Miley: 'I feel genderless, ageless and like a spirited soul'

I also want to be able to be as clear minded as I can and make sure what I’m saying is what I really feel, because I do that in my music so I want to make sure that’s what I do when I get to sit down and talk to people like you. I want to be able to tell my truth and really where I’m at.

– Miley Cyrus chatted openly to Ross about being clean and having clarity

Ross spoke to Miley Cyrus who said that she feels genderless, ageless and like a spirit soul and she wants to be ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’.

Miley spoke about her godmother, Dolly Parton, and her sister Noah who has just launched her own career.

Miley chatted openly to Ross and described herself as 'werid', saying: "I’m weird because of many reasons. I think I’m weird because I feel very like genderless, I feel ageless. I feel like I’m just a like spirit soul. I treat the animals the same or hopefully treat the planet with as much respect as possible."

Joseph Fiennes | The Handmaid's Tale

What's terrifying, the tension lays in the fact that we all know that the themes in The Handmaid's Tale have great resonance with us today

– Joseph Fiennes

Joseph Fiennes is currently starring in the adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel, The Handmaid's Tale.

Set in a dystopian future, it tells the story of Fred (Fiennes) and his handmaid Offred.

On the themes of 'repression and hideous humans rights against women', Joseph said: "Ever since it was written 30 years ago, it's been prescient and timely"

It's a great discourse on the corrosive effects of power

– Joseph Fiennes on The Handmaid's Tale

Ellise Chappell | Life as Polark newcomer, Morwenna

It's certainly a journey that she goes on

– Ellise Chappell on Morwenna's future in Poldark

Series three of Poldark returned to our screens earlier this month and newcomer Ellise Chappell spoke to Lorraine about life as Elizabeth's cousin, Morwenna.

We've watched as Morwenna shares a blossoming romance with Drake Carne.

On working the team, Ellise mentioned that they all gel as a family as they spend six months filming in Cornwall. She said: "You become really immersed into it. We all cook together. My night wasn't as successful as I'd hoped!!"

Poldark is on Sunday, 9pm on BBC One

Sally Bee | Back stronger than ever after five heart attacks

The way that I live my life has most definitely saved my life again

– Sally Bee

Thirteen years ago, aged 36, a healthy Sally suffered three heart attacks in one week - completely out of the blue. Sally was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and the Doctors told her that a less healthy person would have died.

Sally took this on board and continued to eat for good health, as she began to share her 'healthy heart' recipes with other heart patients and released her cook books.

After over a decade without a heart attack, Sally suffered another attack in November last year, while out walking her dog with her hubby.

Steps laugh at 20 year throwback video on Lorraine

Talk about throwback Thursday! Lorraine celebrated 20 years of Steps with a hilarious throwback video of when the band performed outside ITV Studios.

Everyone burst into laughter as the video appeared on screen, with Lorraine giggling, 'Come on, that's not fair' as a picture of her appeared on the screen. Everyone soon joined in as we saw a 20 year old flashback of Steps performing one of their hits outside of ITV Studios, in the rain. Lorraine laughed: "As you can see, no expense spared!"

Vicky Pattison on why she quit Loose Women

It was marriage and it was kids and at the time, Lorraine, I couldn't even get a lad to text us back.

– Vicky spoke honestly about why she turned down a full time panelist job on Loose Women

After winning I'm a Celebrity in 2015 Vicky found a whole host of new opportunities being passed her way and she, quite rightly, took advantage of them.

From quiz shows and entertainment panel shows to being a regular on ITV daytime shows This Morning and Loose Women, Vicky was announced as a panelist on Loose Women last year but has since left the show.

Trisha Goddard on her quest for her birth father

We had a guy who did genetics on the show and he said to me, 'there is no way you've got a white father', and I was really angry.

– Trisha said that she'd always had doubts about her parentage

For more than a decade Trisha Goddard ruled daytime TV with her self-titled confessional talkshow.

Trisha hits a birthday milestone later this year as she is set to celebrate her 60th birthday and she's recently announced that she is on a quest to find her birth father.

Growing up in Norfolk with her Domincan mother, white father and three sisters. Trisha said that, looking back, she always knew she was different to them. She said: "I never really felt like I fit in. I looked totally different to my sisters... I always thought I was mixed race."

It wasn't until Trisha's mother passed away that she found out the truth.

Tracy Ann-Oberman is stepping into a new role in Fiddler On The Roof

You get to a certain age and think, that's it, but in the last year, I've learnt to tap dance - I've never danced a step in my life

– Tracy-Ann Oberman

She's just finished a stint in the West End in popular tap musical Stepping Out and is just about to star in a new production of the classic Fiddler On The Roof.

On Stepping Out, Tracy-Ann said: "It was great! Considering it was a bunch of mates too... Really great fun in these troubled times."

Tracy-Ann will star in Fiddler On The Roof with comedian and friend Omid Djalili and said that she's so looking forward to this musical as it's a very personal story for her, reminding her of her great grandmother.