Rachael's done a Stirling good job

I've worked my little nads off not to seem like I have an air of a sense of entitlement. I hope I don't.

– Rachael Stirling, on being the daughter of Diana Rigg

She's made her name in The Bletchley Circle, Tipping the Velvet and Dr Who and has twice been nominated for an Olivier Award.

As well as that her mother is none other than former Bond Girl Diana Rigg! Rachael Stirling is on the sofa to talk about her latest stage role in the Mike Bartlett play, An Intervention.

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A shirtless Zac Efron? Tell us more, Ross!

Ross King has been catching up with all the biggest names on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards and brings us all the gossip, as well as the rest of the news from Hollywood!

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Warwick brings us some family escapes

We're joined by actor Warwick Davis and his family, including wife Samantha and children Annabel and Harrison.

They star in a new TV series called Weekend Escapes, which starts tonight - and is all about holidaying in Great Britain.

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