Dad dancing makes our kids cringe the most

It has been revealed that Dad dancing is the thing that makes children cringe the most, followed by public displays of affection and the incorrect use of youth slang.

But we want to hear your stories. Do you have an embarrassing parent or are YOU that parent?

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, or by emailing us at You must be 18 or over.

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Gorgeous Daphne is Britain's oldest supermodel

We had three weeks training. We were taught how to walk with a book on our head

– Daphne Selfe on model training in the 50s

She's one of Britain's most in-demand supermodels, has been photographed by some of the most prolific photographers and regularly appears in glossy magazines. But what makes Daphne Selfe extraordinary is that she is now in her late eighties, making her Britain's oldest supermodel.

Daphne joins Lorraine to discuss her inspirational memoirs.

Change one thing: Mel and Jay's big day

Back in January we meet Melissa Chapman who was desperate to have her dream wedding.

Melissa desperately wanted to walk down the aisle with her father who is terminally ill with bowel cancer and so Change One Thing helped this wish become a reality.

Melissa Chapman-Tite, her husband Jason and her dad Greg join Lorraine to discuss their wedding day on Friday 29th May which the Lorraine team helped to organise.

Day of memory for victims of honour based killings

Tomorrow marks the first ever Day of Memory for the victims of honour-based killings. Amongst many of the events arranged to mark the day there'll be a survivors conference that brings together women who have experienced honour based abuse and forced marriages.

Today campaigner and enforced marriage survivor Jasvinder Sanghera CBE will join Lorraine on the sofa to discuss why she believes this is a very real threat to some young women in the UK.

Enforced marriage and honour based killing helplines

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