Do manners matter?

Good manners are just as important as exam grades - that's according to the Editor of Tatler magazine, who has been speaking at a top private school.

So do you agree with that? We'd like to hear your thoughts this morning. Do you believe that being polite and respectful is just as important as academic success? And do you worry that teenagers have poor manners these days?

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Life after losing a limb in terror attack

Nine years ago London came under attack and today we are joined by Thelma Stober who was on Aldgate tube on the morning of 7th July 2005.

She lost her lower leg in the attack and will be joins Lorraine to tell us how life has changed since.

Watch Lorraine talk to 7/7 survivor Paul Dadge

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Do you monitor your kids' phones?

As a newspaper this morning suggests children as young as nine could be taught the dangers of sexting, we want to know:

Do your kids have a mobile phone? Have you had conversations with them about using them safely? Do you monitor their emails and internet use? Let us know your thoughts for today's show

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Brave women bare their breasts

Eight brave women will bare their breasts on TV this evening - in a 'Tonight' special investigating how women can protect themselves against breast cancer.

We're joined by two of the volunteers and Dr Hilary Jones.

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Nine years since 7/7

Being hacked was a loss of control

– Paul Dadge

Next week marks nine years since London was devastated by one of the worst terrorist atrocities to ever hit Britain, when the London Underground and a bus were targeted by bombers.

Paul Dadge was a commuter who was famously photographed helping victim Davinla Douglas as she clutched a surgical mask to her face. He was also a victim of News International's phone hacking and has been critical of the press coverage of the case, and its focus on celebrity victims.

He joins Lorraine now to tell us more about his side of the story.

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