Binky Felstead 'too embarrassed' to breastfeed in public

The thought of exposing myself in public freaks me out!

– Binky Felstead opens up about her struggle with breastfeeding in public

New mum and reality star Binky Felstead has opened up about her own struggle with breast feeding, admitting she feels uncomfortable 'nursing in public'.

The Made in Chelsea star welcomed her first child, daughter India, with boyfriend and co-star Josh 'JP' Patterson in June.

Talking to Christine about motherhood and breastfeeding for the first time, Binky said she often feels scared and embarrassed to do it in public because so often 'people stare'.

''I've never had to get my boob out in public before, and when I have done, I have had people staring. The odd look is kind of, 'put it away', kind of thing,'' Binky told Christine.

''It makes me really flustered trying to get the baby under the shawl and onto the boob, it just creates a lot of people staring.''