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EXCLUSIVE DJ David ‘Kid’ Jensen on secretly living with Parkinson’s for five years: ‘I was worried about the stigma'

On this morning’s show we were joined by DJ David ‘Kid’ Jensen and his wife Gudrun. David opened up to Lorraine about how he has been secretly living with Parkinson’s for the past five years and how he now wants to use his platform to spread awareness of the disease.

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Waterloo Road actress Holly Matthews on coping with grief this Christmas

Holly Matthews spoke to Lorraine about facing her first Christmas without her husband, Ross who passed away this year after losing a 3 year battle with a rare brain tumour.

Larry Lamb on tackling loneliness this Christmas

You realise that older people lack affection. They want somebody to give them a hug.

– Actor and presenter Larry Lamb

Larry Lamb joined Lorraine to talk about the rising issue of loneliness during the festive season and how we can help the elderly get through the Christmas period.

'My birthmark almost cost me my life'

It's not stopped me from going where I've wanted to be

– Cody Hall

Lorraine met Cody Hall who underwent 21 operations over 14 years to fix a severe facial deformity that doctors initially thought there was no answer for.

Lorraine Mitchell bravely opens up about her decade long stalking ordeal

This month marks five years since stalking became a criminal offence in England and Wales. Lorraine Mitchell tells us about the man who made her life a living hell.

Sexual harassment in the workplace: What should you do?

With more and more allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct surfacing from the showbiz and political world - we're asking, what should you do if you find yourself in this position? What are the options available? This morning we were joined by broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer who has famously been at the centre of the scandal this week and psychologist Emma Kenny.

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POLL: Have you ever experienced sexually inappropriate behaviour at work?

In recent weeks the papers have been awash with reports of sexual misconduct within the entertainment industry.

Do you think the recent headlines have opened up a wider conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace? Has it made you think differently about what the appropriate boundaries are? Maybe you’ve been affected by these issues?

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