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Astronaut Brian Duffy recounts tales of space odyssey

The experience is out of this world!

– Astronaut Brian Duffy on his space missions

It's not often you meet someone who has ventured outside of our world and stepped into the largely undiscovered void of space. So naturally we were fascinated when veteran NASA astronaut Brian Duffy dropped in to tell his extraordinary tales of adventure and why he believes space travel is the future of humanity...

The former space shuttle pilot, who became an astronaut in 1986 and has completed four missions, told Christine: ''The experience is out of this world - quite literally!''

Watch Brian's captivating interview above!

Fearne Cotton: 'My battle with depression'

It comes in all different shapes, sizes and textures - everyone's experience is different, but talking about it helps

– Fearne Cotton opens up about her battle with depression

She's a much-loved radio and TV presenter, a fashion icon and proud mum-of-two, but away from the cameras Fearne Cotton has waged a secret battle against depression.

Nigel Owens: 'I couldn't accept I was gay'

The biggest challenge I've ever come across in my life was accepting who I was

– Nigel Owens says accepting he was gay was the biggest challenge he has ever faced

After revealing his struggles with his sexuality, international rugby referee Nigel Owens joined Lorraine to tell his story in a bid to inspire others to be true to themselves.