What Jacqueline's Katy did next...

She has never read one of my books, she says why would I want to read a children's book?

– Dame Jacqueline Wilson on her mum Biddy

One of the UK's favourite children's authors Dame Jacqueline Wilson has sold over 35 million books in the UK alone, including her infamous Tracy Beaker stories. Today she joins Gaby on the sofa to talk about her latest book, Katy.

Telling the story of a mischievous tomboy who has an accident that changes her life forever, the book was Inspired by the 1872 classic: What Katy Did by American writer Sarah Chauncey Woolsey - but has a contemporary twist.

Jacqueline, who is approaching her landmark 70th birthday, also reveals her mother is so proud of her achievements but has never and will never read one of her books.

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Quirky baby names - do you know a Zsigmond?

Today we're talking quirky names that have made the baby names list... names like Zsigmond and Treasure!

We want to hear from you. Do you know a person with an unusual name? Perhaps you have an unusual name yourself? Or maybe you've given your own child a unique identity?

Get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing us at lorraine@itv.com by 9am on Tuesday 18 August. You must be 18 or over.

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I sought refuge in Britain

I am a refugee and I've never been on benefits, I've worked since I got here. People come for protection, that's the most important thing.

– Sisay Kahin

Immigration has dominated the news in recent weeks, with thousands expressing outrage about immigrants landing in the UK from Calais and seeking asylum.

But while headlines complain about Britain being 'overrun with foreigners', one woman remembers what it was like to flee her home to save her life.

Sisay Kahin was only 17 when she fled her home in Ethiopia and sought refuge in Britain, leaving behind a father and brother she would never see again. Now she can't imagine what life would have held for her if she hadn't left.

Do you think wife bonuses are a good idea?

I think it's preposterous! For me, it takes away the romance.

– Journalist Martel Maxwell

A book has been released recently about a controversial new trend of women who, while not going out to work still receive a 'wife bonus' from their husband at the end of the financial year for being a wife and homemaker.

Today, journalist Martel Maxwell and Polly Philips debate whether it's right.

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He would buy me a gift when he got his bonus but then in the end I asked for the money instead!

– Polly Philips

War widow Nikki on keeping husband's legacy alive

We support over 200 children but we know there are many more. It's just about getting the message across.

– Nikki Scott

Scotty's Little Soldiers was founded by army widow Nikki Scott, who lost her husband, Corporal Lee Scott in Afghanistan, to support the children of those who have lost their lives whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.

Lee left behind Nikki and their children, Brooke and Kai, whose first smile after his father's death inspired Nikki to set up the charity.

Today Nikki joined Gaby on the sofa to tell us how she is keeping her husband's legacy alive.

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Should parents be fined for truancy?

Thousands of parents are being taken to court because their child has skipped school. Over 16,000 were prosecuted last year.

We want to know what you think - should parents be fined for taking their children out of school? Have you been prepared to face a fine when it comes to this?

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