Izzy Judd on her and Harry's IVF journey

I always wanted to be a mum, ever since I was a little girl it was absolutely what I just thought would happen...

– Izzy Judd on her journey to less-expected motherhood

When Izzy Judd married McFly star Harry Judd in 2012, they dreamed of starting a family, turning to IVF after two years of trying. Following a long and often difficult journey, baby Lola arrived last year, and Izzy is currently expecting her second child - amazing news!

The book author joined us to share her inspiring story...

All I want from the book is to make people feel less alone

– Izzy Judd

What's the best way to wash your hands?

Washing your hands with cold water kills bacteria just as effectively as washing with warm water, say the experts.

Watch Dr Hilary discuss the latest findings in this week's edition of The Pulse.

Is your caffeine fix good for you?

Your morning coffee may give you that much-needed energy boost, but did you know it could also contain hidden health benefits?

According to new research, two cups of coffee a day could help reduce the risk of liver cancer by a third.

Dr Hilary explains the latest health findings in this week's edition of The Pulse.

John Whaite on his battle with depression

It feels so weird not being behind the kitchen because that’s my safe zone...

– John Whaite on speaking out about dealing with depression on TV for the first time

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we've been talking to some inspirational figures who've battle mental health issues. Today, while we're used to seeing him in our kitchen, John Whaite joined Lorraine to speak out about what it's like to suffer from depression - and how hard it can be even sharing his feelings with his own family.

For me, as many dark days as I have, I have bright days where i can achieve so much

– John talks about what drives him through the darker days

Louie Spence: Living with anxiety

I got to a state where I wasn't speaking, I didn't want to eat, I didn't want to go out ... I've never wanted to kill myself, but I thought sometimes it would be easier if I wasn't here

– Louie Spence on his battle with depression

Carol Vorderman: depression during menopause

I would wake up and think I don't see the point in carrying on, I don't see the point in life

– Carol Vorderman shares her experience of depression after menopause

Presenter Carol Vorderman spoke about her her experience of depression as a result of the menopause in a open and honest interview this morning, admitting there were days she did not see 'the point in carrying on’.

Mental Health Awareness Week: Postnatal depression

On the second day of Mental Health Awareness Week we are focusing on postnatal depression (PND).

One in every ten mums will experience postnatal depression after giving birth. Baby blues is a brief period of feeling emotional and tearful around three to 10 days after giving birth. It affects about 85 per cent of new mothers. However, around 10-15 per cent of new mothers develop a much deeper and longer-term depression known as postnatal depression - PND.