Did our Check Your Chaps campaign help you?

Our Check Your Chaps campaign last year was a huge success and we'd like to hear if the initiative - aimed at raising awareness of two of the most common cancers in men - affected you or a loved one...

Did you or a partner discover they had testicular or prostate cancer after watching one of our discussions on symptoms and self-examination. Did you manage to catch it just in time as a result?

If you've got some feedback for us or a story to tell, then please get in touch by emailing by Friday 12 February.

Dr Hilary takes a broga class

Dr Hilary Jones joins us to tell us this week's health headlines and also shows us what happened when he tried the new fitness fad for men... broga (that's brothers plus yoga in case you hadn't realised!).

Mentioned by Hilary in today's Pulse:

Home breathalyser

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Broga with Matt Miller – Kick Some Asana! - is out 21 December

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Alcohol awareness: are you drinking too much?

It wasn't party girl drinking, I was drinking through loneliness, boredom and things that had happened in my life to blot it out

– Hazel Worrall-Jones on alcohol addiction

Thirty-four per cent of women are now classed as high risk drinkers, with one in six developing a health problem due to drinking too much.

We meet Hazel Worrall-Jones, who is now sober after drinking up to two bottles of wine every night for more than 20 years.

Hazel told Lorraine how her drinking spiralled out of control, when she hit rock bottom, and how she managed to turn her life around.

This week is Alcohol Awareness Week and Dr Hilary was also on hand to offer advice on safe alcohol limits.