Would you pay to see a doctor more quickly?

Dr Hilary discusses the week's biggest health stories - including news of a new app called Dr Now where you can cut long waiting hours at the doctors by booking a video consultation for £30, more in-depth sex education advice for kids and how eating a pear can curb a hangover.

Plus with warnings about suffering with heat exhaustion on your summer holiday, Dr Hilary offers his advice.

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A lot of adults forget to drink!

– Dr Hilary Jones warns people need to keep hydrated on holiday

Can a glass of wine a night prevent cancer?

Dr HilaryJones joins us for his usual Thursday dose of the latest health headlines.

This week it emerges that a glass of wine each night could decrease the risk of cancer in women and more under-16s are using contraception, meaning abortion and teenage pregnancy rates are falling.

Plus, Hilary and Fiona find out who their celebrity body doppelgangers are!

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Fiona Phillips with her body doppelganger Jennifer Aniston!

Dr Hilary is on The Pulse

Dr Hilary discusses the latest health headlines - including a huge breakthrough for Alzheimer's sufferers and the development of a bionic eye to cure blindness.

Angelina Jolie has also triggered a rise in people checking for breast cancer and sausage sales are falling as shoppers go for healthier alternatives.

However campaigners have argued they are healthier than ever...

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Dr Hilary on rise of cosmetic surgery among males

Men now have four times as many treatments such as tummy tucks and boob reductions as compared to the last decade in a bid to look like Hollywood A-listers

– Dr Hilary Jones

Dr Hilary joins us to discuss the latest health headlines including the news that cosmetic surgery among males is on the rise as they bid to look like Hollywood A-listers.

Plus doctors are backing a 20 per cent sugar tax to fight obesity and our resident health expert talks about a new documentary on women and autism.

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Dr Hilary discusses Avril Lavigne's Lyme Disease

It was the worst time of my life. I'm really grateful to know I will make a 100% recovery.

– Avril Lavigne

Dr Hilary Jones discusses the latest health headlines - including Avril Lavigne's Lyme Disease diagnosis.

The 30-year-old singer revealed this week that she suffered nearly two months of night sweats and flu-like symptoms after contracting the inflammatory disease caused by tick bites.

Our resident doctor also spoke about the link between smoking and being overweight with going grey in your Twenties.

Plus he applauds reigning Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova for speaking out about periods.

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