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DEBATE: Is there such a thing as 'too fat to teach'?

On this morning’s show, we were joined by journalist Hilary Freeman who says the overweight teacher she met at a prospective nursery was one of the main factors in deciding not to send her daughter there - as it sets a bad example.

The headline has caused a global debate, but does she have a point? Should role models like nursery school workers and teachers be setting a better example when it comes to size?

Joining Hilary to discuss the topic was mum and plus-size blogger Becky Barnes, who strongly disagrees.

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Clegg and wife Miriam reveal son Antonio’s private cancer battle

You very quickly move from the shock, to trying to support your child as they’re battling through this very heavy treatment.

– Nick Clegg on son Antonio's cancer diagnosis

Nick Clegg and his wife Miriam were devastated in September 2016 when their 14-year-old son Antonio was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma - a rare form of cancer. After months of chemotherapy, Antonio is now thankfully in the clear.

Nick and Miriam joined Lorraine in the studio this morning for an exclusive interview to tell their story and raise awareness for Bloodwise, who do important research into the disease.

Have you got the Markle Sparkle?

Have you been told you look like Meghan Markle?

Do passers-by ask about your royal relationship? If so we want to hear from you!

We’re launching our first ever lookalike search to find the next Meghan Markle, with the winner being crowned with a year’s representation by lookalike agency Susan Scott.

Send us your first day of school pics!

It's a big day for Prince George tomorrow as he starts at his brand new school. If you've got a little one who's got their first day this week we'd love to see your pictures.

Send your pictures to with 'School pictures' in the subject line. Please make sure you include a daytime phone number.

Photos must be sent with the permission of a parent or guardian. See for terms and conditions.

Are relationship second chances ever a good idea?

As a society, we’ve created this idea that men make mistakes and women forgive them, and that’s just the pattern that we continue on.

– Journalist Harriet Minter believes once a cheat, always a cheat

This weekend the papers have been awash with reports Wayne Rooney is fighting to save his marriage amid allegations he had a woman in the car when he was arrested and later charged with drink driving.

On this morning’s show we asked, 'Are relationship second chances ever a good thing?'