Is cheese the key to a longer life?

The rumours could be true - cheese might just be the key to a longer life - that's according to new research, and what are the dangers of wearing high heels?

Plus a study has found that technology could be harming us with too much time spent staring at screens and working over a computer - especially if you're in your 30s! But what advice does Dr Hilary Jones have? Take a look in this week's The Pulse.

The Pulse: Dr Hilary's health headlines

After Angelina Jolie has revealed that she's had her ovaries removed to prevent getting cancer - due to being a carrier of the BRCA2 gene mutation, meaning she has a 50% risk - Dr Hilary tells us more about how women like her and Michelle Heaton are raising awareness by opening up about their stories.

He also brings us more health headlines, including how smoking really does affect an unborn baby, why an ill-fitting bra can cause backache and why long lie-ins could lead to depression, heart disease and even premature death.

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Are you comfortable talking about your period?

We're talking about endometriosis in The Pulse on Thursday's Lorraine - and a new campaign which is encouraging women to talk about their periods. But how do you feel talking about yours?

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