Kate's ice bucket challenge

Dan Wootton kindly nominated Kate to be the latest participant in the Ice Bucket Challenge!

After accepting the challenge (what a sport!), we doused her in icy water to raise money and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease.

Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard take the challenge

Watch a slow motion video of Ruth Langsford getting doused in icy water!

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James Tanner looks like he is enjoying this far too much!

Remembering the Marchioness disaster

In 1989, a birthday party Jonathan Phang organised for his business partner ended in tragedy after their pleasure boat the Marchioness collided with Bowbelle, a huge sand dredger, and sank within seconds, drowning 51 of the 130 passengers.

On the 25th anniversary of the tragedy, Jonathan shares his story with us, and tells us how he's managed to turn his life around.

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It had an enormous affect on my life. It took me about twenty years to confront it.

– Marchioness survivor Jonathan Phang

Meet a real-life supermum!

Mother-of-two Jo Pavey, 40, has become the oldest female European Athletics champion after winning gold in the 10,000m in Zurich - and has put her success down to being a busy mum. She won gold just 10 days after winning a bronze medal in the Commonwealth games in Glasgow.

Jo has a four year old called Jacob, and an 11-month-old baby called Emily who both watched her historic win in Zurich. Her husband Gavin is also her coach and Jo says her family inspires her to keep running.

We chat to the remarkable sportswoman and mum about how she juggles motherhood, being an older mum and being top of her game, and to talk about the ITV Local Heroes campaign.

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Would you try partner sharing?

Penny Smith and best friend Mariella Frostrup have been pictured on the front page of the Telegraph, after Mariella revealed that she borrowed Penny's partner to go on holiday when her husband was forced to work. Mariella says: 'I have seen the future and it's partner sharing' - though she did make it clear they holidayed just as friends.

Would you share your friend's partner? Do you think, as Mariella does, that partner sharing is the way forward?

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Should there be an age limit for mini skirts?

It's all very well if you're young like this model - but how old is too old to wear a short skirt?

Today we have Lesley Joseph on the show, AKA Dorian Green from Birds of a Feather - a lady who is a fan of a short skirt!

This has got us thinking - what age do you think you should you put your mini skirt away and cover up? Or, if you feel good about yourself, should you feel free to wear a short skirt, however old you are? Let us know your thoughts.

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Where would you like to move to?

A mother in America has been talking about her decision to leave her family behind, to take part in a mission to move to Mars!

It's got us thinking this morning... if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to move to - and why?

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