Best-selling author reveals battle with OCD

Your brain struggles to accept what the eye can see

– Author Bryony Gordon opens up about her struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

After suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for 20 years, best-selling author and journalist Bryony Gordon joins Lorraine to open up about her illness and discuss her new book, Mad Girl.

Mad Girl chronicles Gordon's journey from first showing signs of OCD at age 12, to being diagnosed at 17, to finally receiving the correct treatment for her illness at 34.

A journalist since the age of 19, it was only last year that Gordon wrote about her OCD for the first time. In the book, Gordon documents her personal struggles, including her battle with addiction and an eating disorder, and she stresses the importance of getting the right help.

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Sian Williams shares the story of her secret cancer

It's hard to know what to do with all this stuff that's ricocheting around your head

– Sian Williams

Sian Williams kept her cancer secret for fear of never seeing her children again, 'I just wanted to protect them.'

The television presenter revealed that away from the camera she'd been secretly living with cancer. She started writing to deal with the process and talks about her thoughts at the time, saying 'they are very raw.'

Half of women 'too embarrassed' to talk menopause

In this week's edition of The Pulse, Dr Hilary talks about a new survey which has revealed that half of women in the UK are suffering in silence with menopause symptoms because they are too ashamed to seek medical advice.

The research, conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the British Menopause Society (BMS), found that one in two women surveyed, aged between 45 and 65 who are currently experiencing or who have experienced menopausal symptoms within the past ten years, go through menopause without consulting a healthcare professional for support or advice.

This is despite 80 per cent of women surveyed reporting menopause symptoms and 42 percent saying their symptoms were worse or much worse than expected.

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Dr Hilary answers your male cancer questions

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