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Fidget spinners: healthy or hazardous?

They’re the trend of the summer but could fidget spinners be bad for you?

Dr Hilary joined Lorraine in the studio this morning to discuss the risks surrounding imported versions of the toy, which don’t have to adhere to the same health and safety standards as the UK.

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The Pulse: Sun and sex will do you good! ☀️

​Fun between the sheets will boost your brain, say the experts.

​Academics have announced a recent study that states that the more frequently you have sex, the sharper your mind.

Results showed higher cognitive function in those over the age of 50 who had sex every week, with a 2% higher mental performance.

There you go. Dr's orders!

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Joely Richardson's trip to Uganda 'a real sense of hope'

They call them 'settlements' there, which seem so much more humane. They give them little plots of land to grow things. It was a beautiful thing to witness.

– Joely Richardson has just returned from Uganda

Joely Richardson has just returned from a special mission in Uganda, to the largest refugee camp in the world.

She said that the visit filled her with hope and that the children are taken care of thanks to Save The Children and the help they receive.