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POLL: When it comes to menopause, do you feel supported at work?

On Tuesday’s show we’ll be talking to Chief Constable Sue Fish, who is behind Nottinghamshire Police Force’s initiative to help their female officers cope with menopausal symptoms in the workplace. The force have announced new measures including rooms where women can go if they are suffering with particularly bad symptoms and ensuring women sit near doors and have better access to showers to help them cope with hot flushes.

Is your workplace accommodating of women going through menopause? Let us know below…


Sexual harassment in the workplace: What should you do?

With more and more allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct surfacing from the showbiz and political world - we're asking, what should you do if you find yourself in this position? What are the options available? This morning we were joined by broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer who has famously been at the centre of the scandal this week and psychologist Emma Kenny.

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POLL: Have you ever experienced sexually inappropriate behaviour at work?

In recent weeks the papers have been awash with reports of sexual misconduct within the entertainment industry.

Do you think the recent headlines have opened up a wider conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace? Has it made you think differently about what the appropriate boundaries are? Maybe you’ve been affected by these issues?

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