Join Brenda in supporting Text Santa

Christmas is just around the corner which means only one thing... so is Text Santa!

Text Santa Christmas Jumper Day is on Friday 18 December and gives hope to families in difficulty this Christmas.

Lorraine's joined by actress and Text Santa supporter Brenda Blethyn, who'll be sharing what she's up to as part of the campaign and how you can get involved.

This year, 100 percent of all donations will be split equally between Macmillan Cancer Support, Make-A-Wish UK and Save the Children.

We also hear Thom's story about how Macmillan Cancer Support helped him through his battle against colon cancer following his devastating diagnosis, aged just 27.

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Happy birthday Lorraine!

Lorraine doesn't look too impressed with her new Piers Morgan cushion!

Happy birthday to our presenter Lorraine Kelly who today was treated to all sorts of surprises on the show, including but not limited to Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan turning up in his kilt, cupcakes from The Vamps and birthday messages from some famous chums!

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Happy birthday Lorraine!

Lorraine with her birthday present from Dan Wootton!

A birthday message from The Vamps...

Hayley and Rosie's body image message

Tomorrow a Parliamentary Inquiry will begin which will investigate whether very thin models should be banned from British catwalks, after a petition calling for fashion week health checks reached nearly 100,000 signatures.

Lorraine is joined by model Rosie Nelson, who started the petition, as well as plus-size model Hayley Hasselhoff, to discuss the issue.

Sarra Hoy opens up about premature birth

At 29 weeks it was absolutely terrifying

– Sarra Hoy

In her first ever television interview, Sarra Hoy, wife of Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy joins Lorraine to talk about how their lives changed after their son Callum was born prematurely at only 29 weeks.

With a healthy pregnancy there was no indication that there was anything unusual until the point the couple were told the baby was on its way, 11 weeks early.

Sarra and baby Callum joins Lorraine to talk about her experience and her work in raising awareness of the issue of premature babies.

Giovanna laughs her way to happier me time

I don't know quite what's going on here, but I know that I love it already!

– Giovanna Fletcher at a laughter club

Last week we saw Giovanna embrace her creative side and give life-drawing a go, and in this week's Take 5 series she's making new friends with the people who laugh their way to a happier 'me time'.

Arriving at a laughter club, Giovanna is immediately impressed, "I don't know quite what's going on here, but I know that I love it already!"

Our me time investigator continues, "We haven't even started yet, and I'm already laughing a lot!"

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I was a victim of revenge porn

You do it behind closed doors and it's supposed to stay behind closed doors. To have it publicly shared is heartwrenching

– Folami Prehaye on becoming the victim of revenge porn

This week in Coronation Street we see Steph Britton become a victim of revenge porn when her ex-boyfriend Jamie posts naked pictures of her online.

Today Lorraine was joined by Folami Prehaye founder of VOIC, who went through a real-life ordeal when her ex-boyfriend uploaded naked photos of her to a spoof Facebook page last year.

Following a bitter break-up with community worker Thomas Samuel, Folami discovered that he had posted graphic content of her on the website before sending links to her friends and relatives.

Despite Facebook removing the pictures within two hours, they were shared and appeared on pornographic websites where they were viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

India Willoughby: My Double Life

From my earliest memories, I didn't feel like I fit into my own skin

– India Willoughby on her gender identity struggle

Former ITV News presenter Jonathan Willoughby joins Lorraine to talk about leading a double life for five years as a woman and how life has changed since he underwent a sex change.