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Are you a breastfeeding mum?

We are looking for a group of breastfeeding mums to join us on the show next Wednesday morning (23 November) and become part of our Truly Madly Mummy broadcasting team. We will also have a breastfeeding expert on hand to answer any questions you have. Are you worried about mastitis? Perhaps you're feeling pain or suffering from discomfort during or after nursing? Maybe you're worried about your milk supply?

You must be happy about breastfeeding while we are filming and ideally live within the M25 or thereabouts.

Please email your name and contact details to before 5pm on Tuesday 22 November if you would like to take part.

Terms and conditions apply

Spectacular supermoon to light up the night sky

Image of supermoon above the O2 Arena

Stargazers will get a rare chance to see the the biggest and brightest supermoon in the sky for almost 70 years.

The so-called supermoon will appear 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than usual as it makes its closest approach to Earth since 1948.

The spectacular lunar event is expected to take place in the UK tonight (Monday 14 November) at around 5pm, shortly after sunset.

Don't forget to tweet your pictures to @ITVLorraine or email them to

Are you a strong and inspiring woman?

We are looking for women who have faced tough times, but have come out the other side, creating a better and more fulfilling life for themselves.

Have you hit rock bottom after being made redundant? Has a divorce hit you hard, or a health scare knocked you for six? If you have faced one of these issues, but have gone on to turn it around in an inspiring way and now feel ready to empower others, then we want to hear from you.

Tell us about yourself in no more than 250 words and email by noon on Monday 14 November. Don't forget to include your name and a contact number.

Terms and conditions at

John Lewis release much-anticipated Christmas ad

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the most highly-anticipated advert of the year from John Lewis.

And now the wait is over as the store released its annual festive advert this morning, and it didn't fail to disappoint!

The heartwarming story tells the tale of a little girl and her Boxer dog Buster who both love to bounce! It's then Christmas eve and there is a trampoline waiting in their garden for the young girl to wake up.

During the evening other animals find the trampoline and start to bounce on it, poor Buster is stuck inside the house, watching the other animals having fun and dreaming of being able to join them. When the girl wakes up in the morning she runs outside to the trampoline, incredibly excited but Buster beats her to it!

The music behind this year's ad is a cover of eighties jazz hit One Day I'll Fly Away by Randy Crawford, performed in the ad by electronic group Vaults. .

The advert ends with the tag line "gifts that everyone will love!"