Ben Fogle's wife Marina opens up about her stillborn pregnancy

There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about him

– Marina Fogle opens up about her own stillbirth pregnancy

Marina Fogle has opened up about the pain of her own stillbirth pregnancy as she urges women to sleep on their sides in their third trimester after new research found the sleeping position could reduce the risk of stillbirth and save 130 babies' lives every year.

These women have the symptoms, but are they really menopausal?

On today’s show, Dr Hilary joined us along with his wife Dee, who was one of five women given a blood test by us to see if they really are menopausal.

All of the woman, who range from 46-52 years old, are experiencing menopausal symptoms.

“Unless you do the blood test, somebody might assume they’re in the menopause and ask for HRT where it isn’t appropriate.” Dr Hilary explained, “Whereas other ladies who do have symptoms that are suggestive, actually are in the menopause and would be very eligible for appropriate HRT therapy.”

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The Menopause Monologues: Kate Garraway, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore open up about their menopause experience

Since my menopause, I wake up in the morning, and it's a bit like there’s a tonne of bricks on my shoulders.

– Nadia Sawalha

This morning we heard from some famous faces about their experiences of menopause. Kate Garraway, Nadia Sawalha, Jane Moore, Helen Lederer and Helen Thorn opened up about how they were affected, from exhaustion to mood changes to insomnia.

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Liz Earle tells us about the importance of a healthy gut for balancing our hormones during menopause

If we can improve our gut health and get more of the gut-beneficial bacteria working for us, chances are we’ll even out our hormones and we’ll feel so much better too.

– Liz Earle

During menopause many women experience changes in their gut bacteria which can be very influential on their hormones. Health and beauty expert Liz Earle explains what foods you should be eating to improve your gut health, and how this can help keep a good hormonal balance during menopause.

Should employers put policies in place to help staff going through menopause?

Women are being signed off with depression, anxiety, migraines, and they don’t realise it’s related to the menopause.

– Dr Louise Newson

The symptoms of menopause can severely affect a woman’s life, however 70% don’t tell their employers about their suffering.

Dr Louise Newson joined us in the studio to discuss the effects menopause can have on women in the workplace, and whether more should be done to help.