Meet Maxine Jones

Maxine is Lorraine Kelly's Zumba instructor and says her life changed when she left her job in banking to pursue teaching the popular dancing and fitness classes.

She says: "It has given me so so much on every level. I’ve built up my classes, some people never miss one, others come when they can, either way, every single one of them smile throughout the entire class and leaves feeling uplifted, stress free and most of all, like they’ve accomplished something.

"Every week someone tells me they’ve lost weight, they can see and feel a difference, they’re getting into a pair of jeans they’ve not worn in years, I love that, that is what drives me."

Maxine will be teaching us how to move and shake during our Vow to Wow plan so we lose weight the fun way!

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Meet the team: Sally Bee

Sally Bee has been a regular in the Lorraine kitchen since providing us with her invaluable healthy eating tips for Lorraine's Brazilian Bikini Diet and more recently our Bikini Promise strand. The home cook, food writer, presenter and heart health ambassador has been teaching others how to maintain a healthy diet for life since suffering three heart attacks in a row in her thirties due to a condition that would have certainly killer her were it not for her good diet.

We find out more about Sally...