Would you try a DIY DNA testing kit?

A new DIY DNA testing kit is now available in high street stores which can tell you if you will have any potential health problems in the future.

Do you think this is a good idea? Would you want to try it? Or do you think it could cause potential problems?

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It was a 'bit daunting after that video went out'

In a moving video message Reverend Hayley Young told her congregation she has HIV. In the video she tells of the daily struggles of battling the virus.

Diagnosed at the age of 28, she was attacked in 2013. As the strong anti-viral drugs she was taking began to cause side effects including hair loss, she decided she had to tell her congregation. Hayley joins Fiona today.

She said: "In one sense this shouldn't be news but there's still some things out there so we did the video in order to try and make people see sense."

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Whispering Hope: The women who suffered

After watching the 2002 film The Magdalene Sisters, a young Irish film maker called Steven O'Riordan wanted to meet some of the women who were forced to work in the Irish laundries, which ran like workhouses.

Kathleen Legg was one of the women who shared her story with Steven - he made a documentary about the laundries in Ireland and has now written a book about five of the women who suffered.

Kathleen and Steven join Fiona to talk about the book Whispering Hope which is out on Thursday.

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I co-parent with my best friend

If there was ever a moment if we thought William was unhappy we would change it but as you can see he's happy

– Emma Stroud says co-parenting works for her

Latest figures show more women than ever are leaving it later and later to start a family. With many not finding their perfect partner they are turning to strangers or friends to have children.

We're joined by best friends and business partners Emma Stroud and Deon Newbronner who are not romantically involved but have a three-year-old son William together.

They look after William on a rotation basis for three days each.

Brave mums honoured at RNLI event

The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) Awards 2015 is taking place at The Barbican in London today.

Andrea Corrie and Victoria Milligan join Lorraine on the sofa as they discuss receiving awards for their charity and fundraising work after losing loved ones.

They encourage others to speak out about their grief and to not be afraid of speaking to a bereaved person; ask them how they are and let them know they're there.

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The youngest member of the Commons since 1667

I have a close family and they are very supportive. I think they are more excited by the fact that Scotland has a voice in Westminster!

– Mhairi Black

Of the 56 SNP MPs starting work in the House of Commons yesterday one stood out from the crowd. She's the house's youngest member since 1667.

Twenty-year-old Mhairi Black's success as MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South has made headlines the world over and even landed her column inches in the esteemed New York Times.

She joins Lorraine today to discuss first-week nerves, coping with press pressures and the small matter of her yet to be completed University degreeā€¦

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Have you ever called for an SOS?

Rail passenger Steven Staples called for an SOS after he got locked in the toilets of a train between London and Kent. He tweeted the rail company and was rescued.

But have you ever made a desperate SOS call? Maybe on a first date, tricky work meeting or family gathering?

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