Dr Hilary teaches us how to check our breasts

During last year's Bin Your Bra campaign we asked the nation to donate their old bras to raise money for vital research into breast cancer.

With a staggering 94 per cent of women not able to name the five common signs and symptoms of breast cancer, Dr Hilary Jones did a live breast examination on our model in the studio, to show women how they can check their breasts correctly.

Against Breast Cancer research focuses on identification of factors which influence the ability of breast cancer to spread to secondary organs – the development of metastases.

Uniquely the projects undertaken address three interlinked areas which may influence the patient outcome: Diet and lifestyle, molecules of the immune system and cancer cell biology. They are developing a test for recurrent breast cancer. More information can be found here.

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Phillip Schofield talks diabetes

Britain faces a diabetes time-bomb with one in three people on course to develop the disease. A new study suggests that a third of adults in England now have prediabetes, meaning millions of people are at risk of developing diabetes which can lead to blindness or amputation.

Philip Schofield's here to tell us how diabetes has affected his family, with both his mum and brother having with type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Awareness Week runs from Sunday 8 to Saturday 14 June

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Opening up about dementia

Although there are 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK, 52 per cent of them are yet to receive a diagnosis, a new survey published today reveals. It also says that 73 per cent of people said it was a difficult subject to talk about.

Almost a third said that they were keeping concerns about dementia relating to either themselves, a friend or relative bottled up.

Ruth Langsford joins Lorraine on the sofa to talk about her father, who lived with dementia and we also take a look at a day in the life of Derek Wilson and his wife Yvonne. Derek was diagnosed with Alzheimer's three years ago at the age of 75,

Fiona Phillips talks about having both parents suffer with dementia

If you are concerned about dementia or would like more information click here

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Skin cancer is on the rise

If you have pale skin, you're more likely to burn.

– Dr Hilary Jones

With the weather warming up and a heatwave just around the corner, it's essential that we all protect ourselves, skin cancer rates have soared, with 100,000 new cases.

We speak to Kim Chilvers and Dr Hilary Jones, and we take a look at the big names who are raising awareness for the cause.

The British Association of Dermatologists provide free information about skin cancer, the signs to look for and how to protect yourself. You can visit their website here.

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Eight million experiencing hair loss like Shobna

I couldn't go to the doctor because I didn't think I was ill, and that was a huge vanity thing.

– Shobna Gulati on her hair loss

This week, Anthea Turner revealed how her hair fell out due to the stress of her marriage breakdown - and she's not alone. Up to eight million women in the UK will experience hairloss at some point in their lives.

We're joined by Dr Sarah Jarvis and former Corrie star Shobna Gulati who noticed her hair was thinning as she went through the menopause.

Shobna is taking positive steps towards improving the condition of her hair and told us she is taking Viviscalsupplements, which promote healthy hair growth.

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