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What happened to Damien Nettles?

We were just fascinated by how a teenage boy could completely vanish without a trace on a night out on an island so small - it was extraordinary

– Alys Harte on the disappearance of teenager Damien Nettles

Almost two decades after teenager Damien Nettles vanished on the Isle of Wight, journalists Alys Harte and Bronagh Munro re-investigate the case in an attempt to discover the truth behind his disappearance and bring closure to his family.

Jimmy Savile whistleblower relives abuse ordeal

'Now I know I'm a victim, but back then I didn't know I was a victim'

– Karin Ward, the woman responsible for unmasking Jimmy Savile, reveals the details of her abuse in a new memoir

Karin Ward played a huge role in exposing one of the biggest abuse scandals of recent times, and today she joined Fiona to talk about reliving her nightmare for a new memoir.

In the book, Victim Zero, Karin, who is also known as Kat, details the abuse she suffered at the hands of BBC presenter and notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile.

The 58-year-old was the first victim to unmask Savile as a sexual predator, and her shocking testimony was the catalyst for uncovering decades of abuse and coverups.

Victim Zero charts her life story plagued by neglect, abuse and abandonment, and the fight for justice after years of being questioned and branded a liar.

Victim Zero is out today.

Top tips on home improvement from Amanda Lamb

Amanda Lamb became known to the nation as the star of the Scottish Widow adverts and has gone on to forge a hugely successful career as a TV presenter.

Amanda joins Fiona to talk about her new series of Selling Houses, as well as her own renovation project.

This project, a holiday home in Devon, was inspired from her childhood of wanting to live by the sea. Amanda has transformed the house from top to bottom.

Are you looking to give your house a spruce up? Amanda's here to give some top tips on improving your home.

Watch the full interview here

'Kelly's Hero' award

Lorraine Kelly

Here at Lorraine we love to celebrate the best of the British public.

Do you have a hero we need to know about?

Has someone gone above and beyond to help you, a loved one or a particular part of your neighbourhood such as a school, hospital or social group?

We are looking for extraordinary people that have done extra-ordinary things - selfless individuals who do sensational things for others.

Whether it is family, work, or in the community, doing something for a few or many, and you think they deserve a surprise ‘Hero’s welcome’ from Lorraine’s special team one morning, then let us know. So we can present them with a ‘Kelly’s Hero’ award.

Wedding bells for Twitter love story

It's a modern day love story where a gorgeous girl and a handsome stranger meet and fall in love... on Twitter!

Now, four years later they have tied the knot! Gaby chats to the couple, Victoria and Jonathan O'Brien, about their recent wedding and what it's been like since their story has gone viral!

Congratulations Victoria and Jonathan - we wish you a lifetime of happiness together.