'Yoga helped me have a 10-minute labour'

Meet the yogi mum who was practicing handstands and jaw-dropping poses just 24 hours before giving birth!

Self-confessed fitness junkie Randi Greene, from Ohio, insists the spiritual practice helped to speed up the delivery process. In fact, Randi's labour lasted just 10 minutes! Now that's impressive!

Watch the full interview above!

Halt the ageing process with a non-surgical procedure

After our exclusive one poll revealed that almost half of women are unhappy with the way they look, we performed a non-surgical cosmetic procedure on 47-year-old Annabel Spooner who felt that she had aged over the last few years following a 'miserable' divorce.

In a bid to halt the ageing process and achieve a refreshed look, Annabel underwent a thread lift, a Nefertiti lift for her neck and what's commonly known as vampire therapy.

Watch above as Dr Hilary, Dr Kahn and Dr Devine discuss the procedures, and see the results!

Have you got a health question for Dr Hilary?

Have you got a health question for Dr Hilary?

Do you have any health concerns or questions that you'd like to put to Dr Hilary live in his Open Surgery?

Maybe you're worried about a niggling cold that you just can't shift or perhaps you're suffering from a touch of the winter blues and need a boost? Whatever your question, join our resident medic in Thursday's Open Surgery.

Email your questions and contact details, including a phone number and email address, to with Open Surgery in the subject line before 8.30am on Thursday 9 February. Entrants must be 18+

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Tiny heart implant set to save lives

It's hard to believe that something so tiny could save so many lives, but a tiny heart implant is being hailed as a miracle.

A cutting-edge device the size of a grain of rice is being used by experts at Guy’s and St Thomas’ to help patients with heart failure.

The cardiac resynchronisation therapy device is implanted into the chambers of the heart to treat heart failure. Unlike conventional devices, the innovative implant has no leads and is placed directly inside the heart tissue. This makes it work more efficiently and over time the heart’s lining grows over it, so it becomes part of the heart.

Dr Hilary explains more in the video above.

Brand New You: Motivation clinic

Are you struggling to stick to those all-important New Year's resolutions?

According to research, two thirds of people give up on their New Year's resolutions before the end of January. Dr Hilary and Brand New You lifestyle coach Will Foster share their top tips to keep everyone motivated!