The Pulse

Dr Hilary Jones takes us through the latest health stories in this week's Pulse including the relationship between eating junk food and memory loss and how sending text messages could potentially cause damage to your spine.

There is also news of a link between obesity and prostate cancer, with studies showing that one in 10 cases could be avoided if the patient isn't obese. Plus, Hilary discusses the 'silent killer' carbon monoxide as we mark Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.

Dr Hilary is on The Pulse

Dr Hilary Jones is here with all the latest health stories from the last week including a new NHS app that could help patients monitor their medication, the winter vomiting bug and the importance of eating breakfast.

There is also news of a jab that could boost the immune systems of the elderly and praise for TV dramas including Coronation Street for their depiction of characters suffering with mental health issues.

Mid-way through the interview poor Lorraine also suffers a coughing fit but luckily there's a doctor on hand!

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Can tea and chocolate make you healthier?

Dr Hilary Jones is here with the week's health headlines. Today we're talking about groundbreaking surgery in Sydney in which patients were given the world's first transplants using dead hearts.

Also, findings of a 30 year study by British scientists has found that women who drink two cups of tea daily, particularly black tea, or orange juice, can lower their risk of developing ovarian cancer by up to a third and a scientific report claims that the antioxidants found in cocoa beans can help prevent age-related memory loss, giving 60-year-olds the memory of a 30 or 40-year-old.