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Denise Van Outen gets back on her bike for The Sky Ride

It brings out the big kid in you

– Denise Van Outen

Denise Van Outen joined Lorraine to talk about The Sky Ride Events taking place across the country. Throughout the summer there are 12 events happening throughout the UK, and with the city roads closing specially for the event, they're suitable for all the family.

'My daughter's on her bike and she's not super confident and that's what's nice about this campaign. Whether you're an experienced cyclist or you're new to cycling, it's a lovely thing to do with your children, with your friends, with your family.'

'I love that feeling of being on a bike, it takes me back to my childhood... you lose that when you grow up. But when you do get back on a bike, all those feelings and emotions come back.'

Life lessons from legendary man on the moon Buzz Aldrin

The second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, has written a new book about his Life Lessons for the next generation titled No Dream Is Too High. which is out this week.

Buzz was a big fan of Lorraine!

Buzz talked about his legendary visit to the moon: 'The more I'm around the more it does seem I came along at the right time. My Mother was born the year the Wright brothers flew an aeroplane.'

Buzz Aldrin inspired Buzz Lightyear and took the first ever selfie in space. 'If I had known what I was going to start, I would not have done it because everybody now wants a selfie!'

Reg Keys took on Tony Blair over the death of son

Tom's death was totally preventable

– Reg Keys

Reg Keys us ahead of tonight's TV drama about his life. Reg stood against Tony Blair in the 2005 election after his son Tom was killed in Iraq. He's the inspiration behind a new drama that's on tonight.

Reg had just retired in 2003 when his life was turned upside down. He discovered that his son, Lance Corporal Tom Keys had been killed while posted in Iraq. Tom was just four days short of his 21st birthday when he was killed and was due home in just a few days. His wife Sally never got over the loss of his son and died a few years after.

Reg wanted answers, making his story heard by Tony Blair as he stood and told his story. Now his story has been made into a drama that airs tonight.

The real life Me Before You

Before we knew it we were in a different relationship

– Lindsey Lonsborough

With the film Me Before You out tomorrow, meet the real-life carer Lindsey Lonsborough who fell for her patient Mark who suffered from Motor Neurone Disease. The film might be based on hit JoJo Moyes novel, but this love story is definitely the real thing.

Lindsey met Mark as his paid carer but things soon changed.

Travel 7,000 miles without spending any money

This was about as lean and mean and real as it gets

– James Levelle

A TV series tonight follows extreme film-maker, Londoner James Levelle who was challenged to travel 7,000 miles across South America with no cash, no credit cards, no mobiles, and with a stranger.

The award-winning film-maker specialises in dramatic and adventurous stories about inspirational people and the natural world. This time, James was one of them, for his documentary Free Ride.

The challenge was the brainchild of Rob Greenfield and James was drawn to his lifestyle of 'super simple living and being kind to the environment' and found Rob's extreme challenge intriguing. James thought it sounded like an incredible challenge and could make for an incredibly documentary.

Lorraine Pascale on her foster care journey

The only way to happiness is giving back

– Lorraine Pascale

Celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale reveals why she's supporting a new fostering campaign, after being fostered as a child herself. She's the first UK ambassador for fostering and says that people shouldn't count themselves out and consider doing it - particularly older children. 'Lots of teenagers need loving homes.'

Lorraine was born in East London and was given up for adoption from birth. She spent the first 18 months of her life with foster parents. Due to her personal experience with fostering, Lorraine was made the Government's first fostering Ambassador in 2014.

A lot of foster children are quite withdrawn and it’s about drawing them out. I’m so grateful for foster carers I had in my life.

– Lorraine Pascale

This year, Fostering Fortnight is raising awareness about the need for carers for teenagers. There are 64,000 children living with almost 55,000 foster families in the UK, and around two-fifths are aged 11 to 15 years.

The Adolescent and Children's Trust, TACT, says there's a misguided perception that teenagers are in care through some fault of their own, such as criminal or anti social behaviour. In reality, there tends to be a variety of reasons - including parental violence and parental illness.

Would you lose weight for love?

Lose Weight For Love is a new series that follows clinical psychologist Tanya Byron as she works with four couples who are locked in a cycle of over-eating that threatens not only their health, but their relationship.

The couples are one another's own worst enemy - encouraging each other to over eat - and Tanya believes it is only by separating and having therapy that they can address their underlying individual issues, change for good, and ultimately be happier again with one another.

Lorraine is joined on the sofa by Tanya and couple Lisa and Steve.

When the programme began Lisa was clinically obese at over 22 stone and Steve is suffering from type 2 diabetes, largely on account of all the cakes that Lisa bakes for him - her way of showing her love for her husband.

Steve fears the couple will not grow old together and Lisa has a more immediate sadness as her weight is preventing her from getting pregnant.

Lisa and Steve share their journey of how the programme has changed their lives.