Jeremy excited by Downton Abbey film rumour

I read about it but I know nothing about it. It wouldn't surprise me. A hundred million Chinese people watch it which is fascinating. I'll have a word!

– Jeremy Swift on Downton Abbey film rumours

Jeremy Swift made his debut in Downton Abbey last year as Spratt; the butler of the Dowager Countess. Initially cast for just a two-scene role, Jeremy has seen his character develop after his brilliant on-screen chemistry with Dame Maggie Smith.

He said: "She's a hoot and very irreverent and hilarious. She's also very scrupulous about what possibilities there are within the scene."

There have been reports of a film adaptation for years but while Jeremy is in the dark, he admits the rumours excite him.

Ashley Jensen: The new Miss Marple?

I'm very happy to be back from LA. I totally embraced it and had publicists and stylists but I got the grand old age of 38 and couldn't dress myself!

– Ashley on returning to the UK after six years in the US

Ugly Betty and Extras star Ashley Jensen joins us to talk about her role in the one-off christmas crime drama Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death. Move over Miss Marple, there's a new detective in the village!

Based on a book by MC Beaton, Ashley plays the lead character - a PR executive who moves to the country for a quieter life and inadvertantly gets accused of murder by her poisoned quiche.

She says: It's kind of whimsical. Frothy, fun and frolicky, it's a little bit Desperate Housewives, it's almost a bit technicolour in contrast to some of the gloomy TV on at the moment. It's a real case of whodunit."

With 25 books there is scope for more episodes. Ashley continued: "There is a hope. We would have a lot of fun doing it. It would be wonderful."

Ashley is looking forward to Christmas after moving back to the UK following six years in Los Angeles.

She said: "I'm very happy to be back. I totally embraced it and had publicists and stylists but I got the grand old age of 38 and I'd forgotten how to dress myself! It's a bit transient. A lot of people were hoping to be someone else or be somewhere else. Things are too fast these days. I just want to slow down a bit."

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Which proposal will Miranda accept?

Best known for playing Stevie Sutton - Miranda Hart's side kick in BBC sitcom Miranda, Sarah Hadland joins us to talk about the show's special Christmas episode.

The episode airs on Christmas Day on BBC1 at 7.15pm, in the special we find Miranda where we left her, with two proposals - one from Gary and one from Mike. Will she choose one of them or will she run away from the pressures of relationships and the fear of not coping with being a wife?

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Ethan Hawke: 12-year film could have gone 'south'

I can't really imagine the President watching a movie.

– Ethan Hawke on Barack Obama saying Boyhood is his favourite film of 2014

Hollywood star Ethan Hawke talks about his role in groundbreaking new film Boyhood, which took a whopping 12 years to make and has earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Ethan, who plays the father of a young boy growing up, said: ''Each year, for 12 years, we got together to film. We changed the time of year. My job was to do a portrait of fatherhood. A person changes a lot, my dad did.

'I wanted to paint a portrait of that transition. I knew that when the director offered me the job it was a job that hadn't been offered before.'

Jenkins: Clooney helped me get married

When we saw George Clooney was getting married on the same day we thought we had a chance of keeping it quiet as everyone would be looking at him!

– Katherine Jenkins

Opera beauty Katherine Jenkins says she was very grateful George Clooney's September nuptials co-incided with her own.

Katherine married US filmmaker Andrew Levitas on the same day the Hollywood star tied the knot with lawyer Amal Alamuddin in Venice.

And Katherine admits she was able to sneak under the radar while all the attention was focused on events in Italy.

She said: "We wanted it to be all the family together and just be the normal bride and groom, we were a bit concerned that we could get away with that.