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Jordanne Whiley crowned Wimbledon champ!

When you're in a wheelchair, life actually begins. Tennis has changed my life.

– Wheelchair Doubles champion Jordanne Whiley

Andy Murray was not the only Brit celebrating his triumph at Wimbledon's Champions Ball last night ...

After claiming an extraordinary victory in the women's wheelchair doubles final, Lorraine is joined by Britain's Jordanne Whiley.

The 24-year-old and her partner Yui Kamiji beat Dutch second seeds Jiske Griffioen and Aniek van Koot to win their third consecutive Wimbledon title.

What an amazing weekend for British tennis!

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Extraordinary mum enters world record books!

She's a mother-of-two and world record holder who has been to the ends of the earth, intrepid mountaineer Masha Gordon talks to Lorraine about scaling the world's highest peaks, not getting fit until her thirties and her hope to inspire young girls across the UK!

Masha Gordon has become the fastest woman to ever complete The Explorer's Grand Slam Challenge, which sees daring adventurers conquer the world's highest peaks on every continent as well as trekking to the North and South poles.

Incredibly, Masha completed the epic mission in just seven months and 19 days - smashing the previous female record by more than two months!

It may seem hard to believe, but Masha insists she was not sporty as a girl and couldn't run five kilometres until she was 30! She only discovered her passion for fitness in adulthood, and now she wants to inspire other young women with her record-breaking journey!

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Jimmy Doherty on the worst thing he's ever eaten!

It's like rotten blue cheese mixed with yoghurt

– Jimmy Doherty talks about eating fermented shark

Amanda is joined by farmer and television presenter Jimmy Doherty to talk about his new series Food Unwrapped: Lose Weight for Summer, in which he lifts the lid on what's really in the food we eat, plus he reveals the worst thing he's ever eaten!

How can Italians can carb-load on pasta but as a nation be so much slimmer than us? Jimmy visits the world's largest pasta factory and learns some surprising facts. Perhaps pasta isn't necessarily the dieting demon that it's been painted as?

Plus, he also talks about the moment he was challenged to eat an Icelandic delicacy - fermented shark meat!

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