Josh Widdicombe on playing Josh

I’d like to think he’s more of a loser... but maybe he’s more like me than I’d like to admit

– Josh Widdicombe

Josh Widdicombe is one of comedy's most in-demand comedians. He's recently returned from a Last Leg special in Australia and he's currently on tour with his stand up show.

Now he's got his own sitcom Josh and he's here to tell us how he compares to the character he plays. Plus, he reveals how he tried to persuade Fiona's neighbour Jack Dee to take his clothes off for the show and why only Jennifer Saunders is allowed to bring her dog on set.

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Nanette Newman on The Raging Moon and staying young

It's like it's been botoxed... it's given it a new lease of life!

– Nanette Newman on the remastering of The Raging Moon

Actress and star of the iconic Fairy Liquid adverts Nanette Newman joins Lorraine to talk about the DVD release of newly-restored 1971 British classic film The Raging Moon.

Directed by her late husband Bryan Forbes, Nanette stars as a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who falls in love with a man who is similarly disabled, played by Malcolm McDowell.

Matthew Kelly and son make a dynamic duo

We're quite similar as it is but weirdly as women we're identical

– Matthew Rixon

You're not seeing double, you're seeing Matthew Kelly and his son Matthew Rixon, and there's certainly a strong family resemblance!

The father-son dynamic duo are pairing up to play the ugly sisters in this year's Richmond Theatre pantomime Cinderella - and join Lorraine to tell us all about it!

Starring alongside former Hollywood actress Hayley Mills, who has never appeared in panto before, it's a real treat.

Eddie Izzard's extensive comedy tour

Comedian Eddie Izzard is heading over to the West End's Palace Theatre for an exclusive five-week residency, where he's sprucing up his international smash-hit, Force Majeure,

For the past three years, he's been touring the globe, presenting this standup comedy gem to audiences in four different languages.

He joins Lorraine to tell us what we can expect from his London show before heading over to the US to perform his show in Miami!

Force Majeure will run as a residency at the Palace Theatre in London from the 18 January to 20 February. A DVD of the show filmed at the O2 arena has been out since 18 November.

Has unlucky-in-love Mary found her Mr Right?

There's a twist you'll find out at the end of the week

– Patti says it looks like Mary might be unlucky in love again...

Corrie's award winning actress Patti Clare, who plays hopeless romantic Mary Taylor, joins us to reveal all about her new love interest in the show... but has she found her Mr Right and will it be a happy ever after?

Her new object of affection is Brendan Finch, played by Phoenix Nights star Ted Robbins. Mary falls head over heels with the magazine editor as they share their passion for all things paranormal - but Mary's friend Norris has his reservations about her new fella...

Patti tells us more about working on the institutional soap, admitted to even writing to producers to beg for a part because she always imagined herself to be a character on the cobbles!

Jason's Donovan's 'life-changing' new tour

Everyone's favourite 80s heartthrob Jason Donovan is going back on the road performing his greatest hits in his Ten Good Reasons Tour next February.

He's also returned to stage, reprising his role as Tick (Mitzi) in Pricilla Queen Of The Desert, sharing the role with Blue's Duncan James.

The singer joins Lorraine to tell is why his tour - which sold out after two shows - has been what he's described as 'life-changing'.