Stay at home dads - what do you think?

On today's show we're talking about dads who stay at home and look after the kids, and we want to hear your thoughts.

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Lance Armstrong's former PA on speaking out

By not speaking out, I was becoming part of the problem

– Emma O'Reilly

When Emma O'Reilly joined US Postal cycling team in 1996, she could not have believed she would be at the centre of such an international scandal.

Then personal assistant to Lance Armstrong, she had the strength to speak out against the culture of doping and against the man she was working for.

However as a result, her reputation was destroyed and she was branded an alcoholic prostitute. Emma though has bounced back, forgiven Lance and written a tell all book which amazingly he has written the foreword to.

She joins Lorraine live in the studio to tell us about her experience.

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Britain's poshest nannies

Welcome to Norland College, the quintessentially British 120-year-old childcare training college in Bath which turns it's students into elite 21st century Mary Poppins-style nannies.

Tonight a new documentary will be going behind the scenes of the college and TWO of the stars will be joining Lorraine live on the sofa.

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Look good, feel better

More than 80 percent of female cancer sufferers say that the way they look affects their confidence. Look Good Feel Better has been giving makeovers to cancer sufferers and is celebrating 20 years of doing so they have launched a new campaign to celebrate.

Lorraine meets four stars of the new campaign to find out why the makeovers have been a lifeline to them.

Visit the Look Good Feel Better website

Dr Hilary's guide to cervical cancer - the facts that could save your life

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