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A glass of wine a day 'cuts risk of stroke'

Did you know a glass of wine could help cut your risk of common stroke?

New research research suggests that a large glass of wine a day can reduce the levels of protein that forms blood clots and protect you against the most common type of stroke.

Watch Dr Hilary discuss the findings in the video above.

Giovanna opens up about breastfeeding struggles

As long as you're happy and your baby's happy, that's all that matters

– Giovanna talsk about overcoming her breastfeeding struggles

In week two of Truly Madly Mummy, we're tackling the most provocative of issues - breastfeeding , a subject which always generates debate and headlines.

A poll we commissioned revealed that almost 45% of mums did not breastfeed their most recent child, and more than a third believe there isn't enough support among mothers themselves.