Would you try partner sharing?

Penny Smith and best friend Mariella Frostrup have been pictured on the front page of the Telegraph, after Mariella revealed that she borrowed Penny's partner to go on holiday when her husband was forced to work. Mariella says: 'I have seen the future and it's partner sharing' - though she did make it clear they holidayed just as friends.

Would you share your friend's partner? Do you think, as Mariella does, that partner sharing is the way forward?

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Should there be an age limit for mini skirts?

It's all very well if you're young like this model - but how old is too old to wear a short skirt?

Today we have Lesley Joseph on the show, AKA Dorian Green from Birds of a Feather - a lady who is a fan of a short skirt!

This has got us thinking - what age do you think you should you put your mini skirt away and cover up? Or, if you feel good about yourself, should you feel free to wear a short skirt, however old you are? Let us know your thoughts.

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Where would you like to move to?

A mother in America has been talking about her decision to leave her family behind, to take part in a mission to move to Mars!

It's got us thinking this morning... if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to move to - and why?

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'Volunteering saved my life'

Domestic abuse victim Mel Woodards turned her life around after establishing a football league for 900 budding young footballers in her local area.

She joins Kate on the sofa to talk about receiving a brand new recognition award from Downing Street, and the positive impact of volunteering on both individuals and their communities.

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Should dads be in the delivery room?

Any day now Nick Knowles's wife Jessica will be giving birth to their baby, and due to a controversial interview back in February, we all know that Nick won't be in the delivery room during the birth.

It caused public debate and "selfish" and "immature" were just two of the words used to describe Jessica at the time. But what is the right thing to do? Today we are joined by mum of two Samantha Lawrence who thinks the father should NOT be present at the birth, after an unsatisfactory experience during the birth of her first child which husband Andy did attend; along with founder of Netmums, Siobhan Freegard, whose husband WAS at the birth of her children.

Watch Nick Knowles tell Lorraine about how he won't be in the delivery room

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Do you have a close friend?

A new study published today has lifted the lid on the state of the UK's relationships and found that one in ten of us has no close friends.

So we want to know how many close friends you have, and how important they are. Do you think you need a big circle of friends or just one or two best friends?

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