How Tina survived her eating disorder

I didn't want to eat, I wanted to die

– Tina McGuff

Tina McGuff, 45, joins us during our survivors special to talk about her past battle with anorexia.

Eating disorders are commonly thought of as a middle class condition but Tina's story combats that myth as her issues started when she was growing up in a working class home in Dundee. A family break up led her to seek control through what she was eating.

Also, with one in four of us encountering mental health issues every year, we take a look at the celebrities who have opened up about their own mental health battles on Lorraine in the past.

Tina's book Seconds to Snap is out now

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Why applying make-up on the go could make you ill

Did you know that applying your eye make-up on the go could make you ill?

Dr Hilary is here to discuss the dangers of using old mascara and not washing your hands properly before applying.

Plus, new figures have revealed that more women over 35 are having babies than those under 25 for the first time since records began.

And there's the warning of a national dementia crisis as one in three babies born this year will develop the condition unless more funding is found for research.

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Clare Coulston speaks about her fight for survival

It's got to happen to somebody. You can't dwell. You've got to just make the most of it.

– Clare Coulston

This mum-of-two has had an incredibly tough five years, with a cancer diagnosis and losing her husband. In 2009 doctors found a huge malignant tumour was blocking Clare's oesophagus and gave her a 30% chance of survival.

Shortly after she had finished her treatment for throat cancer, her husband Paul was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and sadly passed away last month. However, this brave lady told Lorraine said she wants to make life as normal as possible for her two children, six-year-old Finlay and four-year-old Evelyn.

It's a long road ahead, and I know that.

– Clare Coulston

What does Dr Hilary think of e-cigarettes?

In this week's health headlines, brought to you by Dr Hilary in The Pulse, we find out more about how health chiefs are causing a storm by claiming e-cigarettes are 95% healthier than the traditional version and should be available on the NHS. What does Hilary think?

And as research by reveals the top ten medical conditions Brits deem most embarrassing, we look at the list - and Dr Hilary has a message for anybody too scared to visit their GP.

Plus, doctors faced a lot of criticism this week over unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and US experts are claiming that those dreaded head lice are becoming increasingly resistant to over the counter treatments. Could mixing remedies together be the best option?

Have a brew, smile right on cue!

– Dr Hilary Jones

Also, we find out why putting milk in your tea could whiten your teeth and you won't believe the percentage of Brits who do no exercise at all...