Eight million experiencing hair loss like Shobna

I couldn't go to the doctor because I didn't think I was ill, and that was a huge vanity thing.

– Shobna Gulati on her hair loss

This week, Anthea Turner revealed how her hair fell out due to the stress of her marriage breakdown - and she's not alone. Up to eight million women in the UK will experience hairloss at some point in their lives.

We're joined by Dr Sarah Jarvis and former Corrie star Shobna Gulati who noticed her hair was thinning as she went through the menopause.

Shobna is taking positive steps towards improving the condition of her hair and told us she is taking Viviscalsupplements, which promote healthy hair growth.

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Michelle's meningitis ordeal

Mother's instinct always knows best... I knew something wasn't right.

– Michelle Heaton

Friend of the show Michelle Heaton joins us in her first television interview since her son Aaron Jay contracted viral meningitis.

She's joined by Dr Ellie Cannon who talks about how to spot the signs of the virus and how to deal with it.

Get Dr Hilary's tips for spotting the signs and symptoms of meningitis

Find out more about the charity behind viral meningitis week

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A sisterly bond like no other

Six-year-old Milly Smith can now play outside - after her big sister Kacey, eight, saved her with a bone marrow transplant.

Milly had previously lived her life in a bubble, after a disease which affects one in eight million left her with virtually no immune system, but she is now able to lead a more normal life thanks to her sister.

We're joined by the two girls and their proud mum Theresa.

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Secret Bodies: Excessive sweating

It's week four of our series looking at illnesses and conditions that people are too embarrassed to talk about and today week we're talking about the problem of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), a condition that affects thousands of women across Britain.

Joining us today is Kayley Waterer whose sweating has caused her great distress and embarrassment and alongside her will be Dr Hilary.

Are you up to date with your smears?

As it's revealed that around 360,000 more women are overdue a cervical cancer screening compared to three years ago, we want to know if you have put off having your smear test. If so, why? Is it just something you never get round to?

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How do you give your kids a healthy diet?

What lengths do you go to to get your children to eat healthily? If you have any tips to share with us we'd love to hear them.

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