Dr Hilary on the dangers of double dipping!

No party spread is complete without chips and dips, but could munching on your favourite savoury snack be harming your health?

If you, like many, repeatedly dunk your chip, crudites, or whatever delights are on offer, in various dips, you need to stop and tell yourself no!

According to the experts, double dunking fuels the spread of germs, particularly if the offender is sick or likely to pass on a bug!

Research shows the double dipping effect leaves residual saliva in dips which can spread all sorts of illnesses, including the herpes virus, TB and glandular fever.

So dodge those double dip offenders at your next party!

Is your favourite show harming your health?

We all do it, but could bingeing on your favourite box sets be putting our lives at risk?

According to scientists spending five of more hours a day in front of our favourite shows makes us two-and-a half times more likely to die from a blood clot on the lungs.

Dr Hilary explains more in this week's edition of The Pulse...

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Anything's possible for Turn It Around's Sean

Our Turn It Around case study, amputee Sean O'Connor, joins Lorraine on the sofa to talk about his progress and his recent visit to meet Paralympian and five-time medal winner, Stefanie Reid.

Sean got in touch with us earlier this year because he wanted help to overcome his long-term physical and emotional struggles after losing his leg in a serious car accident.

The last time we caught up with Sean, 53, he had received a new prosthetic leg and was about to embark on rehabilitation to get him moving again.

On today's show, Paralympic long-jumper Stefanie meets Sean to talk about her own incredible journey, the boating accident that resulted in the amputation of her right foot, and beating the odds to become a five-time world record holder.

She offers Sean advice on reaching his own goals at rehab and the motivation to cope with the next stage of his journey.

Her advice really sinks in with Sean, giving him an anything is possible attitude!

Sean O'Connor's story

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