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On Thursday's show, Dr Hilary sorts through this week's health headlines and we continue out Text Santa appeal, focusing on Jeff who was looking forward to retirement with his wife of 50 years Chris before she was diagnosed with dementia and he became her full-time carer.

Angela Rippon - Ambassador for Alzheimer's UK - is supporting this year's campaign after her mother who died from dementia in 2009. She will join us on the sofa to discuss her experiences.

Plus, our chefs give you the lowdown on the best Christmas canapes to serve during your festive parties this season and former soap stars Tina Hobley and Jamie Lomas discuss their new project, touring the country in the new thriller Dead Simple.

Tune in from 8:30am for all this and more with Lorraine Kelly.

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Do your kids know the real meaning of Christmas?

Jesus Christ is alive and well and playing for Chelsea according to one in five children!

This is a survey to determine whether children know the real meaning of Christmas - and more than half think Christmas Day is Jesus' birthday, thirty-five per cent think he was born in the South Pole and a quarter think the shepherds used Google maps to find Jesus in the manger!

And we'd love to know what gets your children a little confused - and it doesn't have to be related to Christmas!

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Arlene Phillips on how Alzheimer's affected her family

Our Text Santa appeal continues today as Lorraine talks to former Strictly judge Arlene Phillips, who spent years caring for her father Abraham as he battled dementia - a form of Alzheimer's disease. He sadly passed away 14 years ago.

She says: "I first noticed it when he just used to come to my house but then couldn't remember why he was there.

"Things then went from bad to worse. He became a danger to himself, he couldn't remember how to boil a kettle or cook for himself. He kept getting lost. He became fearful. I knew then it was seriously wrong. I thought it was old age. That's what happens when you get old."

Sandi Toksvig prepares to say 'I do' to Debbie

I do not love Debbie as much today as I will tomorrow. Tomorrow I will love her even more. Everyday it just gets better and better.

– Sandi Toksvig

Writer and broadcaster Sandi Toksvig and her partner Debbie were all smiles as they joined Lorraine this morning ahead of their wedding this afternoon.

The couple are converting their civil partnership into a marriage on the day same-sex couples are able to do so in England and Wales.

Sandy said: “It’s time. It’s a better quality, it’s about not being a second class status, it’s about being exactly the same as everybody else. I have campaigned for years and years and years and been through all sorts of things, death threats and all the unpleasantness and all we’re saying is we love each other and it’s the same as any two consenting adults… I’d marry her everyday if I could.

Speaking about their preparations for the big day, Debbie admitted: “We’re not very organised, I haven't go an outfit sorted yet!

Sandi Toksvig and Debbie

Do you hide money from your partner?

According to a new report, eight out of ten women hide savings from their partners and most younger couples prefer to have separate accounts.

So we want to know whether you hide money from you partner. Perhaps you keep separate bank accounts? Or do you think couples should know everything about each others finances?

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