Sally Bee opens up about her hair loss

I have been devastated by it to be honest ... but the support of my friends has been crucial

– Sally Bee

This summer Sally Bee, along with Lorraine Kelly and Maxine Jones, bravely stripped down to their bikinis by the River Thames for our Bikini Promise.

Yet, despite her confidence onscreen, Sally had been secretly battling her own personal struggles behind the scenes.

Having suffered two heart attacks in 2004, Sally was put on medication that caused her to lose some of her hair and she now chooses to wear a wig.

Exclusive survey on our struggles with stress

As part of National Stress Awareness Day , we've been finding out what makes you stressed and why.

Our exclusive Lorraine survey has revealed that 78 percent of you currently feel stressed, with 77 percent worrying about the long-term effects of stress on your health.

According to our survey, the main cause of stress is work and the thing you'd most like to ease stress levels is more money.

We were joined by busy working mum-of-four and ex-Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton along with stress management coach Yvonne Williams.

How Abi has changed the world

I've always been totally honest about who and what I am

– Britain's first transgender Army officer on her gender transition

Eight years ago Ian Hamilton became Jan Hamilton - making headlines around the world as the first officer in the British army to transition from a man to a woman.

Jan said at the time: ''I looked in the mirror and realised that was the last time I was ever going to look at Ian."

What stresses you, and how do you de-stress?

It's National Stress Awareness Day, and so we're talking all about what makes you stressed and why, and we want to know what you do to de-stress - Naomi Campbell says she eats and wears comfy clothes!

Maybe you exercise, have a bath, just take time out for yourself for five minutes, or maybe you have a really unusual way to de-stress. Whatever it is, we'd love to hear from you.

Get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or by emailing before 8am on Wednesday 4 March and we may read your comments on the show. You must be 18 and over.

Participation terms

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Live Facebook Q&A with stress expert Yvonne Williams

Today is National Stress Awareness Day and we will be joined by stress management coach Yvonne Williams who will be hosting a live Q&A on our Facebook page straight after Wednesday's show.

She will be giving some top tips on how to cope with stress, advice on what you can do to lower stress levels and more information on who you can turn to for support.

Head over to Facebook straight after tomorrow's show at 9:30am and take part by posting your questions to Yvonne in the event. She'll do her best to answer all of them. You must be 18 and over, terms at