Is testosterone a woman's secret weapon?

More than two million women in the US think they've found the answer to looking younger and having a higher libido.... and that answer is taking male testosterone.

Now British women are now set to follow suit. But is this all really too good to be true? We speak to one British woman who says she has been taking it and Dr Hilary also joins us to let us know his thoughts!

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Should we drink while pregnant?

Today we're talking about drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Did you drink during your pregnancy? If so, how much and did you ever worry about the risks? Your views may be read out on the show.

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Coping with a cancer diagnosis

In the latest Health Yourself video, Dr Hilary discusses cancer diagnosis. For many it is the most terrifying prospect they could face.

However, being diagnosed with cancer isn't the death sentence many believe it to be.

In our short film, Hilary reveals the range of emotions you can expect to face whilst revealing the different emotional support available. There is also advice for family members or loved ones in need of information on how best to support someone battling the disease.

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The crippling condition affecting women

I had a 'bye bye uterus' party

– Carol Pearson

Emma Bunton, Anna Friel and Dolly Parton all have Endometriosis, a condition which affects 1.5 million British women and can cause infertility.

On average it takes seven years to get a diagnosis and today campaigners say it's time for change. We're joined by Carol Pearson, who had to retire at just 39 years old due to her battle with the disease plus Dr Hilary Jones, who gives us more information.

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Coppafeel with Page 3

Joining Lorraine is Coppafeel founder Kris Hallenga to discuss the charity's latest partnership with The Sun as Britain's most famous boobs are backing breast cancer awareness.

Every Tuesday for six months the Sun will use Page 3 to encourage women to check their breasts regularly.

Is new weight-loss pill too good to be true?

Could taking a new pill really be the answer to weight loss? A new weight-loss balloon treatment has just launched in the UK following its launch in the US. The pill claims to offer an effective way of losing weight without surgery. But is it too good to be true?

Do you count calories when drinking?

Do you worry about calories when you drink? Is putting calories on wine bottles a good idea? Would it make you drink less? Let us know what you think...

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