'Singing dentist' compliments Lorraine's smile

The man dubbed the singing dentist inspired lots of gleaming smiles when he complimented Lorraine's pearly whites during one polished performance on today's show!

The Basingstoke dentist, Dr Milad Shadrooh, has become the latest internet sensation after releasing a series of hilarious videos of himself singing parodies of famous songs.

Your chance to ask Dr Hilary a question about the meningitis B vaccine

After the petition for all children to receive the meningitis B vaccine became the most signed parliamentary petition ever, we want to hear from you.

Dr Hilary will be answering questions live from the studio on Thursday morning. If you have a question relating to the vaccine please send us an email to by Wednesday 24 February at 6pm and you could get the chance to ask Dr Hilary on Thursday.

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Headbands for tinnitus sufferers

Dr Hilary joins Lorraine to talk through the health stories and headlines making the news this week, including why a headband could offer some comfort to tinnitus sufferers.

Tinnitus is not an illness or disease but a term used to describe a constant ringing, whistling and buzzing in the ears. It can be very distressing for the affected individual, often leading to issues with sleep, concentration and mood.

But could a new headband masking the noise help sufferers to get a better night's sleep?

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