Carol Vorderman: depression during menopause

I would wake up and think I don't see the point in carrying on, I don't see the point in life

– Carol Vorderman shares her experience of depression after menopause

Presenter Carol Vorderman spoke about her her experience of depression as a result of the menopause in a open and honest interview this morning, admitting there were days she did not see 'the point in carrying on’.

Mental Health Awareness Week: Postnatal depression

On the second day of Mental Health Awareness Week we are focusing on postnatal depression (PND).

One in every ten mums will experience postnatal depression after giving birth. Baby blues is a brief period of feeling emotional and tearful around three to 10 days after giving birth. It affects about 85 per cent of new mothers. However, around 10-15 per cent of new mothers develop a much deeper and longer-term depression known as postnatal depression - PND.

Mental Health Awareness Week: Anxiety

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 in the UK. To kick off a week of discussing mental health on the show, Lorraine was joined by journalist Bryony Gordon and mother and daughter Victoria and Florence to discuss anxiety this morning.

Florence Sharman has suffered with anxiety since she was just seven years old, she bravely told Lorraine about her struggles. She wants the stigma around mental illness to stop and encourages other sufferers to speak up to raise awareness.

Can turning down your heating help beat Diabetes?

It's interesting and could pave the way for more lifestyle changes that would help

– Dr Hilary's advice is to exercise

We know that exercise helps people with Type 2 diabetes, which is about 90 per cent of people with diabetes in the UK (about 3 and a half million people).

A recent study by researchers in Holland found that turning down the thermostat and cooling the room to 15 degrees changes glucose metabolism which increases sensitivity to insulin by up to 43 per cent in 10 days. That's the equivalent of exercise.

Do you suffer with an allergy?

Do you suffer with an allergy? Do you have a particular allergy that you've tried various treatments or remedies for? Is your allergy so unusual that you're concerned? Maybe you suspect you're allergic to something but want to know more? As part of Allergy Awareness Week, Dr Hilary will be taking your questions live in a special edition of The Pulse.

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