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Fearne Cotton: 'My battle with depression'

It comes in all different shapes, sizes and textures - everyone's experience is different, but talking about it helps

– Fearne Cotton opens up about her battle with depression

She's a much-loved radio and TV presenter, a fashion icon and proud mum-of-two, but away from the cameras Fearne Cotton has waged a secret battle against depression.

Nigel Owens: 'I couldn't accept I was gay'

The biggest challenge I've ever come across in my life was accepting who I was

– Nigel Owens says accepting he was gay was the biggest challenge he has ever faced

After revealing his struggles with his sexuality, international rugby referee Nigel Owens joined Lorraine to tell his story in a bid to inspire others to be true to themselves.

Meet the UK's first pregnant man

All I can do is try my best

– The UK's first pregnant man Hayden Cross vows to be the best dad he can be

Britain's first pregnant man Hayden Cross has revealed he received death threats after news of his pregnancy broke.

The 20-year-old, from Gloucester, was born a woman but three years ago began treatment to undergo gender transition. However, Hayden has had to put the process on hold so that he can have a baby as he claims the NHS refused to freeze his eggs for the future.