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Helplines: Coping with grief, loss and bereavement

There's no manual for grief. You do it in your own way - there's no right or wrong way to grieve

– Victoria Milligan

Psychotherapist and grief counsellor Julia Samuel talks about coping with loss, grief and bereavement.

She was joined by Victoria Milligan whose partner and daughter were tragically killed in a speedboat accident during a family holiday four years ago, but she was helped through her grief by Julia.

Britain's ugliest dog steps out on the catwalk

On today’s show, we had Britain’s ugliest dog and Britain’s most beautiful dog.

Despite being named Britain’s ugliest pooch, Chase has managed to land a modelling contract. Whilst Gucci poochie Iraida is a long time dog supermodel gracing the pages of magazines.

Taking a lead from the one and only pop icon Kylie Minogue, who celebrates her 50th birthday today; the two canines stepped out on the catwalk with a Kylie inspired look delivered by our Mark. We thought they both looked fur-abulous.

Could EastEnders knife crime storyline help save lives?

EastEnders’ Lorraine Stanley has played Karen Taylor for no longer than a year in the mighty soap.

But in that time she’s caused a stir with her kids, and was even caught throwing a punch at Sharon Mitchell. Despite her tough exterior, nothing could prepare Karen and her family for the shocking stabbing of her son Keegan by a gang on the Square.

In tonight’s episode, the story grows more shocking as we learn that Keegan's friend, Shakil has also tragically been stabbed and died from his injuries.

The storyline has very much acted as a reminder about the recent epidemic of knife crime in London. Lorraine who plays Karen hopes that the scene - which shows the devastating impact of such attacks - will help serve as a reminder and prevent it from happening again in the future.

This clip is dividing the internet... do you hear Yanny or Laurel?

Listen to the clip via the tweet below. Can you hear “Laurel” or “Yanny”? The internet is divided.

YouTuber Cloe Feldman shared the clip of sound, which originated on Reddit, on Tuesday and it immediately began to pick up traction.

The clip spread like wildfire, with celebrities and mere mortals alike letting their followers know what they heard.

But what do you hear? Listen to the clip and vote in our online poll.

Paul Burrell: 'I think Diana would have wholeheartedly approved of Meghan'

Together with Meghan by his side, Harry and she will go out into the world and fulfil Diana's dreams

– Former royal butler Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell, former servant of the British royal household, has spoken out on Prince Harry’s union with Meghan Markle ahead of the couple’s marriage.

He claimed the late Princess Diana would have given her blessing to the happy couple and will be at the wedding 'in spirit'.

The former butler also spoke about the first time he met the young royal saying watching the young princes grow up was ‘the happiest time in my life’.

He described Harry as a 'mischievous, naughty and noisy' child.

With thanks to The Harte and Garter Hotel in Windsor.