Is a happy wife the secret to a happy marriage?

The secret to a happy marriage, is a happy wife according to new research!

A new study has found that a wife's happiness is more crucial than the husband's when it comes to maintaining a lasting marriage.

We'd like to hear your thoughts this morning - what are your secrets to a happy relationship?

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Do you find it hard to talk to your kids?

More than 60% of parents find it difficult to discuss uncomfortable subjects such as sex with their children a new survey has suggested.

Would like to know what you think on this? Did you find it hard to have that talk? What age do you think it's best to have it? Or did you leave it to their teachers to discuss?

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The woman who highlighted Everyday Sexism

Last week we launched our search for the Lorraine Inspirational Woman Of The Year award, as we celebrate women who have achieved amazing things.

Today we speak to Laura Bates, who runs The Everyday Sexism Project, an online campaign prompted by a week in which Laura was both groped and shouted at in the street by men. She says If both of these hadn't happened together then she wouldn't have realised that they were wrong, as this kind of behaviour is so normalised in modern society.

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Our wounded become heroes once again

The inaugural Invictus Games opens tonight, championed by Prince Harry.
Over 400 competitors from 14 countries will take part in this international sporting event for sick, wounded and injured service men and women.

Former gunner with the Royal artillery, Adam Nixon, is captain of the British Armed Forces wheelchair basketball team. He lost his leg whilst serving in Basra in 2004 and joins Lorraine to talk about taking part in the games.

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