Sarra Hoy opens up about premature birth

At 29 weeks it was absolutely terrifying

– Sarra Hoy

In her first ever television interview, Sarra Hoy, wife of Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy joins Lorraine to talk about how their lives changed after their son Callum was born prematurely at only 29 weeks.

With a healthy pregnancy there was no indication that there was anything unusual until the point the couple were told the baby was on its way, 11 weeks early.

Sarra and baby Callum joins Lorraine to talk about her experience and her work in raising awareness of the issue of premature babies.

Giovanna laughs her way to happier me time

I don't know quite what's going on here, but I know that I love it already!

– Giovanna Fletcher at a laughter club

Last week we saw Giovanna embrace her creative side and give life-drawing a go, and in this week's Take 5 series she's making new friends with the people who laugh their way to a happier 'me time'.

Arriving at a laughter club, Giovanna is immediately impressed, "I don't know quite what's going on here, but I know that I love it already!"

Our me time investigator continues, "We haven't even started yet, and I'm already laughing a lot!"

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I was a victim of revenge porn

You do it behind closed doors and it's supposed to stay behind closed doors. To have it publicly shared is heartwrenching

– Folami Prehaye on becoming the victim of revenge porn

This week in Coronation Street we see Steph Britton become a victim of revenge porn when her ex-boyfriend Jamie posts naked pictures of her online.

Today Lorraine was joined by Folami Prehaye founder of VOIC, who went through a real-life ordeal when her ex-boyfriend uploaded naked photos of her to a spoof Facebook page last year.

Following a bitter break-up with community worker Thomas Samuel, Folami discovered that he had posted graphic content of her on the website before sending links to her friends and relatives.

Despite Facebook removing the pictures within two hours, they were shared and appeared on pornographic websites where they were viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

India Willoughby: My Double Life

From my earliest memories, I didn't feel like I fit into my own skin

– India Willoughby on her gender identity struggle

Former ITV News presenter Jonathan Willoughby joins Lorraine to talk about leading a double life for five years as a woman and how life has changed since he underwent a sex change.

Paris terror attacks latest developments

France launched another night of air strikes in Syria last night with a further 20 strikes targeting the region of Al-Raqqah. Intelligence has suggested this is the area where the Paris attackers were trained and sent out by the so-called Islamic State to wreak havoc.

This morning it's a very sombre mood in Paris, as the city has opened for business again after three days of national mourning.

Last night, the lights on the Eiffel Tour shone brightly once more, after being turned off following the deadly attacks on Friday 14 November.

A campaign #TousAuBistrot is encouraging French people to visit restaurants, cafes and bars tonight to pay homage to the victims and show Paris's strength in the face of terrorism.

Meet the original Top Gun of World War Two

For a long time many people didn't know that women even flew during the war ... We were the trailblazers

– Joy Lofthouse on her days as a Spitfire pilot during World War Two

As the nation paused to remember our war heroes, Lorraine will be marking Armistice Day with a very special guest.