Hande's support with Alzheimers

I want to say thank you to everyone at the Alzheimers Society. They helped me the float when I was sinking. They have been amazing. I won't let Hasan forget me.

– Hande Gogus

Our Text Santa appeal continues today as we talk to Hande Gogus who's 68-year-old husband Hasan is now in advanced stages of dementia.

Hande found it difficult to come to terms with what was happening to her husband and his behaviour. Hasan would dig holes in the garden and spend excessive amounts of money on credit cards. He also turned quite aggressive towards her, so she is very grateful for the support she has received from the Alzheimers Society.

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The troops return home for Christmas

It was really surreal, it was like a ghost town

– Flight Sergeant Mel Patterson on his final days in Camp Bastion

Six months ago we met Sergeant Richard Rogers and Flight Sergeant Mel Patterson as they were preparing to leave for Afghanistan.

Now, with the troops out of Afghanistan they are home for Christmas and look back on their final deployment to Camp Bastion.

Richard said: 'It was really surreal at the end, it was like a ghost town. AS if everyone had left and hadn't told me about it.'

Flight Sergeant Mel Patterson is excited about a trip to Florida over Christmas with her son.

She said: 'We'll have some quality time together, just having fun. It feels so strange with all the shops being so Christmassy as we've missed the build up of Christmas.'

We meet the families about to say goodbye

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Internet shopping v the High Street - get in touch!

Christmas shoppers are ditching the Internet for the High Street. Let us know if you've had enough of Internet shopping and why?

Have you spent hours waiting in for deliveries that never came? Have you been upset by where your packages have been left? Or do you believe Internet shopping has taken all the hassle out of Christmas for you?

Please get in touch by tweeting us at @ITVLorraine or commenting on our Facebook page by 9am on 16 December and your comments may be used on air. You must be 18 and over, for full terms and conditions visit itv.com/terms.

Do you want a selfie stick for Christmas?

A selfie stick is the must-have gift this year. Following the rise of the selfie - a self portrait taken yourself - the gadget has been invented for camera phones to help with group shots (as demonstrated by the Good Morning Britain presenters, above!)

But we want to know this morning - what's top of your Christmas list this year?

Jeff and Chris' story of living with dementia

We look at the story of Jeff who was looking forward to retirement with his wife of 50 years Chris, before she was diagnosed with dementia and he became her full-time carer.

One of ITV's Text Santa charities, the Alzheimer's Society, helps Jeff to cope with the general isolation that comes from living and caring for his wife. Their dementia cafes offer him a place to meet others going through the same thing and get access to much-needed advice.