'I've been doing this for a long time'

I've been doing this for a long time and I'm usually ready for anything.

– Jennifer Lopez on getting her kit off on screen

We saw Jennifer Lopez taking selfies with Meryl Streep and looking sensational at the Oscars and shortly before the Academy Awards Ross King caught up with her to talk about obsessive fans, dating and stripping off for her latest movie role.

In the film the man she is involved with becomes slightly obsessed with her character, she said in real life, she would have no advice for men who wanted to approach her and ask her out for a date "I don't know how to approach me!" she joked.

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The khaos of being a Kardashian

It just seems like real life happens - and truly we're like - you cannot write a better sitcom than the real life things that happen.

– Kim Kardashian on the new series of The Kardashians

The new season of the Kardashians returns next month on E! and Ross King caught up with Kim and Khloe to find out about the highs and lows, what it's like being a Kardashian and what to expect from the new season of the show.

Kim said this season follows her struggles of getting pregnant for a second time which she admits wasn't as easy as the first.

Catch Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday 22 March at 9pm on E!

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Time for Tea and Cake with Lisa Faulkner

[My little girl] cooks with me all the time.

– Lisa on having tea and cake with the family

Actress and celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner joins Lorraine to tell us about her new book Tea and Cake! After appearing on Celebrity Masterchef the star discovered a new found love for cookery - turning her hobby into a job.

She said the recipes in the book are family recipes and that they'd always make time out in the day for tea and cake. She added: "What I wanted to do was put all my tea memories and easy cakes, all nice things... in a book really."

Lisa relaxing with a cuppa in the Lorraine green room

Outnumbered mum Claire turns doctor

In the last few years actress Claire Skinner has become best known for her role as Sue Brockman in sitcom Outnumbered. Now she's about to star in new TV medical drama, Critical, playing a consultant in a trauma unit.

She joins Lorraine on the sofa to talk about the challenge of playing a doctor and leaving behind her on-screen family.

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Claire with her award-winning Outnumbered family