Headbands for tinnitus sufferers

Dr Hilary joins Lorraine to talk through the health stories and headlines making the news this week, including why a headband could offer some comfort to tinnitus sufferers.

Tinnitus is not an illness or disease but a term used to describe a constant ringing, whistling and buzzing in the ears. It can be very distressing for the affected individual, often leading to issues with sleep, concentration and mood.

But could a new headband masking the noise help sufferers to get a better night's sleep?

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How to keep a healthy heart

Next week marks the start of National Heart Month. On Thursday Dr Hilary Jones will be talking heart health with Lorraine and answering viewer questions.

Do you worry about developing heart disease? Does it run in the family? Do you want to know more about the symptoms, risk factors and warning signs? Perhaps you'd like to learn more on how to prevent heart disease and tips for keeping your heart healthy?

Please email your question to by 6pm Wednesday 3 February. Don't forget to include a contact number for a chance to ask your question live on Lorraine.

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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Next Monday marks the start of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. Every day in the UK eight women are diagnosed with cervical cancer. On Thursday Dr Hilary will be talking to Lorraine about the illness and answering viewer questions.

We want to hear from you. Do you worry about how often you should be getting checked? Are you concerned about what age you should start getting screened?

Please email your concerns to and don't forget to include a contact number. We may be in touch for you to submit your questions to Dr Hilary in a live on air clinic.

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Dr Hilary on the latest gadgets for tackling obesity

Dr Hilary joins Lorraine for The Pulse and takes a look at some of the latest high-tech gadgets available to tackle obesity, including a SmartPlate that calculates the calories in a dish.

He also looks at the Jan-U-Ary campaign, which encourages people to develop healthier eating habits for healthier living, and reveals why singing the shower is good for us.