Lorraine's glitziest showbiz moments

It's time to head over to LA where Ross King is taking Lorraine on a walk down memory lane, as they look back at some of her most memorable celebrity interviews.

From George Clooney, to Hugh Jackman, to Robert Downey Junior, she's interviewed some of the most eligible names in Hollywood!

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Lucky Lorraine with Hugh Jackman

Lorraine with one of her favourite ever celeb interviewees, Oprah Winfrey!

Lorraine with actress of the moment, Jennifer Lawrence

It's Strictly Pixie!

We've loved Pixie Lott since she scored a No. 1 with her debut single, Mama Do, in 2009 and now the pop princess is taking part in Strictly Come Dancing! She joins us now to talk about her experience on the dancing reality talent show and performs her new single.

It's All About Tonight as Pixie gets ready to perform for us

Watch Pixie's performance

Pixie Lott sings us out of the show with a performance of her new single All About Tonight for us - enjoy!

Find out where Pixie got her denim dress from

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Trekkie Lorraine gets a Shatner surprise!

We all know how much Lorraine loves a bit of Star Trek, so we couldn't resist arranging a special surprise for her 30th anniversary celebrations from none other than William Shatner himself!

The star is promoting Destination Star Trek, a three-day London event where fans the world over come together in a pilgrimage to one of the greatest science fiction franchises in the world.

Get more info at the Destination Star Trek website

Rewinding back to the 80s with Lorraine...

Lorraine Kelly celebrates 30 years on breakfast television this week and to celebrate we're joined the celebrities that worked with her during her first decade on TV!

Timmy Mallett and Lorraine first met properly when Lorraine became a main presenter on TV-am in late 1990 after previously reporting from Scotland, and Wincey Willis worked on TV-am in from May 1983 as the main weather presenter until 1987.

Vote for your favourite Lorraine Kelly moment in our poll!

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