Can egg yolks help you get pregnant?

A couple who spent years trying for a baby has claimed an unusual cocktail of egg yolks and soya bean oil helped them to conceive after multiple failed fertility treatments.

Janet and Neil Humphreys endured six unsuccessful IVF cycles and had almost given up hope on their dream of becoming parents when they miraculously fell pregnant with twins.

Their double baby joy followed a bizarre treatment called intralipid infusion therapy, where Janet was drip fed a blend of egg yolk, soya bean oil, glycerin and water to fight off 'killer cells' which prevent the embryo developing.

The proud parents welcomed twins Lottie and Logan in 2010.

Janet has since given birth to daughter Olivia, now six months, after conceiving naturally.

Dr Hilary on the dangers of double dipping!

No party spread is complete without chips and dips, but could munching on your favourite savoury snack be harming your health?

If you, like many, repeatedly dunk your chip, crudites, or whatever delights are on offer, in various dips, you need to stop and tell yourself no!

According to the experts, double dunking fuels the spread of germs, particularly if the offender is sick or likely to pass on a bug!

Research shows the double dipping effect leaves residual saliva in dips which can spread all sorts of illnesses, including the herpes virus, TB and glandular fever.

So dodge those double dip offenders at your next party!

Is your favourite show harming your health?

We all do it, but could bingeing on your favourite box sets be putting our lives at risk?

According to scientists spending five of more hours a day in front of our favourite shows makes us two-and-a half times more likely to die from a blood clot on the lungs.

Dr Hilary explains more in this week's edition of The Pulse...

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