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Nick Clegg reveals he was told off for weight gain

Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has revealed he was once called fat and told to lose weight by colleague Lord Paddy Ashdown.

The ex Deputy PM was on the show to discuss his new memoir, Politics: Between the Extremes, in which he opens up for the first time about the highs and lows of his political career, including the collapse of the Lib Dems.

Clegg, who drew criticism for piling on the pounds after entering Downing Street, revealed he felt compelled to shape up following a stern ticking off from fellow Lib Dem veteran Paddy Ashdown.

''Paddy Ashdown came into my office and said, 'you're fat!' He barked at me! He said, 'you've got to get thinner' with military demand, so I did!''

'I supported my mother's right to die'

I want some compassion and understanding of terminal illness

– Carmen Alkali is fighting to legalise assisted dying after her terminally ill mother chose to end her own life in a Swiss clinic

A year since the Assisted Dying Bill was rejected in Parliament, Lorraine was joined today by Carmen Alkali who accompanied her terminally ill mother to a Swiss clinic where she ended her own life.

Sandy Alkali was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Motor Neurone Disease in 2014, aged just 62, and within months she was struggling to walk and talk.

In November 2015 Sandy made the heartbreaking decision to end her suffering and arranged an appointment at the Dignitas Centre in Switzerland. In a letter before her assisted death six months ago, Sandy explained the disease would eventually paralyse her entire body and she wished to die with dignity.

Melissa Mead: 'Sepsis killed my son'

I want people to remember the little boy who lived...

– Melissa Mead is raising awareness of sepsis following the death of her infant son

An inspirational mother whose baby boy died after contracting sepsis joined Lorraine to reveal how she's using the unimaginable tragedy to give hope to others.

In the last 48 hours, Melissa Mead's powerful tribute to her one-year-old son William has gone viral, attracting millions of views online.

Toddler's rendition of Alphabet Song goes viral

Violet Ogea's rendition of the alphabet song could well be the cutest thing you hear all day...

The toddler's dramatic rendition of the ABC tune has been viewed millions of times online - and it's not hard to see why.

A star in the making, little Violet belted out the tune with such gusto that no one should ever forget their ABC's again!

Diane Foley: 'My son was murdered by ISIS'

The film helps the world to know how Jim lived - that's what I want the world to know because we need that goodness in the world. We don't need more hatred, we need the opposite.

– Diane Foley on new documentary about her murdered son, James Foley

It was a story that shocked and sickened the world; American war journalist James Foley was held hostage and publicly executed by Islamic State extremists in Syria. Now, almost two years on, his story is being told in an extraordinary documentary which not only reveals the horror of his ordeal, but the effect it had on his friends and family.