Beth Tweddle tackles her bucket list for charity

I'm a bit of a daredevil! My mum is more worried now than when I was competing at the Olympics!

– Beth Tweddle

She's Britain's most successful gymnast, winning bronze at the 2012 Olympic games.

But having retired from the sport in August 2013, Beth Tweddle has since turned her attention to tackling more daring situations - all in the name of the Mountain Warehouse Charity Challenge.

Daredevil Beth has so far been raising money wing-walking and zip-lining, but now has her sights set on bungee jumping and jet walking!

You go girl. Rather you than us, though!

A song for Jenny

I thought it was a remarkably truthful retelling of the story. It doesn't shy away from the pain and the horror. Emily Watson has nailed me, she is just so courageous.

– Julie Nicholson

Julie Nicholson's life was turned upside down when her beloved daughter Jenny was killed in the 7/7 bombings.

She's since written a memoir which has been turned into a new TV drama that stars Emily Watson.

Joining us today she recalled the heartbreak and shock after hearing of her death as a series of events forced Jenny into taking a different tube route.

Julie also revealed why she had to see Jenny's body to say goodbye.

She said: "It was just something I knew I had to do. As a mother you are there at the start of their life and so at the end of her life, I felt like I didn't want her to be alone."

A Song For Jenny is on TV this Sunday, 9pm, BBC1.

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Should teachers confiscate unhealthy food?

Teachers can lawfully confiscate, keep or destroy unhealthy snacks in children's school lunch boxes, a Government minister has said. We want to know what you think about this? Would you be upset if a teacher confiscated something from your child's packed lunch? Is the parent's job or the teacher's to decide what a child eats?

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My friends, the Krays

What a wonderful woman she was, a wonderful loving mother who just happened to be the mother of the most notorious men in London at the time. Her princes she used to call them.

– Maureen on The Kray brothers' mum

Former model Maureen Flanagan was a close friend of the infamous East-End gangsters the Kray twins and their mum Violet. She's just been consulted for Tom Hardy's film Legend and has written her story in a new book.

One of the Family: 40 Years with the Krays is out Thursday July 2.

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England's women's football hopes

England Women's team have got through to semi-final at the World Cup on Thursday being held in Canada. If they get through to the next round they're officially the most successful team since the glory days of 1966.

Today we're joined by England footballer Katie Chapman's fiancee, Mark and the couple's three boys. Katie is only one of two mums on the England team and we find out what life is like with a football star in the family!

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What's the most romantic gesture your partner has made?

For her 32nd birthday, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's husband flew her out for an Italian meal.... in Italy!

Cheryl posted on Instagram - ''When you're asked what you would like for your birthday dinner and you say let's go to a nice Italian restaurant!... then you actually end up IN Italy.''

What's the most romantic gesture your partner has ever done for you?

Perhaps it wasn't quite as dramatic as Cheryl's? Or maybe it was even better?

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Richard and Rosie's his and hers guide to IVF

We wanted the book to be a real survival guide. To give you tips on how to get through it, how you might be feeling.

– Rosie Bray

After four years, three clinics, two pregnancies and one miscarriage, new parents Richard Mackney and Rosie Bray have written a his and hers guide to IVF.

Richard and Rosie say that they wanted to share their experiences with others, as it's something that's not often talked about.

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