The world's oldest mum

My daughter will take care of my child when I die

– Omkari Singh gave birth to a child at 70

Dr Hilary Jones joins us with a round up of all the topical health stories from the week including news of a 76-year-old lady who is a mother to a six year old and how a 20 minute daily walk can increase your life expectancy.

Plus he looks at the biggest medical myths including the theory cheese gives you nightmares.

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How are our Brazilian bikini dieters doing?

I've embraced exercise, that's the biggest change for me. This time last year I would never have climbed up Snowdon

– Carole who lost 2 stone on our Brazilian bikini diet plan

Back in June we launched our Brazilian Bikini Diet and took three lucky viewers all the way to Rio to get in shape.

Today we're catching up with Carole and Karen to find out how they've been getting on and the total amount of weight they've lost over the last six months.

Plus Karen reveals why was on the receiving end of some tough love from our very own Sally Bee!

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Can we do it all again?

– Karen on her trip to Brazil last summer

A carer's work is invaluable

Today we focus on the hugely important role of carers when it comes to helping families with relatives living with dementia.

We'll hear from the parents of a 38-year-old man who was diagnosed with fronto-temporal dementia in 2013 and is now living in a care home.

Dr Hilary is also live from a drop-in Alzheimer's centre in Wakefield where he'll meet the staff and take viewer questions.

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